Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Norway Paying Salaries to Palestinian Terrorist-Murderers Exposed

Nadene Goldfoot
As my Swedish grandmother, Augusta would say, "Oh, those Norwegians!" She was born there in 1870, left when 18 and died in the States in 1955.   As I would say, why is Norway backing terrorists and shelling out $50 million each year to Palestinians who are in jail in Israel for extremist crimes such as murder?

Take for instance, Ibrahim Hamed.  He bombed Hebrew University's cafeteria on July 31, 2002 which killed 9 students,  and is a convicted murderer of 46 Israelis.There are 5 more attacks attributed to him.   He was a Hamas military commander in the West Bank who ordered suicide bombing attacks during the Al-Aqsa Intifada until he was  caught  on May 23, 2006.  Ibrahim's responsible for 96 civilian deaths and 400 wounded.  He was tried in a military court and convicted on June 27, 2012.

Now even 3 of the largest parties in Norway are wondering as well.  They want to investigate this further.  Peter Gitmath of the Conservative parliamentarian party, the Progress party and the Christian Democrats are checking into it.  Jonas Gahr Stoere  misled the Parliament twice, they say.  They know that those "mean" Israelis allow "prisoners in Israeli jails serving long sentences to receive payments from the PA. These prisoners can choose to whom they want to give the money. Contributing about 50 million dollars annually to the PA, Norway is one of its largest donors.  "  Supposedly this is allowed by Israel so as not to create a hardship on the families of these misguided terrorist-murderers.  Of course this money from Norway is supplying the group of Hamas itself to do more damage to Israel. This should be deemed a criminal act by Norway to take advantage of Israel's  humanitarianism.   I doubt very much if this is allowed in the USA for murderers.  

Norway is not the only Nordic country showing its anti-Semitic petticoat.  Sweden has also been showing theirs, especially in Malma, Sweden,  where older Jewish citizens, refugees from the Holocaust, have been driven away by strong-armed Muslims who have moved in.  In Norway Alan Dershowitz, well known Jewish lawyer and author from the USA,  was not allowed  to give a free lecture on International Relations and Israel.  Freedom of speech must not be an important thing in Norway.  

Studying the Nordic reactions is the 2008 book  by Manfred Gerstenfeld  "Behind the Humanitarian MaskThe Nordic Countries, Israel and the Jews" which  was a lone foreign voice documenting that Norway is a pioneer in promoting Israel-hatred and anti-Semitic acts.

Hopefully Norway will change their underwear and start see Israel and Jews in a better light. As I would say, they have their facts about "occupation" so fouled up."   As Dershowitz wrote, "It is important for the world never to reward terrorism by supporting the policies of those who employ it as an alternative to reason discourse, diplomatic resolution or political compromise."

Resource: http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Op-Ed-Contributors/Is-Norway-funding-the-murderers-of-Israelis-308349 by Manfred Gerstenfeld

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