Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Israelis in Boston Marathon

Nadene Goldfoot
We all feel deeply for Boston who has just faced terror from a terrorist, something Israel has been facing for over 65 years.  Even in 1929, the year of America's stock crash, terror was great in the  Jewish city, Hebron,  in Palestine. In that attack, 67 Jews were killed of which 23 of them were college students.   So far 3 people, one a grad student at Boston U*,  an 8 year old boy  and a 29 year old lady have died in the Boston Marathon terror with about  140 sent to the hospital for injuries great and small.  There are those that have lost their limbs from this outrage. The  2  bombs  that exploded were finally listed as a terror attack.  These bombs were loaded wit nail-like objects without heads,  metallic fragments and pellets to be able to cause more harm and blood-letting.  They were brought into the area in a black nylon bag or backpack.

There were 16 Israelis running in the 26 mile long Boston Marathon.  23,336 people from every country participated.  It made me want to cry to see all the flags taken down and laid on the street hurriedly knowing how flags are usually treated..   In the words of Tzviki Bronstein, age 57, one of the runners, "It was packed."  75.3% of the runners had already finished when the bombs exploded at the end of the race.  This means that 17,580 people had crossed the finish line.   " It was lucky that more weren't killed." commented Tzviki.     He luckily had finished the race before the 2 bombs went off and was already almost at his hotel when they did explode. There was even an entry for 80 year-olds and older.  3 men and 12 women had entered this one.  8.3% had reached the finish line.  .   It is thought that tthe bombs were set on a timer remotely controlled and that they were possibly in a pressure cooker.  To see the 78 year old runner bowled over and crumble in a heap by the bomb's force made you realize the invisible power bombs have.  

Israel has had nearly 2,500 citizens killed in terror attacks.  Right at the moment we have Rachel Biton's 3 year old baby girl fighting for her life from stone throwing, now also listed as a terror attack.  Stones can hit that delicate spot on the head and cause death, just like a bullet.  Just because it's a primitive act from the Stone Age doesn't make it less lethal.

Israel has been hit with rockets, mortars and missiles since 2001 in southern Israel from the Gazan terrorists, Hamas and other extremists groups.    Hamas is held responsible for them all.  This is an act of war, as there is no peace treaty,  not even a recognition, only threats and charters swearing to wipe Israel out.  It is also an act of terror, hitting on civilian populations.

I moved to Israel in 1980 and soon learned not to pick up anything off the ground in Haifa in order to keep the sidewalk looking neat and clean.    It could be a bomb.  Bombs were placed in loaves of bread, or any item.  At the Tzfat junior high where I taught there were always several inspectors, children who inspected bags, purses, etc.  One has to be very careful in Israel.  It was expected that when I went shopping, my purse would first be checked out.  Once in a shopping area, a robot was called in to check out a bakery box left on the ground that either held cookies or a bomb.  I watched the whole procedure of the robot shooting it with the  result ;  crumbled cookies.

 Now, maybe 33 years later the USA is going to have to take more precautions.   Israelis had been in Boston teaching techniques of dealing with terrorism before this incident in a workshop for hospitals.  We don't even have any idea as to who this latest terrorist happens to be; someone who is an angry American citizen or al Qaeda.   Being it was North Korea's anniversary, it could be one of them.  We've already checked out a lone Saudi Arabian student who was one of the injured. It was said he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.   It was Income Tax Day also, so it could have been someone angry about taxes as well.

8:00pm: * one victim later identified as a Chinese national
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NPR on 4/16/13 about Israel training session on terror

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