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When Will Israel's Fight Come to an End With Peace ?

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                   
Iran's Shahab 3 Missile-long range with 800 to 1,200 mile distance

After 6 fairly peaceful years from 1967's Six Day  major war when 4 Arab countries attacked with 250,000 troops with Soviet tanks and aircraft prepared for a full scaled invasion, 1973's Yom Kippur War surprised everyone and caught them unaware  by starting on Israel's holiest day when the population was in synagogues praying and fasting, causing 2,700 Israeli IDF to be killed in 3 weeks of fighting, thousands injured and almost 300 captured.

Since then, Israel has had to fight  in 6 out of 7  more campaigns:
1. 1st Lebanon War from 1982 to 2000.  I was in Israel from 1980 to the end of 1985 in Safed and saw our soldiers going up into Lebanon. .
2. 1st Palestinian Intifada in Judea-Samaria and Gaza 1987-1991 started by PLO, 27 Israelis killed, 1,400 injured civilians and 1,700 IDF injured; 1,000 Palestinians were killing each other, fighting factions for power

3. During the 1991 Gulf War led by the USA and Coalition, Israel was attacked by Iraqi Scud missiles, but could not respond due to interfering with Coalition and USA's plans.  It brought attack on Israeli soil.  Saddam Hussein, Iraqi dictator, launched 39 Scud ballistic missiles against Haifa, Greater Tel Aviv area, and toward Dimona where Israel has a nuclear reactor.  The missiles caused extensive damage to property but very few people were killed or injured.   Israel was on the receiving end of this war and had to remain passive by not retaliating.

4. 2nd Palestine "Al Aqsa"  Intifada from 2000 to 2006 when suicide bombings and terrorist attacks began leaving over 5 years 1,068 Israelis dead and over 7,000 injured, 69% civilians.  3,000 Palestinians were killed.
5. 2nd Lebanon War of 2006: Hezbollah short 4,000 rockets and missiles into Israeli towns and villages.
6. 1st Campaign against Hamas in Gaza 2009-2010; Hamas repeated attack with rockets and missiles
7. 2nd Campaign against Hamas in Gaza 2012
Syrian Missiles to use against Israel
8?  Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon have 60,000 rockets and missiles of many distant ranges and power.  The Syrian army is being protected by Russia at the moment, but they have a few thousand improved Scud missiles and have threatened Israel.

At the same time the Iranians have some 600 Shahab 3 missiles in their arsenal.  They have also managed to talk the USA and their coalition into allowing them every opportunity now to have atomic weapons to use against Israel from a few months from now to several years.  They will put an atomic warhead on one of these missiles.

 Every Israeli city, important site, airbase or military installation is within their range.  . The distance from Iran to Israel is  2,221.3 miles via Route 80, evidently shorter by air which would be 1,109.48 miles.  It only takes 1.98 hours to fly at a speed of 560 mph.   It's like the time it takes to fly from Portland, Oregon to San Francisco, California which costs $186.
Iran's testing of Shahab 3 Missiles
Another war will involve missiles fired from land, sea and air at populated areas.
 Israel's anti-missile defense systems will be trying to defend their public.  This will take Israel into cyber warfare from air-conditioned control centers.  The most important asset Israel has to fight with is their very strong military force and superior air force and military intelligence.  Tanks are passe today.  Those won't play a part anymore.
An Israeli medic and policeman enter destroyed bus on Tuesday, October 13 when 2 Palestinian men had boarded and attacked the riders.  
Today's beginnings of a 3rd Intifada in Jerusalem shows that Palestinians are not interested in peace or living next to Israel in peace.  They only have one thing in mind; to scare and chase Israel out of the area; to drive them into the sea as originally threatened before 1948.  They have rained down rockets, mortars and missiles onto Southern Israel.  Suicide bombings and murders has been their style throughout the small country.  That all has caused the need for fencing to protect the population.

Most Palestinians are a generation brought up from their mother's angry breast of brain-washing to be against Israel.  They were taught this in their homes and in school.  They know nothing else.  Their minds know nothing about the facts of who they are or where they are.  The USA has never known such an oppositional  population.  This has been a struggle ever since May 14, 1948-67 years 5 months.  It's not just a political problem-it's also a religious problem.  Religions and what their expectations are now have been  butting heads.  The Palestinian religion has not accepted the rights Israel has of being on the land, the legality of the end of the Ottoman Empire in 1917, the legal power of the League of Nations or the United Nations.    When that changes, there will be peace.  Again, religion and politics are interwoven.  What kind of peace talks can take place when their Palestinian religion will not allow this to happen?  Though Egypt and Jordan have made peace, these are the holdouts.

Notice that Iraq, Syria and Lebanon have all but been completely destroyed, taken over by terrorists and now their government is in ruin.  These are all countries that have been enemies of Israel, but it wasn't Israel who destroyed them.  It was their own internal affairs.  Fight against Israel and peace will not come can be the lesson here.  Iran, the last time Persia tried to slaughter all Jews in your empire, the man who started all the hatred was Haman, and he was hung along with his sons.  Carry out your threats of hatred and destruction, and it will backfire on you.

Resource: magazine from Israel:  The Jerusalem Report, September 2013 p. 14-15.
magazine:  Israel 101 from StandWith Us
Book:  Letters From Israel by Nadene Goldfoot-describing 1982 Lebanon War when in Safed

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  1. " While world media is focusing on terror promotion in private social media, the official Palestinian Authority and Fatah social media cannot be ignored. Just as the PA and Fatah leadership started this terror campaign, so too Abbas' party, Fatah, in its official social media, continues to pour fuel on the fire by glorifying terror attacks, murderers, and those seeking Martyrdom-death for Allah (Shahada).

    One Fatah tweet showed the image of four terrorists who between them killed 2 and stabbed 7 Israelis, with praises:" from by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik