Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This Contentious Jihad Movement

Nadene Goldfoot
Jihad is understood to be an obligation in a military sense, meaning military combat.  Middle East historian, Bernard Lewis says that "the overwhelming majority of classical theologians, jurists, and traditionalists (specialists in the hadith) understand it to be so.

We saw it happening with the Boston marathon terrorists acting with aid from a terrorist cell or alone.  Their way of solving things happening in the the world that they disapprove of was to commit Jihad, or  terrorism.

 Benjamin R. Barber points out that resistant movements come from fundamentalist ethnic groups who want to protect their traditions, heritage and identity.  I go along with wanting protection for these things so dear to our hearts.  Otherwise, the world would be like a rose garden full of only red roses.  Boring!  Life is spiced up with diversity, but Jihad is not the way we solve problems  in the civilized countries today.

 I see that Jihad, or terrorism happening against Israel is from people who can't tolerate the legally sanctioned state of Israel existing.  They can't tolerate seeing  Israel  become something beautiful and productive out of swamp, desert and mosquitoes, and that it was created by and for a different but similar religion; Judaism.  Jews haven't required the Arabs who are citizens to do anything other than to be peaceful and get along with the Jewish population.  There are mosques all over the place.  All religions are respected to the utmost.  Moshe Dayan handed over the reigns of the Temple, now the Mosque of Omar, to the Muslims  way back in 1967, much to the consternation of many Israelis today who have come up against  Muslims not allowing any Jew to pray even near the place.  Is anyone  more tolerant than Jews, who have suffered intolerance for 2,000 years?  I doubt it very much.

  Yet, Israel has  terrorism coming  from Gaza and the threat of it from the neighboring states.  There are only 2 countries that signed a peace pact; Jordan and Egypt, and Egypt has gone with Muslim Brotherhood now.  What is the terrorist definition?  People  are terrorists because they attack and kill civilians, even schools full of children.  A real war is something that involves soldiers against soldiers.  Egyptians, Gazans and other Muslims listening to al Jazeera TV are advised by the religious leader Qaradawi to perform Jihad;  attack and kill Jews.

The Tsarnaev brothers, Tamerlan 26 and Dzhokar 19,  who caused the Boston Marathon's terrorism said through the younger, Dzhoker, that they did it because of Afghanistan's interference from the USA. So they in turn felt it right to attack the USA,  the country their father fled to after having his life threatened in Dagestan, probably from the Russians.  What had he been up to there to have had to escape for his life and seek asylum in the states?  This is not how Americans are bred and taught in handling our government's foreign affairs.  We have a democracy, which they also were exposed to in their education here, having immigrated in 2002.  However, family traits and words are far more powerful, evidently than their Boston public school  education, at least for Dzhoker, who is 19 and for the past 7 months a naturalized USA citizen.  Tamerlan was already 15 and most likely already indoctrinated to Jihad as a problem solving road to follow.

One out of eight US residents are foreign-born,  according to the Census Bureau.  In some rural communities, such as eastern Oregon, most are from Mexico.  Urban communities are receiving people from all over the world.  2.75 million Muslims live in the USA of which  63% are foreign born like the Tsarnaev family of 6.   1.5 billion Muslims make up 21% of the world's population which in 2011 was 6,973,738,433.  Today it is 7.081 billion.  Chechnya and Dagestan, where the family came from,  has been a hotbed of terrorist activity against their oppressor, Russia.

Tamerlan got into trouble twice  in his own Mosque for shouting down the Iman for speaking about peaceful living in the states such as celebrating Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July.  The first time was in November.  The 2nd time was in January. Both times happened after his 6 month stay in Dagestan from January 2012 to July.  This was found out on Monday from the  "The Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center. 

 It's too bad that they didn't alert the family about his behavior, even though he was 26 years old.  It could have prevented the whole attack and his own death.  If they had, it might have been met with defiance, anyway from their mother.  In this case, alerting  authorities would have been better.  It's been found that Tamerlan, at least was deep into Jihad type websites feeding his growing hatred.  

The only connection these 2 terrorists have with Afghanistan is through religion.  Both Chechnya and Dagestan, where they are from, and Afghanistan are Muslim states.  Their way of rebelling is Jihad.

Our war with Afghanistan started on October 7, 2001 after 9/11 in Operation Enduring Freedom. Osama bin Laden was the culprit.  The Saudi Arabians that rammed into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 really started it all.  Why did they do that?  What was their beef?  We lost over 2,000 people in that Jihad attack.  After that our goal was to dismantle Al Qaeda, a terrorist organization that caused such terror to innocent people. This terrorist group had been using Afghanistan as a base.  We were not alone.  The UK, Australia, France, Canada and the Afghan United Front were with us.

Sadly, the jihadists are just growing and multiplying.  Perhaps one of these days they'll get tired of a routine of plotting and killing and find out that there's more to life than just that.  People do have the capabilities of living together in peace yet maintaining their individuality.  It only takes the right outlook on life:  to respect it.

Update 4/24/13 6:12pm:  Tamerlan attended the Cambridge, Massachusetts Islamic Society of Boston Mosque and met an Armenian, Misha there,  who had influence over him in becoming a jihadist.  Tamerlan read "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, " anti-Semitic literature of the Nazis.  This came from his former brother-in-law, Elmerza Khozhugor.

Oregonian newspaper 4/24/13, page B9, A Rush to Demonize:  The terror of not knowing
4/25/13 added information:

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