Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fatah Kills Parents of 4 and Hamas Calls For Armed Muslims in Judea, Samaria, and Armed Warfare in Jerusalem

   Nadene Goldfoot                                                                                                                
Mahmoud Abbas, 81 years old on coming March 26th.  

On Thursday, October 1st, Benyamin Netanyahu called on Abbas to sit down and talk peace without any preconditions at the UN.  What was the answer?  The events listed below.  
Judea-Samaria below
The Muslims have been throwing rocks in Jerusalem which is lethal, and last Thursday night, Fatah terrorists gunned down a young couple in front of their 4 children outside Itamar in Samaria.  Eitam and Na'ama were in their car on the road between Itamar and Elon Moreh and the Fatah terrorists drove by and gunned them down.  The children are being treated for shock, aged 9, 7, 4 and there was also their 4 month old baby in the car.  The murdered parents were in their 30's.
Car parked on road in Samaria 
 "Hamas spokesman praised the attack by the "brave resistance," calling the murderous act "heroic," and vowing to continue the struggle against Israel. The organization call for its members to carry out more attacks against Israel.

There's never been any reason for a struggle against Israel to create a Palestine other than that isn't their motivation.  They just want to destroy Israel.  They've been offered a state since 1948 when Israel was re-born.  The answer is always no coupled with violence against Jews.   They want more-all of the little land left for Israel to exist.  
The Popular Resistance Committees also "blessed" the attack, saying it was a natural reaction to "Israeli crimes."  It is action like this that turns any normal Israeli off from wanting neighbors like this.  It is action that decent people do not do or praise, no matter what.  This is why Hamas is called a terrorist group, and now Fatah is falling back to its old behaviors and joining them in their disgusting acts of violence.  You know, there's nothing brave about killing two young parents while they are driving on the highway.  It's a miracle the children weren't also killed by the car going on its own after the father was shot, but he had managed to stop it from moving.  The police found it in the middle of the road with the dead parents.  
Mahmoud Zahar, Hamas leader, prodding armed rebellion in Israel of Fatah against Jews
The very Palestinians Obama and others are calling for the right to create a Palestine out of ancient Israel are now calling for warfare including Jerusalem, capital of Israel.  Fatah started it, led by Abbas, with shooting of husband and wife in Samaria.  Now Mahmoud Zahar, former surgeon turned Palestinian politician and co-founder of Hamas terrorism of Gaza, is now calling for armed warfare in Jerusalem. This is the start of the year 5776, with attacks on Israel.  
Starting with our High Holidays, ever since the eve of Rosh Hashanah on September 13th, Yom Kippur and now Succot, all Jewish holidays including today which will end on October 7th, Arab terrorists have been attacking Jews.  
Same type of attacks as last year from Palestinians
This included attacks at the Temple Mount, which, by the way, happens to be the holiest site in Jerusalem for Jews and Muslims, but Jews are not allowed to pray there.  Jews can only visit.  I suppose the Arabs are terrified of our prayers, so that's why we cannot pray there. In 1967 after the war, a deal was made by Moshe Dayan in that Jordan would control the Temple Mount even though it's in the middle of Jerusalem. We have a peace pact with Jordan.  This mosque sits over the area which was where the 1st and 2nd  Temple  had been, and that's why Jews want to pray there but must be satisfied with praying at the Western Wall which goes back to Herod's period.

Their reason for Mahmoud's call to arms is to "defend" Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  He is calling for even more rioting at the site.  Explosives have been thrown at the police by his cohorts.
Investigating death of parents of 4 children in Samaria
They themselves have started the rumor that Israelis are fighting Muslims at the Mosque.  He evidently wants all Muslims to take up arms wherever they are; Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem.  While 4 children watched on Thursday night, their parents were murdered before their very eyes by Fatah terrorists, Abbas's men who want to create a Palestine next door to Israel.   They are also busy throwing Molotov cocktails. These Muslim rioters sprayed something like gasoline on the police as they came forward.  They also hid out in the mosque and wore masks. 4 policemen were hurt.  15 rioters were arrested.
Because of the ferment caused, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's cabinet have broadened the rules of conduct.  They recognize that rock throwing Arab terrorists can throw lethal hits so will now be targeted by the police by live fire.  Children and their parents will be under minimum sentences and larger fines for rock-throwing.  It's cause and effect.  Countries don't come out with rules like this until there's reason for it.

Update: 8:30pm  2 rabbis killed and mother and baby wounded by gunfire in old city of Jerusalem by Lion's Gate.  19 year old Islamic Jihadist, Muhamad Halabi, the killer caught.  Rabbi Aharon Bennet 24, Nechemia Lane 41, stabbed to death  7:30pm Saturday night--end of Shabbat.  "According to what I see, the third Intifada has begun."
"What is happening to the Al-Aqsa Mosque is what is happening to our holy places and the way of our Prophet [Muhammad] and what is happening to the women of Al-Aqsa and our mothers and sisters.
I do not believe that the people will succumb to humiliation.
The people will rise up (literally "make intifada"), it will indeed make intifada."
[Facebook page of Muhannad Halabi, Oct. 2, 2015]
Update: 9:20am Sunday: Two Israeli men were fatally stabbed in Jerusalem’s Old City on Saturday evening. The Palestinian attacker was shot dead by security forces after he opened fire on them. The wife of one of the victims and their two-year-old baby were lightly wounded.
How did the BBC initially report on the attack? Just saying that a Palestinian was shot dead and leaving out what had happened.  They had to publish the truth the next day due to outraged readers who had heard the truth from other outlets.
Update: 10:06am Monday:  An arrest has been made, but in the meantime, Abbas  accuses ISRAEL of escalating a cycle of violence;  by what?  Arresting the murderers?  This is his thing-accuse Israel of what his people do.  



  1. thanks for posting nadane. terrible things to have to post but silence about it would be wrong. crimes against israeli's are very underreported. the world news is more hateful every time i look at the headlines.
    jerusalem is indeed the cup of trembling...and everyday the trouble is mounting.

  2. Thanks, Andre. I was blessed to live in Haifa and Safed when I could enjoy the High Holidays. I loved the holiday we are in right now, Succot. We had our own succa and would invite friends over for tea and cakes, and sometimes a full dinner in there. All over Safed I could see fantastic succas with walls of rugs or blankets. It was so colorful. I never had to worry about being attacked. I hear there's more continuing to happen right now since this horror. It looks like the Palestinians have thrown the towel in and again are not trying to bring about peace but instead, war and bloodshed. People going wild shooting in the USA; one right here in my own state and going wild in Jerusalem, Samaria and Judea without being able to blame it on mental instability like here. Jews can't pray at the Temple Mount but the Muslims take it out on the Jews because they are urged to do so. That's something the Haj Amin al-Husseini (Sherif of Jerusalem) used to do back in the 20s. .