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USA Interference in Israeli Elections: Smalla-Yamina-Left-Right; Independent Israelis Need No Help in Deciding From the Outside

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                   
Metula in the Northern Galilee  close to the Good Neighbor Fence dividing Lebanon and Israel

Update: 2/2/15 from Jewish Press: On Sunday, Feb. 1, the Likud party publicly charged that the U.S.-funded and organized political campaign effort known as V15 has inappropriate ties to the Labour-Livni and Meretz parties, as well as provided illicit funding under Israeli law.
They charged Zionist Union leader Isaac Herzog with campaign law violations, specifically with accepting campaign funds made by non-Israelis.  Update 2/5 It has now been found that Mahmoud Abbas's son is the advisor of the group.  This is even worse!  
In researching  for my previous article, Peaceworks Network Foundation, "One voice International" came up. It is the Peaceworks Network Foundation's FLAGSHIP.     Its subtitle is "Israel and Palestine."  Using that, I didn't have to look any further but did to see that it is for the 2 state solution. with the 1967 border as a base for its format.  This is something Netanyahu had explained to Obama on the TV interview program a year ago that is impossible for Israel to go back to while Obama and the Arabs are pushing for it.  Of course, the US State Department is one of the partners of Peaceworks and so is the UK Labour Party.  The UK lists Israel as the 2nd most hated group in the world, I might add.  Only North Korea was first.
"1967 Lines: These refer to the armistice lines from before the Six Day War, when Israel captured the Gaza Strip from Egypt and the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan, among other land, expanding its territory beyond the "Green Line" borders delineated by a 1949 armistice between Israel and its Arab neighbors."  Major wars that Israel has had to defend itself in aggressive attacks have been the War of Independence from 47 to 49; The Sinai War of 29th  October until 5th of November 1956; The 5th to June 11th 1967 in the Six Day War; the War of Attrition from 1968 to cease-fire on 7-8 August 1970; and Yom Kippur War of 1973 from October 6th to the 25th.  Then Israel went into Lebanon in 1982 to stop the bombing on the northern Galilee.  

I believe Netanyahu is the most well versed person in the world  about the dangers Israel faces.  It is he who has the General's ears and the Knesset's opinions.  

It must be that they have the Moshiach working for the Foundation as they say in their website, " we are providing the centrist mainstream on both sides with the opportunities and tools to build momentum for a peace agreement and #2States NOW."  

Really.  With all the daily changes that come along in the Middle East, especially with IS in the picture now, these Americans and Englishmen think they know best what to do, better than all the Israelis who live there 24/7. 
Yitzak Rabin-Labor Party bred and became Prime Minister under

As if Israel hasn't tried such an approach!  Israel has groups from left to right, such as the Peace Now group.  It was Rabin of the Labor party  himself who promised not to return to the 4th of June 1967 lines.  In 1992, Rabin was re-elected as prime minister on a platform embracing the Israeli–Palestinian peace process. He signed several historic agreements with the Palestinian leadership as part of the Oslo Accords. In 1994, Rabin won the Nobel Peace Prize together with long-time political rival Shimon Peres and Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat. In November 1995, he was assassinated by a right-wing Israeli radical named Yigal Amir, who was opposed to the peace process.  Israel has been on the left, and now in such times have decided to be on the right.  They want the best to protect them from such things as atomic weaponry.  They will make up their own minds in March what is necessary for this year and the next do do not need meddling people with their own agenda that doesn't include Israel's best interests.                                           

The fact that Israel is a democracy and the people who live there feel they know what is the best to do for themselves doesn't seem to enter into the picture.  Netanyahu has explained why the 67 border is out of the question.  Is One Voice International a team of Generals?  I doubt if one of the team members has ever been in the armed forces, and especially in Israel.  How would Americans like it if Mexico came and told them how to come to a peaceful ending with---Germany during WWII?  Do you think Germany would have laid down their arms?  

"OneVoice is an international movement of Americans,

Palestinians, Israelis, Europeans, Muslims, Jews and 

Christians who are fed up with the ongoing conflict  and who 

are ready and eager to support a serious process, leading to 

a comprehensive agreement that will fulfill the hopes and 

beliefs of both the Palestinian and the Israeli people for a 

two-state solution.  Founded in 2002, OneVoice works to

amplify the voice of the moderate majority of Palestinian

and Israelis, empowering them to seize back the agenda 

for conflict resolution.

Update: 3/14/15/OneVoice is barred from directly targeting Netanyahu by U.S. law regulating its tax-exempt status, and doing so would threaten that status.

Hmm.  I believe having to go into Gaza for Operation 

Defensive Edge came after trying

 many such agendas for conflict resolution

 It wasn't Israel's first choice but was at the end with people 

who have their own agenda; to destroy Israel, who have no

 goal to live peacefully with 


Dear Americans and Englishmen and all of Europe involved 

in this;

 what works on paper or in 

business is not workable here.  I've also been through the

 ropes and was trained in conflict 

resolutions to be a moderator, and in Israel with Palestinians

 this would be laughable.  Ah yes, 

we did have our conflicts in eastern Oregon with the ranchers

 and the farmers.

 All I can say is that when I lived in Israel from 1980 to 1985, my mother back in Oregon had no idea what was going on other than what I wrote in letters to her.  I didn't list all the dangerous things we faced every day or she would have been terribly worried.  I just told her about a few of them.  The Oregonian newspaper knew nothing and printed nothing.  The TV evidently didn't inform people, or she didn't watch, typical of many Americans.  They were uninformed.  I kept saying, if she only knew half of it she'd plotz!!  I case you're wondering, I lived in Safed, which is in the northern Galilee and would drive to Metula which was near the Syrian-Lebanese border and was there in 82 when our soldiers went into Lebanon to stop the shelling.  Our school mate had gone there during our holiday break from school and she couldn't leave the bomb shelter.  We were worried about her.  This was before cell phones and of course we had no computers.                                                                                                Nadene Goldfoot

Resource: :
Book:  Letters From Israel by Nadene Goldfoot
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UPdate: News 3/14/15 3:08pm TV news about One Voice and money paid to interfere with Netanyahu's race

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