Sunday, April 21, 2013

Attack of Orthodox Jewish Man on New York City Subway By Muslim Teen

Nadene Goldfoot
Friday on a New York City subway must be a hectic day with everyone rushing home to Brooklyn.  On this past Friday,  a Jewish man wearing a kippa  was on board, probably anxious to get home and get prepared for Shabbat, and was approached by a gang of 9 older teenagers with a greeting from one of Assalamu Alaikum, the Muslim greeting of " with you."  In Hebrew it's Shalom Aleikhem (peace unto you). In Israel and New York  most Jews  just say Shalom, which can mean peace, hello and goodbye.  

After being uptight all week with the Boston terrorist marathon massacre,  the Jewish  man didn't answer.  He knew that something was up with so many around him and felt alarmed.  He tried to ignore them.  The Boston terrorists were on the run and the older one was already killed and the 19 year old was being hunted, not to be caught until that Friday evening.

 Stephan Stowe, age 17 was the group ring leader evidently for he had started the conversation.  Stowe "became combative"  when the Jewish man didn't respond.   The conversation  turned accusatory from Stowe with the Jewish man in denial with his retort and told Stowe to leave him alone.

That's when Stowe threatened him with "I'm going to kill you right now!  He then swore at the man, and in an apparent reference to the Holocaust added,  "They should have killed all of you.!"

The man got the attention of the conductor of the train  and the police were waiting for Stowe at the next stop.  He did not go quietly. The Jewish man took his picture with his phone and Stowe grabbed it and deleted the picture.   A chaotic screaming and yelling ensued that is on the video below.  One of the gang, a 22 year old woman, Sheniqua Joseph,  hit the policeman and then yelled about him, interfering with the arrest, and instead got arrested herself.  The whole fracas was filmed by a bystander with his phone and uploaded it on  You Tube.   It had turned into some type of brutality against the policeman, something you don't want to do.  But today with all the gadgets, you just can't get away with it, as the Boston terrorists have found out.

Agitating people on a subway is a crime that will be punished heavily.  Stowe was arraigned on 8 charges; grand larceny (which was charged as a hate crime), resisting arrest and harassment.  We don't want this to become a practice like it has become in Malmo, Sweden and France.  Jews are facing threats and attacks there like what went on in Germany before WWII.


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