Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Stabbings by Palestinians from East Jerusalem: Events Twisted to Make Police the Bad Guys

Nadene Goldfoot                                                              

Jerusalem has been the scene of much rioting and attacks on Jews by the Palestinians lately.  This stemmed originally from the Arabs' false accusations that Jews are taking over the Temple Mount, or some such similar fears they have.
 The Temple Mount's mosque sits over the 2nd Temple of Solomon.  It's in Jerusalem which is Israel's long-standing capital since the days of King Solomon (961-920 BCE).   So they have been going around attacking to kill innocent Jews.
Israel's 1st and 2nd Temple, sitting where the Temple Mount is, built by King Solomon of Israel
I put blame on any deaths taking place in Jerusalem on Western nations who haven't had the guts to accept Jerusalem as Israel's capital.  Israel was big enough to allow Jordan to have control over the Temple Mount even though Jordan lost the 67 war to Israel which meant that Israel took back east Jerusalem from Jordan, a part of Jerusalem that was to be part of 1948's Israel anyway.  A peaceful gesture by Moshe Dayan for Jordan to maintain the Temple Mount has been taken advantage of by the Palestinian Arabs.                                                              
They want to keep their population angry at Israel and want to keep them rioting and causing terror attacks.  To do this they are falsely picturing every terrorist of theirs as an innocent victim of Israel.  They are all victims which gives them the right to kill, they think.  Victims?  Possibly of their own naivete of believing in their leaders and not thinking rationally.  They've never had it so good by living under Israeli rule and not be Syria or Iraq or Lebanon or other states with a majority of Arab rule.

Cases in Point:                                                    
1. Two young Palestinian terrorists, aged 13 and 15,  repeatedly stabbed and critically wounded a Jewish 13 year old by who was riding his bike.  They also stabbed Yossef Ben Shalom, 21 years old, in the Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood of East Jerusalem Monday, October 12th.  PA Chairman Abbas's spokesman, Nabil Abu Rudeina, accused Israel of executing Hassan Manasrah, one of the 2 terrorists who were the attackers.  Executed is the Palestinian word for being shot in the act of trying to kill someone.   Hassan called the police interference of stopping Manasrah an abominable crime and that the legal, humanitarian and political responsibility for it is on the Israeli government.  He's demanding that Israel catch those who committed the crime of stopping Manasrah.  Then Abu Rudeina butted in with saying that it's Israel who is escalating violence by carrying out grave acts of execution.  He threatens that Jerusalem will go out of control with this happening and everyone will pay a heavy price for these Israeli crimes.

Do you notice how it's the police who are protecting innocent civilians from terrorist acts that are the guilty people?  I wonder if they get this maneuver from watching American news lately of finding police being the bad guys.  They are great at twisting reality, aren't they?
This attack came amidst many attacks recently going on in Jerusalem, which is becoming a battleground of attacks on Jews.  The 2 Palestinian terrorists were brothers from eastern Jerusalem, the Palestinian neighborhood.  An Israeli Border Police officer had just been injuring in another stabbing attack outside the national Police Headquarters, also in northern Jerusalem near the border between western and eastern Jerusalem less than an hour before.  The police of the neighborhood knew about it.
An earlier attack had been committed by an 18 year old  female resident of eastern Jerusalem also. The policeman she attacked by stabbing him was able to defend himself with a shot to her stomach.   Police arrested an accomplice of the woman.  This spot was the same place that a yeshiva student was stabbed in the neck by another Palestinian terrorist Thursday, October 8th.

Another stabber knifed 3 on a bus and was killed in the act.

This outbreak of attacks came only a few hours after Israeli Police officers shot and killed an Arab man in the Old City of Jerusalem after he had tried to stab a policeman.  
The Palestinian rampage continued with a Tuesday attack, October 7th on an Israeli soldier by an Arab who  stab him and tried to take his gun.  Another officer was there and wrestled with him to stop the stabbing and was killed by the officer. Another report stated,  "Another officer who boarded the bus saw the attacker with the pistol and shot him, the police said.

One man claimed after the attack to have helped subdue the Palestinian with the use of his numchucks. Photos of the man with what appeared to be improvised numchuks circulated on social media after the attack."                  
By October 13, Tuesday, 3 Israelis had died in these attacks and 20 had been injured. Those 2 Jews on the bus were killed  and another was chased, run down and stabbed.  "Near-daily stabbings by Palestinians have left dozens of Israelis dead and wounded over the past fortnight. Several attackers and at least 17 other Palestinians have also been killed." 
"Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said it planned new security measures that would "settle its accounts with the murderers, with those who try murder and with all those who assist them".  
Jerusalem's mayor has asked that those licensed to carry guns carry them for protection.  That should be covering any IDF not actively serving.  All soldiers are armed.  It gave this American the willies at first to see soldiers with rifles on the street, but then it came to make me feel very safe.  That was back in the 80s.  I'm presuming it still is a case.  Soldiers were even told to sleep with their rifles.  This is life when you live in very dangerous waters.                                                                        
       Israel had its attack on a school long before it happened in the USA.  In Safed, the city I lived in for over 4 years,  their high school class had gone on a trip in May 1974 to Gadna and stayed overnight in the  Ma'alot elementary school building.  They they were taken hostages after spending the night after a 2 day take-over of terrorists.  23 Palestinian militant freshly out of prison were the attackers, who killed the students with grenades and automatic weapons when the Golani Brigade stormed the school.  25 hostages including 22 students were killed and 68 more were injured.                       

It's the Arabs of east Jerusalem who have been stirred up to attack Israelis and are targeting police, IDF and kids are hitting on kids.  They must realize that anyone wielding a knife or gun is dangerous and will be stopped.  If the scene called for immediate action to prevent a death, this is what is going to happen.  It hasn't been one attack, but multiples within  hours of each other. Palestinians are on a rampage and I doubt if they really understand themselves why other than Abbas and others have goaded them into this action.  
Israeli doctors who work to save ALL lives-even those of Syrian enemies, Hamas, Fatah terrorists, to Israelis-to save a life is to save the world.  
This is a right Israelis have; defending themselves when attacked.  It's a right we all have.  It's also the responsibility of others who witness someone being attacked to step in and prevent someone's death.  Israelis are not passive by-standers.  All but a few are also trained soldiers, even those with white hair and beards.  Palestinians who attack to kill with knives and guns are apt to get themselves killed as well.  They are not martyrs, they're just plain stupid.  They are not defending themselves or others;  they are being the offenders.  They are murderers.  I ask:  Is this what your religion teaches?  Or is it your leaders.  
What the Palestinians and Abbas are trying to do is to start the 3rd Intifada.  
Resource: http://www.palwatch.org/main.aspx?fi=157&doc_id=15885 by  Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdiik


  1. so sick. so evil. so apropos for the times in which we live...this is nothing but an orchestrated effort to push israel off of the land-to make them flee. it is all a political (and violent) ploy to rid the world of jews--by these evil people, and nothing new at all because the bible is full of these examples from way back and not one thing has changed--or will change----until---------the Lord brings them to their end in judgment........and i long for that day.......when Peace comes from the LORD.
    it is soon. very soon nadene. we are the generation that will witness this because prophecy is taking it's full shape as we speak. many twists and turns in the making until the final curtain call.

    the bible has called this all beforehand.

  2. I hope most Westerners see these events like you do, Andre. Abbas has the chutzpa to twist events around to make Israeli police the bad guys which is just amazing to me. What on earth do they expect when they are trying to kill people? Of course Israelis will defend themselves. Yes, we certainly are living in such times. It's amazing to be here and see it all happening. I don't think the majority of the population know what's happening.