Monday, April 8, 2013

Long-Haired , and Spiked Hair Hamas Teens Get Hamas Police Angry

Nadene Goldfoot
The Hamas Police have seen it all, now.  Their teen-agers are copying the western look of long hair and pants hanging below the waist.  They are now grabbing these teens who have either long hair or spiked-gelled  hair off the streets, putting them into jeeps and driving someplace where they are shaving their heads and mocking them.  Perhaps this is tough love?

Gaza has been very conservative, following the Muslim Brotherhood which is forcing its fundamentalist interpretation of Islam since 2007.  This new crackdown on hair and tight or low waist pants is one of the most aggressive phasess of the campaign so far.  Sometimes it also calls for beatings along with the shaving.

Two boys and a rights group have complained about it.  I wonder what their parents have been saying about their look.  Whatever do parents here and in England say about it?  One 19 year old housepainter, Ayman al Sayed,  said, "'The only thing I want to do is leave this country,' said the teenager, who despite his ordeal defiantly wore stylish but outlawed narrow-leg tan khakis yesterday."  A roundup began last week in separate sweeps in Gaza City.

How these looks come and go is amazing to us all.  Gone are the days of boys in crew cuts, off-white cords and cashmere sweaters that looked so neat.  They are all rebelling with this wild sci-fi look.  By the time they fix themselves up they're not recognizable even to their own mothers.  I wonder how the Muslims will take tattooing.  That's another part of this "look."

  • "Police said: 'We want you to respect our tradition', claim teenagers.
  • The young teens say they were warned by police that Gaza 'is Islamic.'" 

  • Resource:  Oregonian newspaper, 4/8/13 page A4,  world, Gaza Strip, from wire reports

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