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Ehud Barak's 2001 Two-State Solution Offer and How it Was Received-What He Says Now

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                       
1999 Ehud Barak, PM with Labor Party  and again in 2006 with Kadima Party

The 2nd Intifada was raging from 2000.  Prime Minister Ehud Barak of Israel tried again with another offer which included 97% of Judea and Samaria when at the Taba Conference.  The Palestinian Arabs refused it again!!!  Instead, terrorism escalated.
Shimon Peres 1995
Benjamin Netanyahu 1996-1999, 2012-1013, 2015
Yitzhak Rabin 1993
Since the Oslo Peace Process had started in 1993, it was Israel's Labor party with Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin that had to deal with Yasser Arafat, the PLO Chairman and President Bill Clinton and MidEast Envoy Dennis Ross. .  The players remained the same except that in 1995 Shimon Peres,  former Foreign Minister, was now the Prime Minister.   In 1996 the Prime Minister was Benjamin Netanyahu of Likud.  Still, there was no way that the Arabs were interested in accepting any peace deal.  In 1999 Ehud Barak was Prime Minister in Israel of the Labor Party.
Ariel Sharon, PM from 2001-2006
  It wasn't until 2004 that the USA had George W. Bush and Mahmoud Abbas as the PLO Chairman.  These 2 new players worked with Ariel Sharon. This is when Sharon announced that Israel would withdraw unilaterally from the remaining 20% of Gaza and from a large part of  northern Judea and Samaria.  They uprooted all Jewish communities that were living there in the name of peace.   In 2006 Ehud Olmert of the Kadima Party became Prime Minister when Sharon had a stroke.

 Throughout these 13 years, the Arabs were unmovable no matter who worked with them in a 2 state solution.  The terrorists continued to oppose any solution and killed 282 Israelis from 1993 during the next 5 years.  Before the Oslo Accords were signed, the terrorists had killed 216 during 15 years leading up to 1993.                                                                    
 In July through August of 2006 Israel was kept busy with the war with Hezbollah-Party of G-d which were founded by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.  Now Iran is in the mix.  They supported the Palestinian terrorists and set up cells in Judea-Samaria and Gaza.  Their attacks came from the border region between Israel and Lebanon.

Israel had continued to withdraw from Judea and Samaria until 98% of the Palestinians were governed by the PA.  At times Israel needed to reoccupy these areas as needed for security during the 2nd Intifada.  The central premise of the Oslo Accords was to bring about peaceful behavior in the Arabs, but their violence undermined all that.  Differences were supposed to be settled peacefully, but try as they did, their efforts were shattered.

From September 1993 to 94, 26 Israelis were murdered in terrorist attacks.
1994......73 Israelis were murdered
1995......52  "
1996...   87
1997...   31
1998..   13
1999 ..    4, and things were looking up.  But then the 2nd Intifada started in 2000.
2000..   47
2001.. 206
2004...117 and by 2005 there were 45 murdered and in 2006 there were 32 murdered.  And then the bottom fell out.  Hamas terrorism was elected as leaders in Gaza with Fatah's Abbas kicked out of the area and into Judea-Samaria.

1993 - 1999 from Jewish Virtual Library

Terrorist Activity
Judea and Samaria
Gaza Strip
IDF soldiers killed2032
IDF soldiers wounded617419
Israeli civilians killed435
Israeli civilians wounded56786
Molotov cocktails1784715
Cases of arson10213
Explosive devices157181
Fragmentation grenades5862

The question has not been answered as to how Israel can have a 2 state solution when the Arabs are divided between Gaza and Judea- Samaria.  Though Jews had lived in Gaza throughout history, it was Judea and Samaria that  historically were the sites of their original countries.  Samaria was simply the capital of Israel, the land designated originally to be the Jewish Homeland by G-d.  Anyway you look at it, Israel is being surrounded by Palestinian Arab terrorists from the southwest in Gaza and from the eastside in Judea-Samaria.  It was thought by Israel and The Quartet (UN, EU, USA, Russia) that Palestine would have been created by 2005 but the Palestinians were unwilling to come to terms.  With them, it looks like, they want all or nothing.

Are you surprised that Netanyahu says that he has given up on the idea as long as the Palestinians have not changed their ideology?  Would you keep on beating your head against the wall?  Or are you going to feign shock like Obama has.    

Ehud Barak still hasn't given up, however.  Somehow, he thinks there will be a breakthrough in their thinking.  The way it could happen is through pressure from other more reliable Arab partners.  So far, Israel has good relations with Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt.  Pressure from them should help, he thinks.  To me, it's like forcing someone to convert to a different religion.  They must see the possibilities peace offers as being far better than what they have been doing, or it is just a sham.  However is Hamas going to change their charter from following the Muslim Brotherhood?  Their whole being is to rid the Middle East of Israel.  Their whole philosophy must go through some sort of transmutation.

Rabin, Clinton, Arafat

Barak, Clinton, Arafat at Camp David
Barak, Cllinton, Arafat

Netanyahu and Obama
Mahmoud Abbas of PA 2004  to 2015
Israel has tried very hard to come to peace with the Palestinian Arabs.  
Israel 101 from StandWithUs            


  1. quite frankly nadene i don't think the palestinians want the land. they want the killing.

  2. They want to take over ALL of Israel and to do that they have to kill the Israelis. You're right. If they wanted their own state so darn bad, they would have accepted the deal offered them in 1947-48. They're like the Russians saying NYET-NO to every offer. I believe the only reason our USA government keeps harping on it is to make their own resume look fantastic. They might have started out with altruistic reasons, but this is getting ridiculous. Of course Israel want's peace, just not by giving them their whole piece. It's enough they've lost 80% of their promised land to Jordan already.

  3. i agree nadene. the palestinians have had chance after chance after chance to be civil and could have had their demands met. the friends of israel in our government way back when sure did not hold the line and insure their ally's best interests (which in fact insures our own) when they had ample opportunity. they should have sent that blasted rat arafat packing but clinton received him instead as a whole host of others have done. it fits their resumes alright for being the global answer to it all. oh please....... that is why i am disgusted with the republicans in the house and senate (and of the democrats even more) because they were not placing the right priorities on our own freedoms or israel's either. very compromised and truly looking at their own bottomline and reelections. i cannot sit and listen to all this at length. the whole world over this is all of the self interest of the modern era (and nothing new under the sun) that explains why we see the world in more and more chaos every day. homes and families, cities and towns, local and state and federal governments and basically all the nations too-all pitted against each other in self consumed self interest-all the while the whole world could go up in flames. people in their unthinking and uncaring is like a whole world of open gas cans and lit matches. evil is having a heyday. but once again......when you need a scapegoat-------the guns (and nukes too i know you've noticed) are aimed at israel. well they've been there done that before. that land belongs to GOD. and to whom He promised it. since He will not go back on His word He will be soon in bringing a conclusion to all of this hatred and it's horrible aftermath. He has to. no one else one else can. and everyone will know that it is for His own sake that He will hit the reset button for this world. this is not big talk. this is a Big God---ready to fulfill what He spoke long long ago.

  4. Yes, when the facts are laid out, one cannot help but see Israel has tried and tried to the ultimate to make peace with a malevolent and irascible people with the goal to destroy what Israel has created. You said it all. Every day conditions change. From hurricanes to earthquakes, from ISIS to Hezbollah-Iran against Iraq, one never knows. We need a peacemaker who knows the hearts of the people involved who is actually interested in peace, not what they can get out of it for themselves; a Solomon who knows who the real mother is. Well said, Andre.