Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Netanyahu's Speech to USA Congress March 3, 2015

 Nadene Goldfoot                                                                    
Benjamin Netanyahu at UN 2012 speaking about Iran and nuclear capabilities
This warning in 2012 is being thrown in Netanyahu's face as being so wrong.  I'm sure the information Netanyahu had was closer to the truth than being so wrong.   Inspectors haven't known of many things going on.  It's better to figure it being sooner than later when it's too late.

The speech can be read which is under resources below if you didn't get a chance to see this on CSpan today.  President Barack Hussein Obama and Vice President Joe Biden boycotted Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech along with 55 Democrats today.  Netanyahu spoke in the US House Chamber by 8:15 am Oregon time zone.  Senators were called from their seats to act as escorts in ushering in Netanyahu to the podium.
Elie Wiesel
 Elie Wiesel  with Benjamin Netanyahu's wife were sitting in the balcony that was completely full .  Nancy Pelosi, Democrat,  attended, to her credit.
Netanyahu started by mentioning that this was the 3rd time he was speaking.  He apologized about people thinking he did this as a political stunt which was not true.  Then he brought in the subject of Purim, which I was very happy about and hoped he would do.  He tied together the fact that we celebrate Purim on Thursday, which was another attempt by another Persian potentate to kill all Jews.
President Rouhani of Iran
 He noticed that the President of Iran (Persia) used a tweet to say that Israel must be destroyed.  He explained that it was in 1979 that the government changed to an Ayatollah ruler who brought in Sharia law which includes jihad.

I looked at the audience and noted that some didn't smile or clap.  They most likely were the Democrats as others were showing interest and clapped and stood when others did showing approval.
IS in Syria and Iraq
Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps
Netanyahu spoke of a militant Islam competing with IS.  He said it's not good to win the battle but lose the war.  As the deal stands, it's a bad deal.  Iran's goal is to have 190,000 centrifuges.  They would be able to have an arsenal in a matter of weeks.  Netanyahu doesn't want sanctions to be lifted at this time.  Not until---
1.  Iran stops their aggression on neighbor states.
2. Iran stops their support of terrorism in the world.
3. Iran stops threatening to destroy Israel.
Ex Iranian President Ahmadinejad riding  missile to Israel
If there is no change in their behavior, we must keep the sanctions going.  If Iran wants to be treated like a normal country, they must act like a normal country.  Netanyahu said this is like a Persian bazaar.  If the Iranians don't like the deal, don't worry;  they'll be back because they need a deal more than we do.  As it stands, this is a bad deal and we're better off without it.  Netanyahu does not trust Iran's word in a deal.  He wants it to be written in a stronger manner.    "This deal doesn't kick the can down the road."  "We don't want a potential nuclear nightmare."  The White House says well, "Netanyahu was wrong in the past about their capability."  .

Again I looked around at the senators in their seats as the camera focused on them.  Really, a few were so placid that they looked like the walking dead to me.  No expression, dull eyes.  I hoped their hearing was normal.  I heard comments later after the speech about his earnest attitude and how they liked it.  I'd like to see that in some of these bored Senators.  Great that they attended, though, but they came with an already  hateful attitude that wasn't going to change.

Netanyahu mentioned that he heard people say that what's the alternative to the deal, and they said the only alternative was war.  He said that's not true, and that the alternative is a much better deal.  Of course Susan Rice declares there is no better deal to be had, that it's impossible to get Iran to agree to a better deal for us.

Elie Weisal was mentioned again in the context of living and surviving through the Holocaust and he had said for the Jewish people, "NEVER AGAIN.'  Netanyahu stated that we will not repeat the mistakes of the past and allow genocidal extremes to happen.  Those days are over.
US House Chamber in Washington DC
Lo and Behold.  Netanyahu pointed to the farther wall where a picture of Moses was shown in a frame.  He ended with the last words Moses spoke to the Israelites to be strong and resolute.  Netanyahu's speech was fantastic.  It was in reality a pep talk  to be strong and face Iran without fear in our dealings with them as planned in the beginning.
CSpan then went to callers to comment about the speech.  A good comment came from Dakota in Oregon who was happy with the speech saying it was excellent.  Another didn't follow the direction and instead went off about how shameful it was to lobby to the Senators before his election.  Another said it was a scary speech and again couldn't follow directions but went off on the Israeli election in 2 weeks.  A veteran called in and agreed with Netanyahu's comments.  Those that called and couldn't follow directions to comment about what Netanyahu had said only tore him apart politically, thinking it was disrespectful of Boehner to invite him in the first place.  To me, they were showing their anti-Semitic sentiments, whether they knew it or not, and had swallowed the political rhetoric Kool Aid of their party.  I don't think they heard a thing.  One comment that was nice was a gal who said she was relieved, feeling she was hearing something in a sane world and that it was nice to hear the voice of reason.  She heard the truth and was grateful.    One gal was mad because she didn't hear anything from Netanyahu about the Palestinians and bashed the Prime Minister, starting to cry over them and then stating how she loved Obama.  She was ashamed of her country or Israel, couldn't quite understand her and she seemed to hate Netanayhu.  Veterans who called in seemed to be  in agreement with Netanyahu's speech.

My feelings are that Netanyahu wants the USA to take this deal very seriously and not leave it to fall apart in 10 years from now.  It's a matter of survival for Israel.  I've also heard the comment from CNN right after Netanyhau's speech that the same thing happened with a bad deal with North Korea.  Of course, North Korea hasn't  called the USA the big Satan and Israel the Little Satan and say they are going to wipe us off the map like Iran has.  In the hands of Iran, it's a different dealing.  They are determined to work to get IBM missiles and use them.  No deal is a better deal than a bad deal and this is a bad deal.

I've read that Obama is not going to share any more information with Israel from now on about the deal.  Oh my!  Mossad will have to get busy, I guess.  The president's fear is that Netanyahu's speech will spoil the deal.  .

Resource:  C Span, 8:00am West Coast Time
*** http://www.jewishjournal.com/nation/article/netanyahu_speech_to_congress_full_text
Netanyahu's March 3rd speech to Congress:  http://www.algemeiner.com/2015/03/03/full-transcript-prime-minister-netanyahu%E2%80%99s-congress-speech-on-the-iranian-nuclear-threat-2015/
Update from American Jewish Congress:  http://www.ajcongress.org/site/MessageViewer?dlv_id=15922&em_id=12703.0


  1. very gracious and appreciative yet simple, direct, uncompromising. mincing no words....he could not have been more clear...never again! and even if standing alone, israel will stand! this is true leadership and why it showed up so many in showing their partisan politics and foolish 'deal' with iran. like tossing rocks at a pack of dogs. the ones that yelp got 'hit' ;)

    1. He's a strong leader and I heard several comments that they wished our government was like that. Pelosi turned her back on Netanyahu when Senators stood and clapped, seen by the commentators on TV news, so childish. I liked the Democratic lady from Hawaii who came and was also very concerned. Hawaii is worried about the deal that was made with North Korea.

  2. Dear Friends:

    After hearing so many of his other speeches, this one today may have been Netanyahu’s best. Certainly it was the one he most needed to make.

    He was bold, clear, articulate and eminently wise. He spoke empirical truths to Congress and to the world. He provided facts, searing facts. He honored Eli Wiesel and wove that man’s towering passion, both during and since the Holocaust, into his speech. Finally his reference to Moses’ injunction to the Jewish people for all time, was powerful and echoed thunderously in the chamber.

    All who still want to hear the speech can do so regardless of the snub, boycott, and disrespect displayed by the disreputable mainstream media.

    He didn't put down Obama. On the contrary, the standing ovations and the warm closing greetings on both sides of the isle are a testimony to his maturity and grace. Above all it accounts for the strong support of Congress and the American people for embattled Israel.

    PM Netanyahu was outstanding. Obama, Kerry, Biden, Pelosi, and the Democrats who chose to follow them in boycotting the speech, have acted beneath our contempt.

    The Iranian ayatollahs have never backed down from their stated aim of destroying Judeo-Christian civilization. They have never wavered from their depiction of the United States as the “Great Satan.”

    Just last week, Iran bragged about its recent test-firing of “new strategic weapons” that it says will “play a key role” in any future battle against the “Great Satan; the U.S.”

    Iran also continues developing new ICBM missiles and launch sites with devastating long-range capability. Just last week they had a military exercise where they practiced destroying a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf.

    And only two days ago, Iranians burnt an effigy of Obama. This, while talks are continuing between Secretary of State Kerry and the Iranian foreign minister.

    Iran continues to enrich uranium, including an allegedly secret program, to a level that’s a short step from a nuclear bomb. It has a lengthy record of lying and cheating about its military activities. Its abominable human rights record makes the very angels in heaven weep.

    About the only thing Iran never lies about is its absolute, unyielding determination to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

    Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, leads a nation, Israel, surrounded by Islamo-Nazi enemies; a nation so small that prior to June 1967, it narrowed at one point to just 9 miles wide.

    Contrast that to America’s 3,000 mile width from sea to shiny sea.

    That is why the Prime Minister owed it to his nation to accept Speaker Boehner’s invitation and warn the world before it is too late.

    Victor Sharpe

  3. Elisheva's comment was Obama's reply who said he didn't give any other alternatives. Oh yes he did, but Obama didn't watch the speech, he just read the speech, evidently scanning it. Obama said not to let up on sanctions and not to go for this bad deal, and that Iran needed a deal more than we do in order to release some of the sanctions, so wait; and they will come around. No deal is better than a bad deal and that this was a bad deal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVo07ioEpOY

  4. From Elisheva, "Someone sent me this link from Denmark a short time ago! The C-SPAN had very poor video.
    Israeli PM Netanyahu Addresses U.S. Congress | FULL SPEECH - March 3, 2015

  5. Victor Sharpe's brother in England was able to watch Netanyahu's speech on CSpan. We don't realize that almost the whole world was tuned into this speech. It was historic. Then there are countries such as Syria who do not get all the stations we in the free world do and do not get news and facts.