Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Why Netanyahu Is Not For a Palestinian State Now : My Opinion

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                      

Netanyahu won in a landslide and is not supporting a state of Palestine next door to Israel anymore.  Are you surprised?  I and others have been against this idea for several years, now.  It's time that Netanyahu gave up the ship and abandoned the idea, too.  It hasn't been working.  The Palestinian leaders are not after a peaceful Palestine and their attacks have proven this.  Their goal is to take Jerusalem and destroy Israel in the process.  It's the same goal voiced in 1948 when Israel was declared a state and hasn't changed.  Insanity is when you keep on repeating the same old thing.  To think that Palestine can be formed today and live in peace with Israel is insanity.
King Feisal (1885-1933)
The leadership of Emir Feisal was the only sane one back before Israel was created but on the road to being the Jewish state in the midst of Muslims.  He was the main leader of Arabs and was for the idea;  hoping that his people would learn from the Jews.  He was a more cosmopolitan and educated man.  He wasn't thinking about a Palestine.  He just expected to be rewarded by the Brits with a state of his own.  He was Feisal Ibn Hussein (1885-1933);  King of Iraq from 1921, oldest son of Hussein, sherif of Mecca.  He led the Arab rising against Turkey from 1916 to 1918 and was designated King of Syria.  He had met up with Dr. Weizmann in Transjordan in 1918 and again in Paris in 1919 where they reached an agreement on mutual aid, conditional on the implementation of British promises to the Arabs.

Later, he was expulsed from Syria by the French in 1920 and the influence of the Palestinian Arab leaders such as the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the Haj Amin al-Husseini, the antithesis of Feisal and his competitor, changed his attitude to the Jews as he then became more hostile.  What was a beautiful relationship became crushed.
Old City of Jerusalem
Israel has had a hard time facing the fact that Palestinian Arabs do not want to live peacefully next door to them.  Jerusalem has been one source of contention.  East Jerusalem has been integrated back with the rest of the city under one mayor.  This is a city closest to Israel's and Jews' hearts.
Antisemitism was at an all time height when Theodore Hertzl (1860-1904) wrote his "The Jewish State in 1895.  It was published by 1896."  He believed that  the only way to avoid anti-Semitism was for Jewish people to have their own state and be able to practice their culture and religion freely once again.  He was a journalist in Budapest, Hungary, schooled in law, and was around to write about the Dreyfuss Affair in France, another example of anti-Semisitm.  

At the end of his book he wrote:  "Therefore I believe that a wondrous generation of Jews will spring into existence. The Maccabeans will rise again.
Let me repeat once more my opening words: The Jews who wish for a State will have it.
We shall live at last as free men on our own soil, and die peacefully in our own homes.
The world will be freed by our liberty, enriched by our wealth, magnified by our greatness.
And whatever we attempt there to accomplish for our own welfare, will react powerfully and beneficially for the good of humanity."
This is like a prophecy from ancient times.  It has happened.  The only wrench in the works has been the Arabs who have constantly attacked since before 1948 in the War of Independence.  It hasn't been easy.  Israel's state, born May 14, 1948 had also been actually prophecized in the Biblical days as well.  So has the return of Jews which has come true and continues.  We have religious, political  and anti-Semitic forces creating our state of Israel.  
Fighting  against Israel every minute has been the Arabs calling themselves the Palestinian Arabs, led by the PLO;   Fatah and now by Hamas and Fatah terrorists. On May 25, 1965, Nasser of Egypt and Aref of Iraq published a statement, "THE ARAB NATIONAL AIM IS THE ELIMINATION OF ISRAEL."Wars in 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973 plus too many others to count have taken place. These were all from the aggression of the Arabs trying to take over Israel.   The latest fight is with going to the International Criminal Court in the Hague and accuse Israel of not fighting fairly.  That's again being waved in Israel's face like a flag.                                                 
Saeb Erekat
The Palestinian Authority, President Mahmoud Abbas commented last week that Palestinians would work with whoever is elected but in private he hopes that Herzog and;or Livni would win.  However, Netanyahu has won decidedly so chief negotiator Saeb Erekat of Hamas has said that  they will step up their campaign for statehood and now that Netanyahu has won, and they plan on going to the Hague with their charges.  
Erekat hasn't been negotiating;  he only demands and expects Kerry and others to give in, much like what has been going on with Iran and the American negotiators who have given in to too much.  Negotiating is much like bargaining in the shuk where demands are lessened but everyone can be left in the end thinking they got a deal.  Americans have not bargained except perhaps in garage sales.    Israelis and Middle Easterners have this in their culture in the outdoor markets or shuks.  

The Palestinians were not happy with Herzog, anyway.  "Neither Livni, nor Herzog are prepared to make peace," said Omar al-Ghul, a political analyst affiliated with the PA who wrote in the Palestinian daily Al-Quds" (Jerusalem). "They are all not prepared to pay the price for peace and that's why the Palestinian leadership should be prepared for a fierce battle with the leaders of the Zionist Union, added al-Ghul.  So you see, Obama wouldn't have won much if Herzog had won, anyway, in the position of creating a Palestine with such belligerent people.  
Young Barack Obama and young Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama
Netanyahu is a strong leader who is highly intelligent and also is a terrific speaker.  He is experienced.  This is why the Palestinian Arabs and Obama have wanted him out. Obama, who has not hidden his dislike of Netanyahu, comes from a completely different background.  When Obama came into the presidency with CHANGE, many didn't realize he meant change in attitude towards Israel and the Middle East. 
 For 66 years, going on 67 now, there has been no peace between the PLO and Fatah and Hamas with the Jewish state .  Because of this, Netanyahu has decided on a building program that PM Begin had started.  It was meant to make the Arabs realize that without peace, there would be no more land.  Look what had happened when Shamir gave them Gaza.  This was a terrible payback for the Jews' good will towards the Palestinian Arabs.  Top Hamas official, Ismail Radwan said that "Israelis are all racing to further Judaize Jerusalem, build more settlements, continue the occupation and target our people."  They refuse to accept the fact that this is because of their own negative behaviors towards establishing a peaceful state of Palestine.  For Israel, it's like establishing something akin to the IS Caliphate, or to have Nazi Germany take over Texas, or another dangerous Gaza.  

Another fact is that Abbas has said that his Palestine will have no Jews living in it.  Right now Jews do live in Judea and Samaria.  The Arabs expect it to be "free of Jews."  They say this knowing that Israel contains 1.7 million Arabs who are full Israeli citizens.  

 Another thought is that it's a good question as to where these Jews who will be expelled can live in Israel since people live in high rise apartment houses already there.  Judea and Samaria were the original sites of Israel and Judea.  They were built because of King David and his son, King Solomon.  Jerusalem is a Jewish city built by King David.  The Arabs want to throw the Jews out of their original land.  This would happen if a Palestine is created.   This is happening at a time where anti-Semitism is running rampant in Europe.  Ukrainians and French Jews are moving to Israel in view of this dangerous hatred of them.  

There is only one state in the world, Israel, that is a Jewish state, there because of anti-Semitism in the world.  There are over 48 Muslim majority states without a Palestine already.  A  bellicose state of Palestine is not wanted as a neighbor.  When these Arabs can become felicitous, then they can talk about it.  


  1. aren't the palestinians basically jordanians anyway? why doesn't jordan make a place for them? why don't the surrounding nations make room for a homeland for them somewhere is the wide expanse of the middle east apart and outside of the (tiny in comparison) land of israel? (obviously they are not cared about by their own close relatives) the reason why is they are only interested in wiping out israel and have the blessing and help of the others in the region with the same hate and jealousy. is my take on the history right in this issue? if those people had been so interested in that land and developing a country for themselves why did they not do it before 1948 when they had it to do with in that capacity according to them? (aren't they ones that claim they have a history there and israel does not?) why? what was stopping them then? because their culture is to not to be productive and to live off the backs of others. that land lay barren and unused until the rightful people of it were there and blessed by the One who gave it to them! i am speaking broadly of the palestinian people and their overall culture--and not of individuals as surely there are some among them at some time that have wanted better----(and israel embraced those who have worked peacefully, side by side with them for a better life--------but-----by and large their "state" of "being" has been counter-productive and only useful for those who are using their "plight" to be rid of israel period. well, how's that workin' for ya? it isn't and never has and it wont'!!!!!!!! besides that, people that love their "victim" status end up in a much worse state in the aftermath. and that won't be israel's fault either.

    anyway i know God will have the last word about all this. i do not think the wait is too much longer.

  2. not to mention how ripped off to the tune of multiplied millions these people have been by their own leadership (arafat as one example) who perpetuate(d) the hate while raking in the cash to "help" the oppressed. if the palestinian people want to cry they are victims then they should turn on their own leadership who are their real oppressors

  3. Andre, you're right on both counts. Jordan's king even married a Palestinian woman. The Palestinians fought quite a battle trying to take over Jordan, as a matter of fact in Black September. So King Abdullah II doesn't want anymore Palestinians living in Jordan. I think they outnumber his tribal people. What behooves me is that all the Palestinians had to do was to be good and friendly people to Israel and they would have had their state when Israel was in the 2 state solution mode which they just decided against. 66 years of attacks from the Palestinians have soured the idea that it's a good idea. It wouldn't have cost them a think to be nice. All that money that has come to them has never gone to their people; only into rockets, mortars and missiles and tunnels to be used against Israel. How do people even have the nerve to question Netanyahu on deciding against the 2 state solution now?

  4. because stupid rules the day in their world. the blindness of hate fuels the nerve and bitter gall leading to violence that permeates their culture. so sad isn't it? it would be a win-win for israel and the palestinians if they only they were willing to live as good neighbors with israel. this is going to get real interesting now with all the politicos since netanyahu has declared he is done with the two state "solution" they have tried to cram down israel's throat. i appreciate the courage i see and pray for mr netanyahu. yay! israel for standing tall and making their voices heard!

  5. And you were heard today. Netanyahu is still at the helm. Thank goodness! Yes, the leaders of the Palestinians have led their people down the wrong path. At least the 1.7million in Israel are from a group that didn't go along with the leadership who told them to leave because the Arab army was coming in and were going to kill all the Jews and take over the land. Their children are now the citizens in Israel and I hope they realize they are living a much better life than their cousins who fled and wound up in camps and fed by the UN all these years where the Arab nations the camps are in will not make them citizens or give them jobs. Some life for listening to their own leadership.