Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thinking a 2 State Solution is Possible?

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                   

My reports indicate that Israel, under Netanyahu's direction, has not been building in areas A, B, or C, but that there is nothing stopping the Arabs who are building fervently in the Israeli section of Area C.  .Area A was designated for the Arabs.  Area B was for both Jews and Arabs.  Area C is for just the Jews.  As far as that goes according to international law and Professor Kontorovich who teaches about it, all the land west of the Jordan River was won back by the Jews in 1967 after winning against a war started against Israel, that had been taken illegally by Jordan in the first place.

Ideally under normal conditions with people like Canadians and Americans, a 2 state solution was obvious, but this is a unique situation. It hasn't been a good idea for many years. The goals and thoughts of the Arabs are not the same as that of the Jewish people. We were desperate to have our own land back due to the anti-semitism Jews have had to endure for 2,000 years, and it was getting worse, especially in eastern European countries like Russia. Britain voted on November 2, 1917 under Balfour's leadership for a Jewish Homeland to be created in Palestine.  A Jewish Homeland  was voted on as okayed in 1922 by the League of Nations where all the countries voted on this proposal. The land of Palestine settled on was  Palestine;  made up of today's Jordan, Gaza, and all of Jerusalem besides the western section of Palestine.  The people called Palestinians, actually Arabs living in Palestine,  few in number and did not build anything except their own homes, and of those, some had taken over former Jewish homes of Jews forced out.  There remains Hebrew written above their doors.
1941-Haj Amin al-Husseini, AKA Grand Mufti, went to Germany to ask Hitler to keep Jews out of Palestine.  At the time many were suffering from anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe, especially from Russia.
Again it was okayed by the new United Nations, a time when anti-Semitism was ever worse and Germany was starting their program of expansion and taking over Europe's countries. One Arab minor leader, Haj Amin al-Husseini, called the Grand Mufti-for more political reasons than religious, went to Hitler to get him to keep Jews out of Palestine who were entering slowly due to Britain's rulings. Since then they've accepted Nazi-like standards and hatred for Jews, so it's hard to bring them to the table of peace when the PA under Abbas have joined with Hamas goals in not accepting any form of peace.
No, said Yasser Arafat
No, said Mahmoud Abbas
To have a 2 state solution,  a change in Arab attitude towards the Israelis is needed. Remember, the Arabs have refused their offer of taking the 20% of the land left to the Jews from the time of 1922's League of Nations vote, and expected to have half of the Jews 20% for their Palestinian state. Israel is as big as 1/4 of Oregon.  They have never voiced their desire or need for their own state, as they really have just wanted all of the 20% and drive the Jews into the sea.

Fatah and Hamas need to decide to get along with the Jews first. Now they teach their children in school only hatred for Jews and that the land all is Palestine and belongs to them. They celebrate killers of Jews by naming parks and such after them. There is no expectation of a serious attitude of living peacefully with Israel. It will take a change in their religious outlook today to bring this about. They are as adamant in this as ISIS today to take over land and create a caliphate and to do it by chopping off heads and any other way-looks like even bringing down passenger jets. Golda Meier had said, when the Arabs love their children more than they hate Jews, then we will have a chance. That day hasn't come yet.

In 1948 when Israel was announced as a state, they were attacked by Arabs within 5 minutes.  Jews who had been living in Judea and Samaria  before they were expelled in 1948 by Jordan who took over the land illegally,  these same Jews  wanted to return home in 1967 after Israel won the war of a horrible multi nation attack which included Jordan,

After the 1967  Six-Day War, some Israelis believed that Arab forces might attack again. They built settlements that have turned into cities  on hilltops to act as observation posts for an early warning system.  

Israelis were afraid that if strategically important lands were returned, Israelis would be in danger. For years, Syria had been firing from the Golan Heights into the kibbutzim of the valley. If Syria got back the Golan Heights, they would resume firing on the Israelis below. Israelis remembered that after conquering the Sinai, Israel withdrew from the Sinai. If Israel constructed a military base, the soldiers could be ordered to leave, but if they created a “settlement (which since then have turned into cities) on the Syrian heights – a civilian presence, then no one could just order a withdrawal. There’d have to be a debate in the Knesset.

  • There were Israelis who remembered that Israel had conquered the Sinai in 1956, but gave it back. "…the promises made by Eisenhower had proved hollow at the first test and had failed to prevent war… Israelis were willing to return land, but only if Israel got a peace treaty in return. They were hoping that building settlements would make it more difficult for Israel to withdraw from land without getting a peace treaty in return, and these original homes built have turned into cities.  Jews were given full authority to build in area C.  Area A was for Palestinian building.   Area B is under joint control and has large tracts of barren land.  

The Arabs are having building going on  in Area C which is the section for Israel.  The structures are being built by a 2nd party  near Ma’aleh Adumim and its E1 area by the European Union for the Palestinians!

"This report is just one of a number the group – a right-wing organization which describes itself as a “research-backed, legal advocacy organization focused on land ownership issues” – has released in recent months.

According to Regavim, European Union support for the Palestinians has in recent years moved from “passive diplomatic and financial assistance to a situation of active cooperation in illegal building which the Palestinian Authority has been advancing unilaterally since 2000, as part of its strategic plan to create a Palestinian state de facto, while avoiding the need for negotiations with Israel.”

What are they creating when the Palestinian Arabs will not make peace with Israel?  Right now Arabs are attacking Jews in Jerusalem, and they are citizens of Israel.  Hamas has shelled southern Israel for years.  Fatah has joined them how many times?  Yes, and the USA will stop ISIS without any troops on the ground.  

.Resource: A,B,C areas explained

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