Sunday, April 14, 2013

Iran's Threats to Israel With Nuclear Attack

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                  

                                                             After Hiroshima was Hit
King Solomon (961-920 BCE) of Israel proved a point when in his wisdom he solved an argument between two women claiming one child by offering to cut it in half.  One mother backed off, not wanting to harm the child which was the clue for Solomon to see who the real mother was.

So it is with Iran and Israel.  Iran threatens seriously to destroy Israel and at the same time is hurriedly creating nuclear tipped missiles that could carry out their wishes.  Amid all the bluster and harsh, ugly threats, one would have to be an idiot not to see that they were meant for Israel's destruction.  So really, Jerusalem has no meaning to Iran.  They would just as soon destroy this ancient city..

They would rather destroy Israel which includes Jerusalem than allow this Jewish state to exist.  They wouldn't mind an attempt such as this which would destroy the Temple on Mt. Moriah where the Ark had been kept, that now has become the Mosque of Omar, which is in the hands of the religious Muslim authority as Israel has seen fit to allow.

They would not be bothered with the 1.7 million Arabs dying that are citizens of Israel as long as they can kill Jews, for they have sworn to finish what Hitler didn't.  The states are so close to each other that those Arabs living in Judea and Samaria as well as Gaza would also be affected and could easily take the brunt of the attack, for their artillery isn't all that easy to guide.  In fact, this threat is also a threat upon Egypt and Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon as well.  They're all within a dangerous range of fallout if not a direct hit.

When Hiroshima was hit with "Little Bug," an A bomb, on August 6, 1945, 80,000 people were immediately vaporized.  135,000 people 1/2 mile away were killed  by a firestorm that ensued.  Every building 1 mile from the blast was destroyed.  Buildings 10 miles away were damaged.  Windows 12 miles away were shattered from the blast.

Radioactive fallout (Black rain) does the damage.  People suffer from burns due to radiation.  Your body suffers from this by getting leukemia, cancer in every part of the body, even genetic damage happens and future children will have birth defects and degenerative diseases.  20% of a population can be killed in the blast.  There is the heat, the ground shock from instant radiation effects from the neutrons and gamma rays.

Water supplies are contaminated.  Years after a bombing the earth feels the effects and nothing can live in the contaminated area.

An unverified source has  said  in March that Quds (Jerusalem) underground nuclear site in Iran was seen by satellite.  It's never been inspected by the Atomic Energy Commission as it was declared a military site only.  Naming the site  "Quds", meaning Jerusalem in Arabic, is a contemptuous way of  verifying their desire to destroy Israel.  Iran has been teaming up with North Korea in their joint venture since 2002  to produce nuclear-tipped missiles in their quest to destroy the USA and Israel.

Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and Qatar, all with a dominant Sunni population, will be held hostage by the all Shi'a Iran.  This has as much to do with religious dominance with Israel as it has to do with the Sunni Muslims.  This is one reason why Iran had a 9 year war with Iran from September 1980 to August 1988.  Wasn't it over power?

Pakistan, 97% Sunni is very close to Iran, which is 98% Shi'a.  Turkey is 99% Sunni and Afghanistan is 99% Sunni.  Yemen is 99% Sunni while Syria is busy slaughtering its own citizens which have been 90% Sunni/Shi'a.  Lebanon is 60% Sunni/Shi'a, already affected by Iran through Syria.   Whether these countries border Israel or are farther away, all will be under the thumb of the country with the A bomb.

I just want to remind all that the rumor has been that Israel has nuclear abilities.  They have never threatened anyone with destruction nor have they used this possible weapon in its 65 years.  Another reminder:  just how do you think Israel has survived all these 65 years with 7 times being attacked in major wars and coming out the winner against all odds?  Do you think it has just been the USA's help?  Think again.  Think out of your box.


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