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East Jerusalem and the Arab's Complaints

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                          
Jerusalem being fought over

"In July 1980, the Knesset passed the Jerusalem Law as part of the country's Basic Law. The law declared Jerusalem the unified capital of Israel."

The question has been raised and an Arab spokesman has stated some different reasons why there has been rioting by the Arabs in Jerusalem in the last few weeks.  He stated that since Israel had closed off Jerusalem from the rest of the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) in 1994, the city had served as the hub of Palestinians life.  It served their religious role as well.  All of the major Palestinian economic, social, cultural, educational, medical and service institutions were located in Jerusalem.  He said that for decades, Israel had been strangling East Jerusalem denying its Palestinian inhabitants freedom, opportunity, dignity and hope with devastating impact.

First, Israel's army had to close off Gaza and Judea-Samaria on February 27, 1994 from the rest of Israel because of a massacre of Muslim worshipers in Hebron that left scores dead.  The closure of Judea-Samaria began Sunday at 3:am for an indefinite period.  Entry of Arab residents to work in Israel was not to be permitted.  The closure on Gaza was imposed after the mosque massacre on Friday and would remain in force.

The day before this army announcement, 3 more Arabs died in disturbances. The IDF actions during and after the shooting were being questioned.  It looks like the closure was to protect Muslims.

This mosque was at the Tomb of the Patriarchs, where both Jews and Arabs visit since it is where Abraham, Sarah, Isaac are buried. The shooting was done by one man, "American-Israeli Baruch Goldstein."  

It happened "during the overlapping religious holidays of both Jewish Purim and Muslim Ramadan.  The attack left 29 people dead and 125 wounded.  Goldstein was only stopped after he was overpowered and beaten to death by survivors."   This happened 21 years ago.

Certainly people have had time to realize such things can never again happen, but no, Arabs have overstepped their bounds by recently going into a synagogue on November 18, 2014, a Tuesday in Jerusalem (not east but in the Har Nof area of West Jerusalem), and shot and killed those worshiping there including my distant shirttail relative and genealogy pal, Rabbi Abraham Goldberg of Jerusalem, 59 years old..  Also killed were 3 other Rabbis.  They were all doing their morning prayers.  2 Arabs did the attack with a gun and butcher knives.

"The terror attack -- the deadliest in Jerusalem since a man with an automatic weapon killed eight seminary students in March 2008 -- came at a particularly tense time in that city and the region at large. It follows a series of recent deadly stabbings and vehicle incidents that, while not the large-scale suicide bombings that defined last decade's second intifada or the rocket attacks from Gaza earlier this year, have left Jerusalem on edge." A police officer was also killed; 8 deaths total.  

Now, the UN has just decided that since the tomb lies in  Samaria, it shall be under Arab control.  This is something the PA asked for and got Arab nations to sponsor.  Up to now, all religions could visit the site, but now, I question what will happen.

Since 1998, "By 2012, almost every neighborhood in East Jerusalem had health clinics that included advanced medical equipment, specialized ER units, X-ray diagnostic centers and dental clinics. Israel's system of healthcare entitles all Israeli citizens and East Jerusalem residents to receive free healthcare service funded by the Israeli government. In some cases, East Jerusalem residents can get free transportation to clinics, free subscriptions to health clubs or free dental care, to ensure they do not switch to a rival health care HMO provider." 
East Jerusalem, Judea-Samaria barrier

Zobay is saying that Jerusalem, and he makes no distinction in his blog that he means East Jerusalem where the Arab population mainly lives, was Palestine's heart, and the flow of people in and out was its lifeblood.  He knows that until 1967 it was under Jordanian control, but by siding with the other Arab nations in the onslaught upon Israel in the 1967 Six Day War, lost the land that was Judea, Samaria, Gaza and East Jerusalem.  
Jews at night at the Western Wall, 2nd holy site for Jews.  1st is the site of our destroyed 2nd Temple which lies under the mosque that Jews are not allowed to be near.  

Jerusalem, the city mentioned in the bible 614 times,  became unified again under Israel in  1980. It is Israel's capital and never has been the capital of any other government.     .  Does Zobay realize that "Jews were ethnically cleansed from eastern Jerusalem when they were attacked by 5 Arab armies in 1948?  Israel has not done that to the Arabs.    Does he understand the Jewish history and it's connection to Jerusalem in that it had been the capital of Israel for 1,700 years before the Arab conquest after 632?  Does he understand that the name, Jerusalem, is never mentioned in the Koran?  The importance of Jerusalem to  Muslims is the Temple Mount which is in East Jerusalem, which is the Old City, the site of our Jewish 2nd Temple which lays under their mosque and just happens to be our most holy site.
Arab firebombing in Jerusalem

Now, if I were a Muslim and were living in East Jerusalem and wanted to keep the conditions as they stand with Jordan presiding over the Temple Mount because of the good nature of Moshe Dayan at the end of the war of 1967, the Israeli General who allowed this to happen, I would do my darndest to get along with the Israeli society.  

Look at what Hamas as done along with Fatah; 2 Intifadas and now their murdering and stabbings may be starting a 3rd.  Even a few Arab doctors were stabbing Jewish patients.  

Israel has included Arabs to serve in the Knesset.  For every complaint they have, I can prove that they brought on adverse conditions upon themselves because of their acts.  "Without Israeli security control that exists today, Jerusalem would descend into chaos, with rival militias battling each other like in the Gaza Strip. "  Hamas and Fatah fight each other more than they make plans for their people.  They fight for power.  

When an Arab kills a Jew, the PA names a street or park after them.  Children are taught in school that the land belongs to Arabs, not the Jews with maps to reflect this lie.  Nothing they do helps to unify or bring about peace between the 2 peoples.  Their results are the riots they want.  After all, when an Arab man dies, his reward in battle such as this is 72 virgins.  Jews have no such thing in their religion.  Peace is to their advantage.  To save even one life is what they strive for since they feel it saves the world.  No, a Jew is not looking to be a martyr, but to do good deeds that save lives, not takes them.  

Zobgy tells people that Israel confiscated 1/3 of Palestinian-owned land around Jerusalem to build Jewish only  colonies and highways connecting them to Israel.  

The rules of the end of 1967 showed areas A, B, and C.  "Since Judea and Samaria were never officially annexed by the Israeli government, the IDF Civil Administration has jurisdiction over the districts today. "" The communities that Israel built in Gaza and Judea and Samaria were in undeveloped, uninhabited areas and are entirely legal.  Palestinians have legitimate claims to sovereignty over some of the land..  Many are longtime inhabitants who feel they have been deprived of political rights and self-determination.  Israel disputes their territorial claims and Israel also has strong claims to the land."  

"Since 1993, the regions have been divided into areas A, B, and C.  
Area A was assigned to the Palestinian Authority where most of the Arab residents live. According to many estimates, 1.5 million Arabs live in the region.  Accurate statistics have been difficult to obtain with claims that Arab demographics have been artificially inflated.   Area B is under joint control and has large tracts of barren land.  Israel has full control of Area C where most of the over 340,000 Jewish residents live. "

"In 1948 the Latrun section of the highway was taken over by Jordan" until  the end of the 1967 war.  "In 1978 a new section opened, connecting former Road 10 (the Tel Aviv – Ben Gurion Airport road) with Sha'ar HaGai. The new section formed the third freeway in the country, after Highways 2 and 4." 

My summary of all of Zobgy's complaints and blame is that he sees only Palestinian vicimization, and the deeper story that he doesn't know about, being he resides in the USA, is how these young people have been raised to be what they are, ready to stab Jews at the first instigation from Abbas or others, and that's just what has happened.  Since Abbas cannot make peace with Israel without being in trouble with Hamas, because he had unified with them and their goal is the same, and he hasn't coaxed Israel into a blanket acceptance of a Palestinian state without controls, he instigates.  He's 80 years old, but doesn't really care about the lives of his people, only his reputation and standing. From one side of his mouth he instigates attacks while with the other side of his mouth he says, oh, stop, how terrible!  The fact of the matter is that Zobgy and other Palestinians have not been given the real facts, but a made up version that the Palestinians want their people to abide to.  We're not all on the same page.

"The international community should strongly condemn Abbas’ incitement and call on the PA president to cease this encouragement of violence and terrorism. The inflammatory language and actions must cease so that calm can return to Jerusalem and its Temple Mount in particular. - See more at: below under references.  

The international community remains deaf and dumb to whatever Abbas does and says.  

" Abbas added fuel to the flames by proclaiming: “The Muslim and Christian world will never accept Israeli claims that Jerusalem is theirs. Jerusalem is our capital and we will never give this up; Jerusalem that was occupied in 1967 is our Jerusalem. We will safeguard and protect our holy places.”  He doesn't give into the facts of life.  The Arabs still think that the land is all Palestine and under the Ottoman Empire.   His attitude did win over UNESCO, though, who gave him the Cave of the Patriarchs to police.  Evidently it was easier to give into his screaming instead of rationally weighing evidence.  

Resource:, author of Arab Voices, President of Arab Americans
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  1. PA street named after murderer
    who stabbed 2 Israeli civilians to death:

    "To honor Halabi, who carried out
    the stabbing and shooting attack
    against settlers in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem"

    PA mayor:
    "This is the least we can do for Martyr Halabi"

    Municipality wanted mourning to take place
    "in a municipality building" because "Halabi is a pride
    and badge of honor for the whole village"

    by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

  2. bad religion makes bad culture.
    one day before long the record will be set straight once and for all.

  3. I just have to pray that Israelis can last that long.
    Golda Meier said, "One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present.' and that's exactly what the Palestinians are trying to do.

    Also, "We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.”


    they might have an actual complaint if they truly had a history there......but they don't. there was a time when vacated they could have perhaps made jerusalem theirs-----but did not even want it-------until----the jews (and rightful heirs of this homeland) had been given opportunity (from GOD!) to get it back.
    the same old hate and jealousy that that culture "thrives on" i'm sad to say, drives them to take what does not belong to them.

  5. Exactly. That's why I get so frustrated-their lopsided logic and wanting what the Jews legally have.