Sunday, March 8, 2015

CNN Warning From Israeli Ambassador to USA, Ron Dermer

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                     

Ron Dermer, present Israeli Ambassador to the USA, just spoke on CNN.  His interview only lasted a few minutes, but it struck me as the most important piece of information I've heard since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave his speech on Tuesday.  His words were like an electric shock had gone through me with his accurate description of the truth, so direct was he.

Ron explained that Iran's tentacles are on the 3 sides of Israel, in Syria, Iraq and they have threatened the existence of Israel.  Israel reserves the right to defend itself if need be.  He repeated Netanyahu's comment that once Iran changes their behavior and is a different state, then certain things can happen, but not as they are today.  It is not only Israel that is threatened but also all the Arab states are in agreement to this.  This only happens once a century.

I didn't recognize Ron Dermer;  he's a new man to me.  He is young, born in Miami and very charismatic.  Ronald "Ron" Dermer is an American-born Israeli political consultant and diplomat who currently serves as the Israeli Ambassador to the United States.  

"He previously served as Israel's economic envoy to the United States from 2005 to 2008, a position requiring him to give up his American citizenship, and subsequently served as senior advisor to current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for four years."  That's interesting and understandable.  When Americans take on Israeli citizenship, they under normal circumstances do not have to give up their American citizenship but become dual citizens.  That's something that my English friends were not able to do.  " On July 9, 2013 Dermer was confirmed as Israel's ambassador in Washington, replacing Michael Oren."

Ron is from the Likud Party and was born in 1971 in Miami.  He made aliyah in 1996.  He's receiving as much flack as Netanyahu in accepting the invitation to speak to the USA Congress.  Such petty minds.  What's important is the message Netanyahu brought.  Thankfully, Dermer is also fluent in the ability to condense his words and get to the heart of the message.  It just bowled me over.    As a young father with 5 children, no doubt he is as worried as Netanyahu is about Iran having atomic capabilities now or 10 years from now.  They are an enemy state.

Resource: CNN 3/8/15


  1. The world community simply does not understand the gravity of the situation....It simply defies logic that the world body does not realize the ultimate goal of the Mullahs...start a gigantic war so as to receive their Shiite Medhi!

  2. You're right, they do not understand. Or, they are in denial, not wanting to understand such a scary thought. Yet, Lithuania is issuing warnings right now, worried after seeing Ukraine and Crimea go to Russia who seems to be on the move to take back lands. The whole world is in trouble. Russia is taking advantage of everyone's mind being on the Middle East.

  3. makes me think, how long..?..before the world sees the ezekiel 38 and 39 scenario. the psalm 83 lineup of immediate "neighbors" are breathing hard to get after israel "the occupiers". it is sickening to me and how many of those have the backing of russia and iran (among others) to create not only real havoc but aiming at destroying to take the spoils? israel is blessed with resources they want to help themselves to go along with their general hatred, so to me pretty much all the players seem about ready for that show to get on the road the way the headlines read anymore. the greed and jealousy driving these things is displayed openly now. and the un, the eu, the us, all help rather than hinder the trouble that is mounting like there is no evil afoot? mistreating israel for protecting itself in the face of such grave threats is asinine at best and insane at worst. way too many people have their heads in the sand or they are too busy at the mall or in front of a tv or movie screen or some such....while the enemies of every freedom we have known are advancing and at the door ready to kick it down? some may not like it that i say these things but how wrong is it to want to pretend this all way? i see extremes happening, and soon not later. but there will always be an israel.......because God said so.

  4. The USA is turning from religion and has not involved themselves in our tiny state of Israel. Like you say, they're too busy doing other things; TV, golf, you name it. You're right; our freedoms are threatened and nobody will care until they lose them. Then most likely they'll blame Israel for it. To me it's miraculous that our prophets way back then in a world so different could see what would happen in our age. I can't even believe it myself. My writing friend just reminded me that 1.7 million Israeli Arabs most likely will vote for Labor-Herzog. I'm holding my breath till hearing the results of the election. I pray the rest wake up and vote for Netanyahu.