Wednesday, April 1, 2015

UN's Human Rights Council Hating Israel 3 Times a Year

Nadene Goldfoot                                                              
This is so terrible that I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. It's a roasting that leaves out humor.  Israel is roasted 3 times a year by about 30 countries.   The adults on this planet have formed the United Nations made up of 193 member states.  They have within this group the UN Human Rights Council.  and they meet in Geneva, Switzerland.

They meet 3 times a year held in September, March and June for regular sessions Since 2013 they decided to have an Israel Hate Day, and it is a feature of every regular session.  47 nations belong to this Human Rights Council.  They just met in the end of March.
The 30 governments who get together to ROAST- criticize Israel include Algeria, Bolivia, China, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Mauritania, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela and Yemen.  These countries happen to be mostly Arab, Islamic and autocratic governments, role models for the UN, I suppose.   Among these countries are the world's most repressive regimes.  I guess it's an honor to be hated by such a group.  It shows how different Israel is from them.   I am surprised with Saudi Arabia who finds that they and Israel are on the same side of being wary of Iran.  Egypt has been friendly and has signed a peace pact with Israel.  Turkey has enjoyed having Israeli tourists-at least a few years ago, though they have changed along with the Arab Spring.  Qatar is the land of Qaradawi, the biggest anti-Semite religious leader around, and he is best friends with their Emir.   Also joining the hate Israel group are Ireland, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Sweden and Malta.  Shame on Sweden.  My, how they have changed since they have taken in so many Muslim immigrants.  These are the hangers on-wanting attention from the meanies of the world.
What they look forward to doing here is to censure Israel-every single time they meet, Israel is the hated subject.  Neither the US nor most European members took part.  Of course Israel hasn't attended such attacks, either.  The present HRC session was over on March 27th.  They will have passed 4 resolutions targeting Israel for its policies in the disputed territories (Judea, Samaria, Gaza, Golan Heights).  They call The Golan the "occupied Syrian Golan."

Israel annexed the Golan Heights  in 1981. Israel waited from 1967 till then to do it.   It is where the Syrians bombarded the kibbutzim below along the upper Jordan Valley.  Syria was shelling Israeli tractors on the shore of the Sea of Galilee from the Golan Heights.  That's when Israel jets shot down 6 Syrian MiGs.  Now the Soviet Union was providing military and economic aid to Syria and Egypt.  By May 18, the Syrians were prepared to fight along the Golan Heights.  Nasser ordered the UN emergency Force in the Sinai since 1956 to get out by May 16th.   Israel occupied it in the 1967 Six-Day War and then Israelis were able to live there along with the Druze population of the heights.  In 1985 there were 22,400 people  including the Druze who lived there.  The problem is that the Arab block had attacked Israel one too many times in their quest to destroy Israel.  This time Israel nearly destroyed them and won back land they had lost in 1948 as well.
IDF At Wall in Jerusalem 1967
One teeny state standing up to  the huge armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, backed by the armies of Iraq, Algeria, Kuwait, Sudan and the whole Arab nation, had won the immense battle and was believed to be a miracle.  The Arabs haven't forgiven themselves and are still battling Israel in the UN.  The Arab greed and hate caused Israel to have conquered enough territory to more than triple the size of its own area it controlled from Israel of 8,000 sq miles to Israel of 26,000 sq miles in size.  Israel had won the Sinai, Golan Heights, Gaza Strip and Judea and Samaria.  The victory also allowed Israel to unify Jerusalem by taking down the barriers closing off the eastern end.  It was a terrible and not forgotten war for Israel, though, and not started by them, either.  777 soldiers were killed and 2,586 were wounded in 6 days.  That's like the USA's dead and wounded fighting in Vietnam for their 8 years of fighting.
Israel doesn't feel very honored, but they have been selected as the ONLY COUNTRY subjected to a permanent item on the HRC agenda.  Who else could they knock?  We have IS taking over Syria and Iraq.  There is Yemen being taken over by Syria, but who cares?  They only have heart to condemn Israel, their obviously only number one extremely small archenemy.

This hate listing is called item 7 on their agenda.  The USA failed to get it removed and revamp these hate mongers.

They had a debate Monday and a few representatives complained about the US/Europe boycott with Bahrain.  They said that in trying to eliminate item 7 only encourages Israel to "violate international law."  I say they don't know beans about international law.  It's on Israel's side.

The Arabs were on their high horse.  Lebanon and Egypt both said that anyone not attending that debate were practicing double standards.  The Egyptian charged that no single people in the world had suffered as much as the Palestinians.
Egypt has been the leader of hostility towards Israel since its birth May 14, 1948.
1.   Presidents Gamal Abd el Nasser wrote to King Hussein of Jordan on March 13, 1961, "We believe that the evil (Israel) which was placed in the heart of the Arab world should be eradicated.
2.  He said in a speech from Cairo on February 24, 1964, "The prospects are for war with Israel.  It is we who will dictate the time.  It is we who will dictate the place."
3.  Nasser published a joint statement with Iraq's President Araf on May 25, 1965 saying: " The Arab National aim is the elimination of Israel."  
4. Nasser said in a speech on May 26, 1967:  "The Arab people wants to fight.  We have been waiting for the right day when we would be fully prepared.  Recently, we have felt strong enough to triumph, with G0d's help, if we enter into battle with Israel.  On that basis, we have decided to take the actual measures.  Taking this step makes it imperative that we be ready to embark on a total war with Israel."
5. President Aref of Iraq said on June 1, 1967 from Baghdad on the Radio:  We are resolved, determined and united  to achieve our clear aim of wiping Israel off the map.... This is the day to wash away the stain.  God willing, we shall meet in Tel Aviv and Haifa."  
6. The PLO leader, Ahmed Shukairi, was interviewed on June 4, 1967  about the fate of native-born Israelis:  "Those who survive will remain in Palestine, but I estimate that not many of them will survive."  

The Syrian ambassador, Hussam Edin Aala, accused Israel of having a TERRIBLE record of human rights violations.  This man, a part of Assad's regime acts as holy as a saint to speak of human rights violations.  This post is too small to hold all the violations his regime have violated.  How about, for starters, the fact that they kept Jews locked up in a ghetto without phones, without any way of communication with the outer world?  Most of the men were kept in prisons.  It wasn't until Judith Feld Carr came along from Canada and was able to talk Assad into freeing them in the 1990s and she guaranteed that they would be taken to the USA and not Israel.  From the 1800's and the Blood libel from Syria Jews had been treated terribly. There are no more Jews living in Syria today.
I can guarantee you that Israel, established by Moses, is very much aware of HUMAN RIGHTS.  Moses and his laws invented the rules for this.  The basis for Judaism is not to treat others as you would not want to be treated.  Some smart-mouthed person asked a rabbi once, "Tell me all about Judaism while standing on one foot, and that's what he said, "Don't do to others what you don't want  done to you. All the rest is commentary."    Now, all of the 613 laws of which most of us do anyway just naturally, are all to teach just this.  Kindness.  Christianity may be of love, but Judaism is about kindness.

When the session ended on Friday the 27th, they considered no reports, voted on no resolutions about the human rights records of any of their peers.  Instead, they kept themselves busy with a 2009 document.
We have Passover starting on Friday night.  One of our favorite words during the seder is ENOUGH.  In 2012 and 2013, Israel stopped cooperating with the HRC for 17 months, having ENOUGH of their unfair treatment of being singled out over anyone else and faulted beyond reason.  Then, more than 1/3 of the resolutions passed by this council were condemning just Israel.   Israel came back in 2013 but in return got a pledge from Western countries not to take part in the HRC debates under item 7.  Israel also asked to be in a regional group.  Up to then it was the only country in the world that wasn't a part of any of the 5 regional groups in Geneva.  Now they are in a group including non-European democracies such as the USA, Canada and Australia.  That old anti-Semitism from Europe still reeks.

Human Rights.  Is that why the Palestinians have not been taken into the Arab countries and allowed to get jobs?  Instead, the Arabs keep them in refugee camps as a pawn against Israel.  They have been breeding hatred and contempt for Israel in these camps.  66 years of being refugees, and they have earned the title of the longest held refugees on relief with the UN.
Human rights.  Israel took in the Palestinians who did not follow their leaders directions of leaving their homes so that their armies could move in and take over the cities from the Jews.  They became Israeli citizens with full rights, same as any Jew.  Those Arabs that were so greedy, promised to take over the Jewish homes when they "returned",  have been out of luck.  Their leaders have just given them a headache instead.  Now there are 1.7 million Palestinians that are Israeli citizens living with 6 million Jews.

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  1. " I guess it's an honor to be hated by such a group. It shows how different Israel is from them."

    i love those two statements!!!!!

    let 'em hate right? that's all they've got.
    and let them try to destroy israel.................there are many more miracles from Above in the waiting, to hand their rear ends to them. the destroyers will be destroyed...(i do ask for mercy for the innocents)...but they won't like one tiny little bit how those episodes turn out. i'm staying tuned to watch.

    i love and trust God..........and He loves the israel they all hate.

  2. The best that's happened so far has been the 1967 War. That was indeed a miracle benefitting Israel. Now I'm in a tizzy and having a fit. Read what I just posted about Robert Malley and what he's been appointed to and his background. You won't believe it could happen, but Obama appointed him. Things are going very badly. So is the deal with Iran. Very bad.

  3. i will read it nadene. yes very bad. but i am not surprised. i watch the times and weigh them against scripture and i see that things are happening right on time. not trying to act know-it-all or alarmist but just weighing things against the one source of total truth there is and the Lord never gets it wrong. there is much, very much, that i have been watching and weighing together for years and it is amazing to watch prophecy come together. this september (as the fall feasts will be going on) i believe some very big and very bad things will be coming to pass. we shall see if on target concerning our economy at that time. God's timing is impecible throughout in all i have seen thus far! the blood moons are only one sign i am aware of. God said in genesis on the 4th creation day that He gave the sun and moon and stars for signs. and the nuke deal is paving the way for the ezekiel 38-39 showdown is another thing to watch. netanyahu himself spoke wonderfully about ezekiel 37 in a speech i heard and i think he is right in what he spoke about that. and obama is given over to evil is what i see-he has no fear of God. i believe he is in place in these times we are living on earth to do the devil's bidding. he is not really american (certainly not christian) and the election process was hijacked to get him in that position. soros money (with others) bought that election. look how he got the arab spring ball rolling as one for instance. the eu and un have plans too as your article mentions and their intentions toward israel are to punish. a good number of things are in the works and somethings are still shadowy but coming into focus shortly so i cannot say i know exactly how all goes down. i do know how this ends though--------God wins (and israel is preserved).

  4. God must win. What a horrible planet this would become if he doesn't. The appointment of Robert Malley has really got me boiling now. I've written 2 articles about that-back to back. Obama just keeps on slipping and showing us his true face. It's amazing. That and the Iranian agreement tells us so much. So much is piling up on Israel and the USA.