Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Putin and Russia-Are they Gog and Magog?

Russian plane
          "According to some commentators about Judaism, the war of Gog and Magog envisioned in Ezekiel 38 is expected to occur in the end of days. This is described to be a climactic war that is said to occur at the end of the Jewish exile. Radak comments on Zechariah 14, that in the end of days Jerusalem will be the battle ground of Gog and Magog.
According to other commentatorsthe long exile has already made up for it  and it will no longer occur."

According to Jewish thought, Gog is a king and his country is called Magog.  This is mentioned in our Tanakh (Bible)  in (Ezekiel. 38-9).  Ezekiel tells of the coming downfall of Gog in the latter years after his attack upon the Land of Israel at the head of  the armies of many peoples.  The Talmud holds that the wars of Gog and Magog will precede the advent of the Messiah.  The concept also figures in Christian and Muslim legend.                                  
These places are in Russia
Gog is the leader of Meshech and Tubal and with them will be Persia (Iran), Cush and Put, Gomer, the house of Togarmah in the uttermost parts of the north, and all its chohorts-many peoples will be with them.  It is said that when all this horde of haters of Israel come upon the soil of Israel, a great earthquake will take place upon the soil.  The war will end with the destruction of Israel's enemies.  This is prophesied to happen after Israel was newly resettled by its people.  This has happened.  Israel came into being again May 14, 1948 and Jews have returned and are still returning.  In fact, anti-Semitism in such places such as France is a big reason why they are returning.  That's what Israel came into being for-Jews were facing such odds and needed their own homeland again.
Exodus, bringing Jews to Palestine who were in peril
Israel is considered the navel or center of the world, and it surely has been the center of news in today's world.  Not all Jews fled their homeland when Jerusalem fell in 70CE.  Many had remained.  Jews have returned after being exiled for 2,000 years from all 4 corners of the earth but have been rebuffed by the  inhabitants of the region because they returned as Jews and not as Muslims.  By the same token, Jews returned to their land after living in Christian and Muslims lands for the past 2,000 years which has not been accepting them, either.  In fact, it was the horrible pogroms of Russia that caused Russian Jews to make aliyah to Palestine, and before that the Crusading attacks on Jews throughout Europe and being exiled from countries periodically  who eventually moved to places like Safed in Palestine.  
So we're all expecting a huge war in the Middle East  where Israel will be attacked by the leader of many nations and here we are in the days of nuclear A bombs.  Could that be now?  We're nearing the year 6,000 by the Jewish calendar, a prodigious but ominous time.  That's when the Messiah is expected.  This is now the year 5776.  We have 224 years to get things right.  It's bad enough that Israel has been hit by thousands of mortars, missiles and rockets from Hamas in Gaza for years and years.  
Hamas Terrorists
As it is today, Israel is facing many dangers.  In the south is Hamas and other terrorists based in Gaza which is to be part of a new state for Arabs, Palestine.  Creating Palestine is the panacea most countries see as the cure-all for the Middle East rumbling, yet the Palestinians are not about to make peace with Israel.  Their goal is not to create a state with which would expect more than they have the skills to do successfully.  Their goal is to drive Jews away so they can just take over what is already there, and I suppose run it to the ground like what had previously happened to the land under the Ottoman Empire for the past 400 years.  They have not been nation-builders.  They almost destroyed Jordan in Black September in 1970-1971.  

In the north are Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist who are getting ready for future attacks on Israel.  From aerial photos released in May, we see these terrorists have moved much of its 100,000 plus rocket arsenal within civilian towns, buffered by human shields.  They've learned how to do this from the Palestinians in Gaza.   Remember, Iran is backed by Russia, too.                          
The PA-Hamas who can't get along and who disagree with each other
In the east, the PA (Palestinian Authority led by 80-81 year old Assad) are refusing to return to peace negotiations that the whole world is banking on. Israel is always willing to restart peace negotiations without preconditions today.  It is expected that if they want peace, there will be peace, but not on conditions that the Palestinians are about to push Israel into the sea and kill off all the Israelis.  Actually, it's tragic that Israel had to see 80% of their promised land go to Jordan, and they are left with a sliver which now has to be cut apart again to allow a 49th Muslim state to be created in the world while the only Jewish state has been cut and cut again into the smallest of slivers while the world becomes more anti-Semitic.
James Foley being beheaded by ISIS terrorist
With all this happening, and Europe is being hit with millions of Muslim refugees fleeing from the savagery happening in the Middle East, the president of Syria, President Bashar Assad has asked Russia to send troops to Syria and Vladimir Putin has responded and is giving him his military support.  Russia has been one of Assad's strongest allies since the Syrian crisis began in March 2011 which has killed more than 250,000 people and of course has now turned millions more into refugees.
The Kremlin says it will only use its air force in Syria, not ground troops.  Today they bombed a rebel city that holds people against Assad.  Sky News in Arabic says that the warplanes were targeting areas in the Governorate of Hama.  I thought CNN had said Homs, both places hit by Assad previously.
Everyone thought they were there to fight against IS, the Islamic State terrorists that are Salafists and so brutal, but places Russia hit were not IS centers.
Moscow sent a General to Iraq's USA office that the USA had one hour to comply with them by not  flying over Syria now.  It is Russian airspace.  Sources inside Syria are reporting at least 27 people are dead in the Russian strikes.  
Iran is our worry in that they are coming into nuclear power and will be able to create A bombs to use on Israel.  Iran is supported by Russia as well.  
Jews could not live in Russia, but the Pale of Settlement.  Here, Tevia and  his daughter live in Ukraine, part of the Pale.  Then they were forced to leave.  
With Russia wanting a port in Syria and helping Syria, the Russian President tells Arab League his country will fight to establish an independent Palestine with a capital in East Jerusalem. Russia doesn't do things without a payoff.  They want to have a hold on Israel.  They've never treated Jews other than 3rd class citizens.  
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  1. actually i think that could very well be-putin and russia as gog and magog. let's put it this way-something in that ballpark at the very least is my play it safe answer, but sticking my neck out-i believe we have the last days in the here and now unfolding before us and it involves russia, iran and cohorts who are truly up to no good. have read about something called the torah calendar and it says that it is at the 6000 year mark already. i think too many things are adding up to close for comfort for it not to be the end days, so if that is the case then what we read in the current news is the ezekiel 38-9 scenario taking shape from out of all of the foreshadows we have wondered at for a while. one thing about it-------if it is as soon as i believe it to be and we are in the throes of many deep layers of prophecy as i believe in my heart i am seeing in reading and comparing scripture, then it won't be long before we know if true------because something is going to have to give.
    too much to ignore. too much evil on the loose. too much destruction in the here and now on worldwide scene, too direct and powerful now is the threat bearing down upon israel, for it not to be time for Messiah. He Alone can and He Alone will, save her from the annihilation that is planned------being readied to be carried out as we speak.

  2. Yes, it all makes me think that Jews have gone through what today's refugees are going through. Forced to leave with all the expulsions they have gone through from one country to the next. The horror of needing to come to the USA and being turned down, and for those like my uncle from Germany who had to be guaranteed by others they could not be an economic hardship...and all the attacks since becoming a state, Jews that gone through enough already. These are awesome days, for sure. The thing that is the clincher of what you say is our rebuilding Israel and returning. Who would have ever though 100 years ago it would come about and that people from all over, even lost tribes, would be found and would return. To think that someone like Ezekiel could possibly foretell such events is unbelieveable as that is. And then to have Russia and Persia again on the scene as prophecized, that is the icing on the cupcake. Pretty amazing.

  3. i am in awe of the Book that God wrote through those prophets down through time.
    it is supernatural and everything is happening just as He has said it would. prophecy is on the fast track now, and israel (the nation born in a day) is an important part of how God gets this miracle story told. it is beautiful, poignant, deeply tragic and wonderfully triumphant because God makes no mistake in letting the jew and all peoples struggle here on earth to arrive at the understanding that we are all desperately in need of Him--------because He is our Source of Life---as more than the air we breathe. that life is more than this earthly trek and shows us how we need each other too, to be a human being made in His image. the jew is both the set apart and the every man as well. something very deep there that is to translate to us all, what it means to live and to die, that this bring us to the reason and meaning that stretches to forever. this is God's story...He has been unfolding it and having already told it, is giving us opportunity to actually believe as i understand this, it is mine and yours, to struggle, through struggle, to grapple with this what, when, how, and why to get to the WHO-----that there be a right relationship between once again. looking for that day when all of us, with more than human eyes, will see---GOD and man at table are sat down....
    He is coming---and never late. He is God like that.

    glad always for your posts. i look forward to each one.

  4. saw benjamin netanyahu @ the un on video.

    unbelievably tragic that he even had to say what he said today.

    broke my heart.
    the world is so full of hate. absolute hate.
    the threat to israel is real--absolutely unmistakable.

  5. You are so right. I wonder what they all were thinking in that 45 seconds of silence. He said it so truthfully, and they haven't faced the truth at all. I'm so glad he did this. And you are so right, the world is full of hate and it shouldn't be be that way at all. It broke my heart, too.