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Peace For a Day and What Happened to the Oslo Peace Process Sets the Course

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                           
Rabin, Clinton and Arafat signing Oslo Accords on September 13, 1993.  Rabin of Labor was assassinated on November 4, 1995 by an extremist for concessions to Palestinians.  Shimon Peres of Labor then became Prime Minister of Israel.  

The USA instigated Oslo Accords which were a great idea in 1993, but came to an end 15 years ago in September.  This is when their leader, Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Authority decided instead to launch a war against Israel by terrorism, similar to IS's actions. With that, they had forced Israel to focus on self-defense.  After receiving a Nobel Peace Prize for signing, Arafat immediately went back on his word.

What they had signed in 1993 was the Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements or the DoP.  It laid out gradual steps for Israeli withdrawals.  In exchange were the expectations of peace from the Arabs.  They were to eliminate the clauses in its charter that called for the destruction of Israel which they did not do.  The difficult issues of: the 5 issues listed below were to be negotiated 5 years later once Israel was assured that its former enemy had sincerely renounced violence and the goal of destroying the Jewish State.  Well, that went against the Palestinian religion, I'm afraid.
  1. Jerusalem
  2. refugees
  3. final borders
  4. settlements
  5. security

Their word meant nothing.  During the Oslo negotiations, Yasser Arafat, his PLO terrorists and the Palestinian Authority had committed to disarming and dismantling terrorist groups.  Instead, they continued to arm terrorists, promote incitement and gave terrorists financial and ideological support.  They were trying to force more concessions from Israel, who had already given away more than they should have under the Labor Party of liberals.

The PA has officially continued to celebrate suicide bombers as heroic martyrs and authorizes public incitement in the media, schools and mosques to attack Israel and Israelis.  Many of their PA security officials double as terrorist operatives.
Har Homa neighborhood in east Jerusalem built with Jerusalem stone, built for protection 
Realizing this disregard of the Palestinians for their promises, Israel began to build Har Homa, a new Jewish neighborhood in southern Jerusalem on March 1997.  They had waited for 4 years for a sign of what they had expected to develop from the Arabs, but it hadn't happened.  Har Homa was on land in southern east Jerusalem which the Palestinians had wanted as part of their future state of Palestine.  Violent demonstrations broke out in Hebron and Bethlehem over the building.  Israel had won back this land in 1967's gigantic war when all the Arab nations had attacked and miraculously Israel had won.  Actually, that was a 30 year wait to use land that had come into their hands.  That's a lot of patience.  The Arabs had not taken steps to fulfill their promises, and so, like in the Shuk, the land went to those in Israel that needed to build.

The Oslo Peace Talks were going to tackle and resolve the Final Status issues on July 11-25, 2000.  PM Ehud Barak  of the Labor Party offered 95% of a contiguous Judea-Samaria-wrongly titled "The West Bank."  He also gave them 100% of Gaza and eastern Jerusalem as their capital.  He was going to remove the Jewish communities from those areas, which they did in Gaza.  As if that wasn't enough of a sweet deal, he even threw in $30 billion dollars to help resettle the Palestinian refugees.  

It seems impossible to pass up, but the Palestinians didn't respond to the offer.  Their PLO officials later claimed that Barak's offer would have given them only disconnected enclaves.  Israel and USA officials disputed this.  We know the truth.  They wanted it all and were not interested in creating their own state at all.  Who in their right mind would have walked away from such a deal?

Forget the Oslo Peace talks at Camp David.  The 2nd intifada started on September 28-30, 2000.    This was a campaign of Palestinian terrorism which of course ended the Oslo Process. 
Walking to Temple Mount at the Mughrabi Gate in Jerusalem was Ariel Sharon and over 1,000 police escorts

 General Ariel Sharon had taken a 1st time walk on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem which the Palestinians blamed the Intifada's start on, but we know better from what Falouji later admitted publicly.  " Sharon was the opposition leader at the time and was the Security Minister of Israel.  He is seen in the picture at the Mughrabi Gate in route to the Temple Mount on September 28, 2000.  He was escorted with over 1,000 police officers.  This act alone was enough of an impetus to start the intifada without being preplanned.  This was a big religious fright to the Arabs.  It's why Moshe Dayan had left  the Temple Mount in the hands of Jordan in 1967 even though Israel had won the war.  

What is hair-pulling maddening is that the Pope visited on May 12, 2009 without raising an eyebrow of the Arabs.  They even were able to pose for pictures.  Of course, Jerusalem was one Israeli city, with this east Jerusalem part united with the rest and the city is under one Israeli mayor.  Jerusalem, also called the "city of David," had been built by King David.  David ruled from 1010 BCE to 970 BCE. It had been in Jewish hands for 1,070 years till falling into Roman hands in 70 CE.  Think about it.  New York City, started in 1624, is only about 400 years old.  

In January 2006, PA Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas announced he would continue the PA policy of paying suicide bombers' families with annual stipends.  It was in that month that Hamas, a splinter group from Fatah which was originally called the PLO led by Arafat, won the majority vote in the PA elections in Gaza and took control.  No more pretense of wanting peace, a leftover idea from the Oslo process.  Now they were after blood.
Yasser Arafat spoke to an Arab audience in Stockholm, Sweden on January 30, 1996 and said, "You understand that we plan to eliminate the State of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian State.  We will make life unbearable for Jews by psychological warfare and population explosion.....I have no use for Jews;  they are and remain Jews."

The intifada broke out that was planned for in advance ever since Arafat had returned from the Camp David Oslo negotiations, according to the PA's communications Minister, Imad Falouji on March 3, 2001.  He wouldn't agree that Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount was the cause.   From September 28, 2000 to December 31, 2005, they committed 225,770 terrorist attacks against Israel.  147 of these were suicide bombings causing 47% of all deaths.  1,084 had been killed.  7,454 had been injured.  82% of the dead and wounded were civilians as of between 2000 and 2004. This was the result of the Palestinian terrorism against Israel.

The Oslo Accords had Israel agree to withdraw from most of the territories and grant self-government to the Palestinians which they did.  In exchange, the PLO was supposed to stop incitement, renounce terrorism and accept Israel's right to exist in peace as a Jewish state within secure borders.  By 1997, 98% of the Palestinians people were governed by the PA.  They had their own self government for the past 18 years, yet even TV pundits keep on saying that Israel is occupying  the West Bank.  What they did was throw out all the good stuff that Israel had been offering to them.
When Hamas came into power, they did not change their charter and so ignored the need and opportunity to create a better future for their own people.  Their charter calls for the destruction of Israel to this day, but now they have united with Fatah to create a Palestine.  They had tried this "marriage" of Fatah and Hamas before several times which always ended in a separation, maybe even a divorce.

Notice that when Israel's Labor Party was the dominate leadership, they gave away the baby with the bathtub in making a peace deal with the Arabs and it didn't work.  This is why when Israelis are worried about keeping their land from being eaten up by their enemies, they vote in Likud, which is conservative and interested in their security.  Herzog was Labor and Netanyahu is of  Likud.  Don't forget that the original piece of land to create Israel was far greater.  They lost 80% of it to Jordan in 1948 when King Abdullah I helped himself to it seemingly with England's permission.  Talk about deal breakers!  Jordan's creation had originally been part of what was to be the Jewish Homeland.  Jordan since then has had their problems with the Palestinians who attacked them with Black September and make up half of Jordan today or better.

The present king Abdullah II does not want anymore Palestinians as citizens.  He can't be talked into creating the Palestinian state out of Jordan.

Resource: Israel 101from StandWithUs

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