Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Terrorists With the Worst Attitude: Iran

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                                
Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant in Iran

"The worst of all the serious threats we face TODAY is a NUCLEAR-ARMED ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN.

John Kerry and Obama do not seem to worry much about Iran, but Israel has been.  Iran's Supreme Leader made it clear that Iran is determined to destroy Jews, the Jewish State of Israel and America.  He is a revived HAMAN; the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei-highest power in Iran.
This man wielding such power seemed to gloat about the nuclear talks with Kerry which just wasted the USA's time, for Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told his people that "We have neither compromised over Iran's nuclear rights, nor will ever do so, and there is no doubt that the Iran nuclear technology will remain functioning.  

This source of oil, and Iran has been loaded with it, doesn't need atomic power to run its country, but wants to use it as a source of power for atomic weaponry.  On November 9th, the anniversary of the Nazi Krysstallnacht pogrom against the Jews of Germany and Austria, the Ayatollah called for ISRAEL'S COMPLETE DESTRUCTION.   he stated that 'THE ONLY CURE' for Israel is ISRAEL'S ANNIHILATION."

Then he called for arming the West Bank just like Gaza.  Iranian missiles and Iran's rocket-building technical assistance has helped Hamas to attack Israel for years.  Judea and Samaria will be getting the same assistance now.  That's what they have in mind for Palestine, the former Jewish Judea and Samaria to become another Gaza.  Iran wants to deliver nuclear weapons to Fatah-Hamas terrorists who are already on Israel's doorstep.  

Kerry managed to get a counterproductive, permissive interim agreement in November 2013 just to get Iran to come talk with him at a negotiating table.  It lets Iran continue developing nuclear components.  They can continue with their uranium enrichment.  All the essential elements of their nuclear weapons program were kept intact.

During all this time, Iran has been getting relief from UN sanctions under the interim agreement.  They have been helped immensely from the Obama administrations easing of sanctions because they had  high inflation and this cut it in half.  Now their economy is growing.  Tourists are arriving.  All this benefit amounts to giving them about $20 billion.  Do we really think that with a recovering economy they will voluntarily curtail their nuclear weapons program or end their hatred of America and Israel?
Hassan Rouhani , Iran's president, is calling Israel "a wound that must be removed. "   He told the International Atomic Energy Agency that HIS GOVERNMENT WILL NOT GIVE UP ONE IOTA OF ITS ABSOLUTE RIGHTS ON THE NUCLEAR ISSUE.  
John Kerry, Sec. of State 
Kerry cannot strengthen sanctions now after weakening them.  The USA envoys have warned Israel against taking military action against Iran and then the USA also leaked information about Israeli use of Azerbaijan airfields for possible operation center against Iran and revealing details of an American-=Israeli top-secret ballistic missile defense system.  Friends?  Do friends to things like this to their friends?  No, they don't.  Will Israel be able to trust the USA with information after this?

We learned about Iran's goal in 2002.  when an opposition group revealed secret activity including construction of an uranium enrichment plant and a heavy-water reactor.
Prime Minister Netanyahu at UN meeting warning of danger from Iran

There are already 16, 300 nuclear weapons in the world today, mostly held by Russia with 8,000 and the USA with 7,300.  France, China, UK, Pakistan, India, Israel and North Korea have the remainder, so we do have atomic weapons in the hands of very potentially dangerous people, but none of these 9 countries have made threats upon another country to wipe them out such as Iran has to Israel.  
A recent Pentagon intelligence report said that by 2015, Iran will have ICBMs capable of carrying nuclear weapons that can hit the United States.  Is our country now living under the weight of nuclear blackmail and we citizens not realize it?  Are we being kept in the shadows of this dealing?
Update: 1/14/15 ran’s Revolutionary Guards acknowledged it runs missile manufacturing plants in Syria. (honest reporting).  HonestReporting.com
Resource: ZOA

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