Saturday, January 10, 2015

Four Young Jewish Men Killed in Kosher Supermarket in Paris

Nadene Goldfoot                    
23 yr old killed

Somalian radical Muslim who killed 4 Jews in supermarket, held 15 other hostages there, and wife who left earlier for Syria.  
21 yr old killed

The Muslim population in France,  a country of 66 million, is 6.5 million or about 10% of their population as of 2013.  Many Frenchmen do not realize the number it has become as witnessed on CNN this morning when I saw that the head of Newsweek in France thought it was about 3 million.

4 young Jewish men, 2 pictured here, ages 21 and 23,  and Philippe Braham 40, and Francois Michel Saada 60+ were killed by a Muslim terrorist in the kosher supermarket on Friday, shopping for Shabbat, but the police managed to save 15 other hostages there.  France is now calling this an anti-Semitic attack, picked on purpose for being a Jewish business and having nothing to do with the satirical magazine  that mocked Muhammad.

On January 20th in London, a British Muslim was taped saying, ""Look to your own doorstep in France. Your own French women are abandoning their Christianity and donning the hijab and the burqa…Our eyes are on Paris…We will not stop, as Muslims, until the whole world is governed by Islam."  ""So French government, let that be a warning, or a piece of advice, to you. Take it the way you want, because you will never stop the army of the Muslims. You will never stop Muslims, because this nation is far too large to be stopped. This [Muslim] nation is like a tidal wave. When it starts, it doesn't stop. It will conquer the east of the East and the west of the West, because that is the prophecy of our Prophet Mohammed."

France is now checking people entering stores for weapons.  Israel was doing that in 1980 when I moved there to teach.  This is new for most of the free nations of the world, but Israel has been under attack for a very long time-without much support.  

The Jewish community of France numbers about 500,000.  It has been attacked so much by radical Muslims that they finally have been making aliyah to Israel in the number of about 5,000 now.  On 19 March, 2012, four people, including three children, were killed at the Ozar Hatorah Jewish day school by Muslim radicals.  The shooter was identified as Mohammed Merah, a 23-year-old French petty criminal, of Algerian descent.  He did it because "The Jews kill our brothers and sisters in Palestine."  

According to Israel, about 50,000 French Jews have made inquiries as to making aliyah to 



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