Thursday, March 28, 2013

Blood Libel Kept Up By Hanan Ashrawi

Nadene Goldfoot
Who would imagine that today a Christian woman with an honorary doctorate degree would continue the Passover blood libel that Jews use blood in their matzos but Hanan Ashrawi has been doing just this.  She claims that we Jews use Christian blood for Passover rituals.

Born October 8, 1946 as Hanan Daoud Khalil, in Nablus or Ramallah in Judea-Samaria, and educated in Beirut, Lebanon, this Christian Palestinian married Emile Ashrawi, another Christian Palestinian in 1975.   Her father was one of the founders of the PLO, Palestine Liberation Organization led by Arafat.  Hanan has become a legislator in the PA.  She has been friends with Edward Said, proponent of Palestinians and author. "Ashrawi also has a PhD. in Medieval and Comparative Literature from the U of Virginia.

I have seen her on TV ranting very loudly to the effect about the rights of Palestinians and saying that Israel had none. "Ashrawi "has just earned a gold medal in historical revisionism" for asserting "there were no Jewish refugees from Arab countries. Instead, according to her, there were only 'emigrants' who left their ancestral homes voluntarily.   Jews were not singled out for persecution, and if they were, it was, in reality, a plot by 'Zionists, '" she said.

."She surprises me with this libel found on Miftah, a group she started in August 1998 to "promote the principles of democracy and good governance of which she acts as secretary-general. " Miftah is also spoken of as  the" Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy", and she has served as secretary general of that organization since that time.  "It's supposed to be an initiative which works towards respect for Palestinian human rights, democracy and peace."   This organization gets money from the UN and the Ford Foundation for its funding.  Hanan is also Miftah's chairperson on the Board of Directors.   To say such a stupid thing should even be embarrassing for her.

First of all, it is against our kosher laws to eat blood.  Period!   Part of the kosher laws forbids the eating of certain animals, and then eating parts of the permitted animals that would have the most blood.  Then there is the getting rid of any blood by the washing in a salt water bath.  Everything is done so as to not eat any blood.  Matzos must be made only of flour and water.  It's a libelous lie that she is spreading.  Is this done in her idea of promoting democracy and good governance?

It only shows me that certain people still have the mentality of the uneducated people of the 1200's to swallow such lies.  Did she actually believe anything about Jews she might have read in her Medieval studies?    Or is she just saying this to stir her people up so that they will attack Israel?  She calls herself a humanitarian. This is the type of person that has been interviewed on Al Jazeera.

Hanan,  telling such lies about Israel's people and its religion is not going to get you any respect either personally or for your people.  You are only hurting  your own interests.

David Harris, of the Huffington Post and Jerusalem Post columnist


  1. Nadene, one would think one would not have to explain the obvious. Its absurd to even think this myth was real. Amazing, people beleive what they want to believe.Not matter what we say or do they will want a reason to hate even if its a lie and an obvious lie . When I grew up some people told children that jews had horns and tails.. I spent alot of time looking in the mirror to see if I had grown one yet.


  3. The Western backed Arab group apologizes for this Jewish blood libel and removed their article.