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End of Days and Messiah Nearing Talk with Yalkut Shimoni Literature

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                

The world is going to pot-and maybe pot is helping it to happen, I don't know.

Chatter on the web is about the end of days bringing on the Messiah.  We Jews differ in our expectations about such a figure, and so people interpret what they read in the Bible quite differently.
I'm going to prophesize something right now.  The Messiah the Jews are waiting for is to be from the House of David, King of Israel in ancient days.  He was the son of Jesse who was from the tribe of Judah.  As a direct descendant, he had the same haplogroup of DNA as Aaron and Moses, and that is J1, the Cohen gene.  The Messiah will be a Cohen  with the J1 Y haplogroup in the synagogue.  
First of all, the Yalkut Shimoni that someone just stumbled on and the buzz is all about are facts found that are to happen to bring on the Messiah.  

It happens to be  a midrashic collection relating to all the books of the Bible or Tanakh, but not the New Testament of the Christians or the Koran of Islam.  It was said to be compiled by Simeon Ha-Darshan presumably of Frankfort-on-Main (in Germany) in the 13th century.   The work preserves many sections from Midrashim which are no longer in existence.  Many Jews had gone to Germany and France after 70 CE when the 2nd Temple fell and Worms in Germany was a city where many Rabbis lived and worked together.  They were probably from the Sanhedrin group.

The word Midrash means finding of new meaning in addition to the literal one in the Scriptures.  Talmudic tradition has certain rules to deduce such hidden and new meanings.  Midrashic literature are Rabbinic books containing biblical interpretations in the spirit of the Aggadah (oral law) not pertaining to laws of our daily activities) .  Aggadic literature extends over 1,000 years from tannaitic times (when Hillel and Shammai died 1st century BCE) to the 10th century.  The Midrash Rabbah is a collection of aggadic Midrashim to the Pentateuch and 5 megillot composed of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiates, and Esther.  These books come from different periods and differ among themselves in their general character.
Talk about finding new meanings.  The Bible Code is something discovered by an Israeli mathematician, Dr. Eliyahu Rips,  who is also an orthodox Jew, and he has found meaning under the literal words using the computer and a complex code system that actually was started long ago by scientists before computers.   The Bible Code is different from using Moby Dick and putting that through the computer to find codes in that the material of the bible has a lot to do with the code found. First of all, the Bible in Hebrew was used.  It was Michael Drosnin who really promoted the ability to use the computer to find hidden meanings under the words of the bible, like a mechanical midrash at work.  What was surprising for Rips was finding a prophecy that PM Rabin would be assassinated and he was.  He tried to tell him but he didn't listen.  Usually they find information after it has happened. UPdate:  This is worth checking.  It has continued charts for this year on subjects of interest.  

However, it has been discovered in the Yalkut Shimoni that goes back to 1310 or earlier such things as:
1. All the nations of the world are provoking each other.
2. The king of Persia (Iran) (Ayatollah)  provokes an Arab King and the Arab King turns to Aram (Syria) for advice.  Well, he turned to all the Arab nations who have now united, and the scuttlebut I just heard is that Israel has joined them quietly.
3. The king of Persia goes back and destroys the entire world.  (They are getting their way with Kerry and group on nuclear matters.  Deadline is tomorrow March 31st).  This is what Netanyahu is trying to prevent from happening.
4. All the nations are in a panic and distress and they fall upon their faces and are seized with pains like those of a woman giving birth.
5. And Israel peoples are in a panic and distress and asking, "where shall we go?" and ...their time of redemption has come...This means the Messiah will appear.
This Yalkut Shimoni warns of a conflict in the Middle East involving the Arab nations and Persia/Iran which causes Israel and Netanyahu to be in fear.

According to other Jewish writings, the coming of the Messiah will be preceded by days of spiritual decline and trouble.
1. Insolence will abound.
2. The young will make the faces of the elderly grow ashen with shame; sons will disgrace their fathers, daughters will rise up against their mothers, members of one family will become his enemies.
3.  The government will turn atheist and there will be no protest.  Truth will vanish.    Sanhedrin 97a, Sotah 49b. 

4. The Talmud describes a time which will be scientifically and technologically advanced to the extent that it will have the power to destroy the world.  (Midrash Rabbah on song of Songs 2:29)  

The prophets speak of a time of unique trouble.  We've always had trouble and wars, but never has there been power in one country's hands that could destroy everyone on this planet such as atomic power.  It beats swords and bombs anytime.  Ask Japan.  

The Jewish concept of a Messiah is quite different from the Christian one.  It does mean king, however, someone who has been anointed (made official).  In this case he must also have Divine sanctions.  He's to be from the House of David.  Today we have DNA and I have found that Abraham must have had the J1 haplogroup, also passed on to   the 12 sons of Jacob as it goes from father to son like a tag on clothing.  It would also be the haplogroup of Ishmael, Abraham's first son by Hagar the Egyptian.   It would have also been the haplogroup of King David, son of Jesse of the tribe of Judah.  So any Messiah today has to have the J1 (Cohen Gene) and most likely would be a Cohen in the synagogue.  

The Messiah would be a person who would bring about the political and spiritual redemption of the people Israel through the ingathering of the Jews to their ancestral home of Eretz Yisrael and the restoration of Jerusalem to its spiritual glory.  This has been happening.  

The Messiah  would bring about an era marked by the moral perfection of all mankind and the harmonious coexistence of all people free of war, fear, hatred, and intolerance.  Isaiah and Micah can be read to find this.  Such an era has never happened so far.  

We've seen plenty of false messiahs in our time and had been warned about them by Moses.  One as late as in 1889 declared himself the Messiah in Yemen.  Our general Bar Kokhba was acclaimed by many in the year 131 to be the Messiah as he fought against the Romans for 3 years, longer than any other Roman adversary.  Through him, Jews had moved back into Jerusalem after being kept out.  Our Messiah is to be a human being, never a god, for we believe in one unseen G-d.  

Frequent predictions as to its timing were based on the Book of Daniel and other biblical passages.  When Jews revolted against the Romans from 115-117  after the Romans had burned down the 2nd Temple in 70 CE, the revolt itself had a messianic content and this last revolt with Bar Kokhba also seemed messianic.  

Gershom Gorenberg wrote THE END OF DAYS-fundamentalism and the struggle for the Temple Mount, and that certainly is going on and held at bay by PM Netanyahu whose cabinet is allowing Jordan to preside over this awesome place where the 2nd Temple used to stand an a mosque now sits over it.  You can see the problem already, I hope.  As the flap of his book says, passions are aroused by the Temple Mount.  Conflict over who Jerusalem belongs to is rooted not only in the past but even more in expectations of the future and the fiery belief in apocalypse has a very real impact on contemporary life and international politics.  
Jerusalem, capital of Israel regardless of who will recognize it,  is one city under one Israeli mayor and is to stay that way.  The fight is in east Jerusalem which the Palestinian Authority wants to take over as their capital.  Jerusalem's other name is City of David.  King David built this city up from the few piles of stone that had been started by more ancient than the HABIRU/ Hebrew people, the Canaanites.  David had captured this spot in 1010 BCE and became his capital.  

There are lots of other signs.  One is the lunar eclipses known as 4 blood moons with 4 dark suns.  The first 2 happened last year  on Passover and Sukkot.  The 2nd pair are to happen this year, same time.  They've only happened 3 other times in history:
1. 1492 during expulsion from Spain and finding New World by Columbus
2. 1948 with birth of Israel
3. 1967 Six Day War

A Jewish teaching is that the messiah is more likely to come during the months of Tishrei and Nissan.   Passover is on Friday night, 3rd of April  (14th of Nissan).  Succot starts on 29th of September (16 of Tishrei).  

Claimants of the Messianic title were judged as follows:
. Did he succeed in accomplishing what the Messiah was supposed to accomplish?
None qualified.  The Messianic era has been ahead of us Jews and may be upon us now or very soon.  The reestabishment of a Jewish State in our times and the restoration of a united Jerusalem as the capital of that State has led many devout Jews to hope that these times may be the beginning of that process of redemption that will ultimately lead to the realization of all the other ideals inherent in the Messianic belief.  

This is the Jewish year of 5775.  Is there a plan for only 6,000 years?  Chabad's answer is "The Talmud tells us that this world, as we know it, will last for six thousand years, with the seventh millennium ushering in the cosmic Shabbat, the Messianic Era. Six days a week we work, and on the Shabbat we rest and enjoy the fruits of our labor; the same is true with millenniums.
However, it is certainly possible for Moshiach to come earlier. And we believe, hope, and pray each day that this is the day when Moshiach will come. This is also analogous to the weekly Shabbat, which we have the prerogative of ushering in early on Friday afternoon.
So yes, we don't know exactly when Moshiach will come, but we do know that it will be before the year 6000. "  That gives us the next 225 years or less to play with, my friends.  Let us hope for an end to atomic bombing and frightening wars and IS cutting off heads.  

The New Jewish Encyclopedia
Book:  To Be a Jew by Rabbi Hayim Halevy Donin
Bible Code I, II and III Saving the World by Michael Drosnin; 3 separate books by Drosnin



  1. nadene you may find this interesting. in these ten names of patriarchs the meanings in hebrew in their succession in genesis, right up to the flood, reveal a messianic prophecy.
    adam = man
    seth = appointed
    enosh = mortal
    cainan = sorrow
    mahalalel = the Blessed God
    jared = shall come down
    enoch = teaching
    methuselah = His death shall bring
    lamech = the despairing
    noah = rest (comfort)
    read as a sentence it says: man (is) appointed mortal sorrow; the Blessed God shall come down teaching, (that) His death shall bring, the despairing, rest.
    the sorrow brought on in mankind's jealousy due to sin, does not stop God from coming down teaching-demonstrating-teaching that His death shall bring (methuselah died and then the flood came quickly after) the despairing (lamenting under the curse) rest-comfort and salvation-new life again as the former passed away in the flood. i thought this an incredible prophecy telling us through their names how God would respond the man's plight and curse under sin that He would rescue and save and renew the human family. the big picture view is that God who foretold this, alone accomplishes the actual manifest of what He said in genesis.
    if you would like check it out and see if this is true or not for yourself and reply if you would like to concerning this. i find it amazing.

  2. Interesting, Andre. By checking it out, do you mean checking the meanings of the words listed? I don't doubt that. However, who put the words in this order? it's like using words to write a sentence, a message, and someone had a list of these words and their meanings in order to convey such a message that really is reading a lot more into it to create sentences. If you want to read something mindblowing, get into the 3 books of the Bible Code and see how these codes are read.

  3. i wanted to know if those meanings were correct in the hebrew. that is the list of names in order from the book of genesis as moses recorded them. i had read this and so i looked up for myself to verify what the hebrew meanings were and each one of these men are the "begatters" in their order father to son to father to son etc.. in genesis ch 5. amazing. genesis is full of prophecy. by the looks of things what has gone around is coming around again. i thought of this to write to you in view of the topic of your post. i continue to be glad for your articles to keep up with things going on out there in the world. much more coming down the pike shortly i think as the american government embraces iran as it rejects israel. this is going nowhere good in my mind.

  4. Andre, I finally found in Genesis 5 (4-29) It's the genealogy of mankind including how many years they lived. It shows the descendants of Seth and the father of Noah. I found Adam meaning man in my Jewish encyclopedia and that's correct. For Seth I had to go to and that's right. As for the rest, I do not have resources to check them out for their meaning. For Seth, there were other meanings given as well. There is another listing on Genesis 4:18-24, the descendants of Cain.
    I have created a tree from the Bible and may have used these lists, really don't remember. I remember ploring over the pages looking for new names, though.

    But to put them in a list and use the meanings of the words-that's still reading an awful lot into reading 10 names' meanings. The rest of the translation is assumption in trying to prove a point.

    I still don't know where the meanings could be found. Noah is a Hebrew word for rest, as I remember.

    Aha! I found where you got this idea. There are a few other websites similar.

  5. i have never been to this site before nadene. i read this somewhere else because it came from a sermon that i heard about and then read the notes so i did not know the source. that is the order of birth and death of the patriarchs in genesis 5 from adam to noah when the flood happened-the end of that age. the significance of those patriarchal names in their succession is the point the notes i read were making that is why i was asking about those hebrew meanings to those names in their recorded order. looking like the end of another age to me what is happening world wide. with the anniversaries israel will soon be celebrating these numbers are adding up to something epic too-going along with the things your article mentions. at least that is what i am gathering and waiting to see if true.

    1. Evidently the sermon was taken from this website or ones that have the same information, then.

  6. were do i find the bible codes you are talking about?

  7. They are 3 books by Michael Drosnin. You can check at your public library, or go to a book store. They are on You might even find a book in a used book store. I; II, and III. I believe there is something to this. My brother doesn't. There are differences of opinion like all things. There used to be a website. I'll try to find it.

  8. if you find something to verify those hebrew patriarch name meanings please share them with me ok? i know there are shades of meaning to many words and that is why i wanted to verify. sounds right to me but i do not know hebrew so would like to compare to other info you may be aware of. just fascinating what names (and numbers) mean to begin with and then when from the bible i think even more so. i will look into the bible codes. sounds intriguing.

  9. Even Dr. Rips has distanced himself from the writer, Drosnin. However, You might want to read what he said about the Code.

    The last 2 statements are of interest to me. I'm now copying from . 164 in the 3rd book:

    " I first heard about the bible Code by chance in June 1992, after meeting with Gen. Uri Saguy, who was then chief of Israeli Military Intelligence. I first met with Dr. Rips at his home in Jerusalem in late June 1992. The Gulf War encoding he showed me that night was originally found by his colleague Doron Witztum. Rips confirmed that Witztum told him the date of the first Scud missile attack on Isael, and that Rips himself saw it encoded in the Bible, 3 weeks before the Gulf War started."

    I'd like to see what the Code would turn up about Iran and the nuclear weapons this country wants to make. I bet it's in there someplace.

  10. from:
    Eliyahu Rips, Ph.D.
    Eliyahu Rips, Ph.D.
    Rips' public statement about Michael Drosnin's book The Bible Code is a must-read for anyone in interested Bible code research. Rips is one of the leading mathematicians in the world, specializing in the obscure micro-field of group theory, and devoting much of his time to research of the codes. Currently on the faculty of the Einstein Institute of Mathematics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Rips immigrated to Israel from his native Lithuania.

    With Doron Witztum and Yoav Rosenberg, he co-wrote Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Book of Genesis, published in Statistical Science in 1994. Along with Robert Haralick, Ph.D., and Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, he co-wrote Torah Codes: A Glimpse into the Infinite (2005). Once a staunch atheist, his studies of the Torah codes have led him to an orthodox belief.

  11. You can read about the author.

  12. i just went and looked at that a bit ago and have to say it is pretty amazing stuff. you know nadene, the older i get the more i believe that everything that we need to know is most likely right in front of our faces-often hidden in plain sight. and why i love the bible so much. it is like hunting for treasure. some of it deep and takes digging and i'm probably tripping right over other very obvious things! it is all in there somewhere-explained or at the very least heavily implied to get us to do that wondering and see how awesome God is. i think there are dimensions that are real but just beyond us that are quite unexplainable yet somehow knowable. anyway is interesting and worth a look that is for sure. almost signed up for a hebrew language course a while back. who knows maybe i'll go that direction at some point. we shall see......


  13. these are the 3 names i had questions about. looked in several places for hebrew translations and found basically same info. if you know a place to send me to look up more hebrew meanings and definitions i would be glad to have it.

    Cainan meaning

    Alfred Jones (Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names) maintains that the name Kenan is the same as Cain, and translates both with Possession. But the name Kenan is not identical to that of Cain, because it has an extra nun. Sometimes a nun is added to a verb to indicate a personification (verb + nun = guy who does the verb) but that personification is usually accomplished by means of the waw-nun combination.

    from Abarim Publications: the names Cainan and Kenan derive from the verb קין (qin), meaning to chant a dirge (Amos 8:10). That would give both these names the meaning of Lamenter.

    Etymology of the name Mahalalel

    The name Mahalalel is a compilation of two elements, the second part being אל, the common abbreviation of Elohim, the genus God:
    הלל (halal II) means to be boastful or to praise --

    Etymology of the name Methuselah

    The name Methuselah consists of two elements. The first part is מת (mat), which is either one of a few words to denote man or mankind, and used most often to indicate a male capable of combat, or it comes from the similar verb מות (mut) meaning to kill or die:

    The second part comes from the verb שלח (shalah) meaning to send or let go
    Methuselah meaning

    For a meaning of the name Methuselah, Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names reads מות (mut) for the first part and translates the whole name with When He Is Dead It Shall Be Sent. NOBSE Study Bible Name List and BDB Theological Dictionary both read מת (mat) for the first part; NOBSE translates the whole name with Man Of A Javelin; BDB proposes Man Of The Dart.

    Perhaps less dramatic is Man Sent Out, that is Man With A Mission or simply: Missionary.

    the rest of them i had already pretty much confirmed. in their biblical order written and read it is quite a message if that is indeed a prophecy that is revealed in genesis 5.

    the known world of that time ended with a flood.
    God said he would never flood the earth again and set the rainbow in the cloud. what will happen in the end of the age it appears we could be looking at? don't know.
    what i do know is this is amazing.

  14. I don't know what source they used to get the meanings of the 10 listed in the Bible. I'll hunt around and if I find something will let you know. A few of them as I wrote were easy but not the rest. The scientist, Isaac Newton, had been trying to find a code in the Bible. Imagine that, someone so famous, and of course without a computer couldn't do it, but the age of computers, today, makes a lot of things easier. Writing to you about this code caused me to pick up the 3rd book and start reading it again after several years and it's mind boggling; talking about Obama and Yemen and nuclear energy and who has it and Obama being assassinated (a pretty easy assumption without a code being he is the first black president and many would be against him just for that reason). etc. Yes, I'm looking at the code-which is like a game of finding words in one of those puzzle books, knowing that the computer did so much of the finding, and it is amazing.

    In some colleges you might even find a Hebrew 101 class. It's hard but not that hard, only 22 letters instead of our 26.

  15. hi nadene. was reading the Bible this morning and read 1 chronicles 1st chapter. there they are again-the 10 names of the patriarchs in the same order in the opening verse of that chapter that records them just as genesis 5 does-from adam to noah-from creation until the flood-that i wrote about earlier on this thread. if you find any of those meanings to be different than what i had found please let me know ok? want to be accurate and thus far in my checking they appear to be right but i don't have access to the sources you may have. thanks.

  16. Hi Andre, glad to hear from you. I missed you the last few days; really! I don't have a special source on the definitions of these names, but if I run across some, I'll let you know. I have an encyclopedia and found some of the names-same as your definition, but not all the names.

  17. i still check in to read articles. have been on the computer a lot less lately but take time to at least read your posts! i don't want to miss them :) . have needed to take time for other important matters. such is life! thanks for keeping things up to date. there seems to be no shortage of important information pertaining to what is going on with israel (and how that is necessary to the whole world scene).

  18. Glad to hear you're still reading mine. Still seeing bad things happening, but mostly a lot of unifomed people people of history, so still plugging away at teaching history. Being a primary school teacher for so long, I know that to really learn something and remember, you need to hear it at least 100 times. I feel like I'm repeating myself sometimes, saying the same things in a different way, hoping to make it interesting.

  19. i also share them on my facebook page and in emails nadene. people are so under informed and many so apathetic it is scary.

  20. Thanks for doing that, Andre. Maybe we can get people interested and lose some of that apathy.