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Disclosed August Plot on Joseph's Tomb Unveils Hatred for Jews

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                         
Joseph's Tomb, 1839 oil  painting by Scotsman David Roberts

Hatred for Jews is total;  hatred for Israelis is secondary.  So we find out such things from a discovered plot to attack the Jewish holy site of Joseph's Tomb with explosives and machine gun the Jewish worshippers.  This attack was uncovered by Shin Bet before  August 25, 2015 when cleared for publication.  Terror attacks have increased.   Their hatred is so strong that they were willing to destroy this holy site, holy even to Muslims,  in order to kill a few Jewish worshippers.                                   

Joseph, favorite son of Jacob who made him a special coat of many colors causing much jealousy among his 10 brothers.  Joseph was Jacob's 11th son, so was the youngest.  Later Benjamin was born, the 12th.  Both had the same mother; Rachel, beloved by Jacob.  Jacob had 2 wives who were sisters and 2 concubines who had given him sons.
Joseph is not an important person in Islamic history, but is for Pashtuns in Afghanistan,  Pakistan and India who claim descendency from Joseph from being from the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel.  However, "Joseph's tomb has been venerated throughout the ages by Jews,Samaritans, Christians and Muslims."  So if it is so venerated so much by Muslims, why would they want to kill Jews praying there and spill blood?  The attackers intended to kill and to destroy this Jewish holy place.  

Joseph, viceroy (representing the pharaoh but  ruling the country of Egypt),  greeting his brothers who had long ago sold him into slavery, who died at age 110.  His body as he requested, was brought home to Shechem for burial.  The story of Joseph is dated back to the 18th to 16th centuries BCE during the Hyksos domination of Egypt. The Hyksos were Semites who overran Egypt after the destruction of  Egypt's Middle Kingdom. They ruled from 1720-1580 BCE when Israelites entered the country and were treated well.  Bondage of Israelites would have happened after the Hyksos were expulsed.  Hyksos, an Egyptian word, means "rulers of the foreign lands."    
Nablus, Samaria
Joseph's Tomb is on the outskirts of  Nablus, formerly called Shechem in Hebrew.  Nablus today has become a large Palestinian Arab city in Samaria, the northern part of Judea and Samaria commonly called the West Bank by many.    All of Shechem was said to be the burial site for Joseph and his sons, Ephriam and Manasseh.  Shechem, or Nablus, just happens to be in the land originally called Israel-now called Samaria.  The Biblical patriarchs camped under its walls and "it was pillaged by two of the 12 sons of Jacob; Simeon and Levi when the land was called Canaan.  It then became part of the territory of Ephraim, a levitical city and a city of refuge, as well as the center of the House of Joseph which is why Joseph is buried here."
 Abimelech, the Philistine king of Gerar who had made a pact of friendship with Abraham, had tried to establish his kingdom at Shechem, while the northern tribes of Israel had broken away from Rehoboam (933-917 BCE) , 1st king of Judah and son of Solomon by Naamah the Ammonite wife, which had split away  and was the southern half of Israel. The Israelites had  camped there when Jeroboam (933-912) an Ephraimite or from the line of Joseph's son, Ephraim, was crowned king of Israel.  

Centuries later, Shechem was populated by Samaritans, who were a mixed people made up of Israelites descended from the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh and Cutheans brought in from Assyria, and it remained the cult center of the Samaritans.  The religion of Judaism changed with them and stayed as a primitive form of Judaism except that the whole Bible of the Samaritans is only the Pentateuch, a pre-Masoretic text with Samaritan variants, changing the original places, making Mt. Gerizim the place Moses received the 10 Commandments, etc.
 Nearby, Neapolis was founded by Vespasian (69-79 CE), a Roman Emperor,  which became today's modern Nablus.  The Samaritans living there were living in an important Roman city, governed by Rome.  In 1967 Nablus had 44,000 people including a tiny Samaritan community amid Muslims.  For decades it has been a center of fanatical Arab nationalism.  The small Jewish community that was there has been given over to the Muslims living in Samaria.
Inside Joseph's Tomb 
Joseph's Tomb is a Jewish holy site where Jews come to pray.  They couldn't come until after the 1967 War which Israel won because the land of Samaria had been in Jordan's hands and they wouldn't allow Jews to come and pray there.  The Palestinian Authority have their own PA police in charge of keeping the peace.  They didn't do their job in uncovering the plot.  It was the Israeli security forces who did.  The PA has no record of arresting any terrorists.  In fact, they shelter them.  Remember how the Israelis had to go from house to house in Palestinian territory looking for the killer or killers of the 3 students who had been killed when their Yeshiva was finished for the day?
The Israeli security forces, Shin Bet,  arrested 4 terrorists belonging to a cell.  One was Muhamad Damiri, a Palestinian policeman!  Another was Nisim Damiri, an old time member of Tanzim, the armed wing of Fatah.  Of course, we all know that Fatah is headed still by 80 year old Mahmoud Abbas, known to the West as the moderate Arab and the PA's president.  It is only Hamas, the break-off group of Fatah who are labeled by the USA as terrorists.  Also arrested were Yasir Zarukri, Hamas terrorist, and Aduen Nazei, Islamic Jihad terrorist.  It looks like these 4 representatives worked together for a change when the goal was to kill Jews and destroy their holy sites.  They were part of an Islamic Jihad cell run by Mohammed Darwish.
Yasser Arafat, and PMs Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres with Nobel Peace Prize received after accepting Oslo Accords
The 1993 Oslo Accords are over and thus so are the standards set.  We know this because:
1. The Oslo Accords required the PA to apprehend and imprison terrorists.
2. They were obligated to disarm and outlaw terrorist groups.
3. They were to extradite terrorists to Israel.

They haven't done these things and Western nations have not cared as long as it did not affect themselves. Kerry has kept on pounding for a Palestinian state to be created knowing they act according to their own wishes.  .   I bet he'd change his tune if he lived in Israel.

The Peace process is coming up again in conversation with John Kerry bustling himself to Israel at a time of when the Arabs are  going berserk in Jerusalem and trying to knife unsuspecting Jews on the streets and in buses.
Palestine was promised by Balfour Doctrine (November 2, 1917) to Chaim Weizmann from British foreign secretary Arthur James Balfour for the British Government  to become the Jewish Homeland.  Israel is made of 20% of this land.  80% went to Abdullah who was made King of Transjordan-Jordan.  
A peace process  is based on the notion that if Israel surrenders any part of the 20% of their land-what was left for for the Jews to become Israel-to the PA, the PA can be trusted to prevent terrorism from that area.

A Palestinian state must be peaceful and its rulers would combat terrorism.  20 years of PA self-rule has proven otherwise.  Now look at what they are doing.  They are trying to start a 3rd Intifada with Abbas telling his people to act out and knife Jews, with others inciting that they should also carry guns now.  They won't be getting those from Israel, I assure you.

This attack had nothing to do with "occupied territory."  That wasn't their beef.  It was pure out and out hatred for Jews that they have been taught since swaddled babies in their mother's arms, a brainwashed people.  There are all kinds of agencies in Israel trying to bring peace between the groups and working together, but these 4 must have worked hard to bypass them as all those involved in knifing Jews in Jerusalem and Bethlehem and on buses in Israel the past few weeks.  All the while, the head of PA state have instigated their rebellious acts and killings, calling out for them to do so.  It's reminiscent of the days in 1929 of Haj Amin al-Husseini, Sherif of Jerusalem,  who did the same thing.

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