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Pashtuns and Other Lost 10 Tribes of Israel Today

Nadene Goldfoot
Original Assyria, in line with the Hittite Empire, Mitanni, and Babylonia and the Assyrian Empire below.
Nadene Goldfoot                                                                   
Assyria's Empire in Middle East

In the end times, the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel should appear, and indeed, they have been.  It was back in 722 BCE, 2,737 years ago, that Assyria attacked Israel and carried off the young people into captivity.

King Solomon of Israel had died in 922 BCE, which was very bad, because then Israel divided itself into 2 states; Israel and Judah,  with the tribe of Judah living in the south being the largest and more religious.  Judah used Jerusalem as its capital while Israel used Samaria.  At times they fought each other for power.  This weakened them and Israel was overcome by Damascus first in 853 BCE when  Shalmaneser III attacked Ben-Hadad II and Ahab (876-853 BCE) of Israel had been supportive of Damascus.  In 806 BCE,  Israel was freed from Damascus control for a few years.

At this time when Assyria was powerful,  Ahaz  was king of Judah. He was the son of Jotham.   He was twenty years old when he became king (735 BCE-720 BCE) and he reigned for 16 years in Jerusalem.  Ahaz was attacked by Pekah of Israel in 735 BCE.  He didn't follow our Jewish precepts.  He did things more like the kings of Israel did, who were not very religious.  He made molten idols for Baal and burned incense in the Valley of Ben-hinnom and set his sons on fire (aflame).  This means he was into human sacrifice.  His actions were those of the people living there before the Jews, the Canaanites.  He was also into burning incense at high places, hilltops and under every leafy tree which was considered evil, as this might have been for worshipping many gods. In other words, he was into Baal worship of Canaan.This was the worship of one G-d of the sky and fertility.  Originally it was used for many local gods represented in the form of a bull or a man, worshipped as gods of fertility of the field and of women.  After Israelites  entered Canaan, they tended to adopt the deities of the locals, though the prophets were aghast.  It was not an easy job to convince these former slaves to change their ways and worship an unseen G-d almost 4,000 years ago.
Then Ahaz  fell into the hands of the king of Aram of the Arameans (Syria)  who took a large number of captives of the Jews with him to Damascus. The Edomites and Philistines harried his southern territory.  He went to get help from the leader of the Assyrians, of Western Asia,  Tiglath-Pileser,  who then invaded Syria and Israel in 733 BCE.  This made Judah become an Assyrian vassal and was also subjected to Assyrian idolatry.  Tiglath-Pileser also ended Syria as a state and stripped Israel of Galilee and Gilead.    He was then delivered to the king of Israel, which would have been King Hezekiah who reigned from 720 BCE to 692 BCE.  Hezekiah, Ahaz's son,  gave him a great blow.  Hezekiah  was trying to wean away Judah's dependence on Assyria.  Hezekiah freed religious worship from the Assyrian influence, purged the palace and Temple of images and pagan altars and got the population back to monotheistic religion again.  This was supported by the prophets, especially Isaiah who had great influence in affairs of state.  His allies became neighboring rulers.  He fortified Jerusalem and built the Siloam tunnel to improve its water-supply.  In 712 BCE he joined the neighboring states in their uprising against Assyria.

King Pekah, of Israel (735-730 BCE) son of Remallah, possibly of Gileadite origin,  killed 120,000 mighty men of the tribe of Judah  in one day because they had forgotten the laws of Moses.  This is like the pot calling the kettle black.   Pekah was later murdered by Hoshea , king of Israel from 730 to 721 BCE, and was thought to have  reigned  for 20 years.  Zichri, a warrior from the tribe of Ephraim, killed Maaseiah, the king's son, Azrikam, the chamberlain of the palace, and Elkanah, the deputy to the king.  The children of Israel also captured 200,000 women, boys and girls.  They took many goods from them and brought the riches to Samaria.  Samaria was the capital of Israel.  Israel and Judah, 2 states at this time, were fighting each other.
10 Tribes Placed in Assyria and Media 
King Hosea of Israel in 726 BCE tried to throw off the yoke of Assyria which led to Shalmaneser V's siege of Samaria and its capture in 721 by his successor, Sargon.  Sargon annexed the country, deported 27,290 Israelites  (people of the 10 tribes of Israel) to Assyria and Media, replaced them with Syrian and Babylonian prisoners.  The state of Judah was ravaged but King Hezekiah was able to hold out and get moderate terms by paying tribute and ceding some territory.

We see Israel taking Judean  women and children prisoners and then the Assyrians taking prisoners from Israel who could have been made up of all 12 tribes.  The tribe of Judah was large.  Judah himself, Jacob's 4th son by Leah, was the one that kept Joseph from being left to die in a pit where he was trapped by his jealous half-brothers.  Judah said to sell him instead to the passing Ishmaelites.  It was Judah who received the blessing from his father, Jacob.  The tribe of Judah had been given one of the largest areas in Canaan and it eventually absorbed the inheritance of Simeon in the Negev.  David was from this tribe.  The tribe of Judah supported Solomon's son, Rehoboam as their king and that's how Judah was created out of the southern portion of Israel.

Ephraim was the younger son of Joseph and through him became the tribe of Ephraim.  It was the more northern of the 2 Israelite kingdoms.  It included the hill-country in central Israel and was noted for its fertility.  In the period of the Judges before king Saul, Ephraim claimed priority among the Israelite tribes, partly because their religious center was situated at Shiloh in its territory.  Shiloh was the first center of the Israelite religion before they used Jerusalem.  .  It was 25 miles north of Jerusalem in the mountains of Ephraim.  The secession of the northern tribes after Solomon's death  in 922 BCE centered on the tribe of Ephraim, to which Jeroboam, the first king of the northern kingdom of Israel, belonged.  The prophets later spoke of the House of Judah and the House of Ephraim as representing the 2 branches of the Hebrew people.  Joseph, Jacob's 11th son but first born of Rachel, Jacob's 2nd wife and most beloved of his 4 women, had become viceroy of the pharaoh.  His descendants became slaves of the future pharaoh along with the descendants of his brothers.  Joseph died at age 110 and his body was later brought by the Israelites to Canaan for reburial.  Jacob is said to have lived during the Hyksos domination of Egypt of the 18th to 16th centuries BCE., and  Moses, who came along 400 years after their entrance to Egypt, is said by Jewish historians to have lived from 1391 to 1271 BCE.

Assyrian power was later replaced by Babylon who attacked in 597 BCE and again in 586 BCE.  They also exiled many Jews to Babylon.  We know the 10 tribes were exiled previously, , and we know that amid the 10 there were some of the descendants of the children of Judah who had been taken by Israel.  The Babylonian Jews constituted another large Jewish population with many remaining in Babylon even after King Cyrus allowed a return to Israel/Judah.  The Babylonian Jews kept in touch with the Israel/Judah group who returned to their homeland and even supplied some of their leaders.such as Hillel who had returned.  He is said to have written the "Golden Rule: "Do not do unto others that which you would not have them do unto you."

Many of the Lost ten tribes are showing up.  The Pashtos of Afghanistan and Pakistan, especially the tribe of Afridi, is said to have been from  Joseph through his 2nd son, Ephriam.  According to the Bible, some Judean children would have been among the lost 10 tribes.  They should have all carried the Cohen gene, showing descendancy from Jacob.
Today we have DNA testing of such things called haplotypes and haplogroups.  Both men and women can be tested.  It's like a stamp in your cells of who your first ancestor was long ago. We can wander all over the face of the earth, but we carry this stamp or DNA telling where we had first come from.   The Cohen gene of J1 has been discovered and is carried by both Jews and Arabs.  Remember that Abraham had Ishmael first by Hagar, an Egyptian princess, who is said to be the father of the Arabs.  Then Abraham's wife, Sarah, finally had Isaac, father of the Jewish people.  Jew comes from the tribe of Judah.
Aaron carrying Cohen gene from Abraham
In the Jewish religion, Aaron, the brother of Moses, was chosen to be the priest for the Israelites and he and his male descendants were given specific jobs.  For 2,000 years, we still find at over 50% of the Cohens in the synagogue carrying the J1 DNA, the Cohen haplogroup.  The bible had prophesied that the Isreaelite Cohanim would be "a covenant of everlasting Priesthood."  It appears to be just that.

 The Arabs, having no such stipulations about marriage, etc, have the same haplogroup but do have a tag on it showing they are of the Arab stock and not the Jewish one.  A haplogroup is just a population group defined by specific SNP mutations of those genes.  SNPs or (Snip) are single nucleotide polymorphisms, a very slowly mutating location that is used to define haplogroups.  I'm afraid you may have to be a geneticist to understand these words.  However, a length of DNA is called STRs or short tandem repeats.  It has a repeating sequence of chemical bases.  All this must be understood to read this stamp in our cells. Luckily, DNA companies make it very easy for us to read what our haplogroup is when we test.  Don't worry about it.

The question had come up on a video that the Pashtuns seem to be missing Cohens in their group.  I ask if a large population of Pashtuns have been DNA tested to search for Cohens.  Otherwise, how would this be known?  We don't have a mark otherwise saying who is a Cohen and who isn't a Cohen.  We need DNA evidence.  Not many have been tested in Pakistan.

One would think that all Jews should be carrying J1 being we came from Abraham, but that is not the case.  There are other haplogroups that are also very common with us.  Men are found to be carrying G, E, Q1b, and types of R over and over, and women are found to be carrying a different type of DNA with haplogroups of K, H, J, W, and N1b which are all very common with Jewish women.  Read the reference below and go to my website and you will see reasons for different types other than J1.  The same thing could have happened to the Israelites who were carried off in 722 BCE.  They may not all be J1s.  What could they be carrying?

"G2b is a major Y chromosome haplogroup, and yet unique. It was found among Pashtuns and on much lower scale among all major Jewish groups, Palestinians, Lebanese and Syrians."  " G2b makes up about 7% of all Ashkenazi Jewish Y chromosome haplotypes, as was found in Behar, et al researchers.  G2b's highest findings were in Pashtuns and Sephardic Jews.  The extreme rarity of G2b in northern Pakistan could indicate that G2b in this area originates outside the region and was brought there in the historic period, perhaps from further west (Pakistan was part of both the Achaemenid Persian Empire, conquered by Alexander the Great, and then formed a part of the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom). These two reported Pakistani G2b haplotypes are quite divergent from the Ashkenazi Jewish clade, and therefore do not at all indicate a recent common origin."  Do the researches remember that Jews were in Persia and could have come in contact with people later called the Pashtuns?  

"The Assyrian king, Shalmaneser, during the tenure of Hoshea as King of Israel in the 700s BCE carried the Israelites off to his kingdom and replaced the Israelites who were living in Samaria with persons brought from various Babylonian locales. This event also led to a permanent population of Jews within today's Iran. The presence of the non-Israelites in Samaria could have provided an opportunity for additional population admixture on the return of the Israelites."
Tudor Parfitt was exploring in southern Africa and came across the Lemba tribe in his search to find the Lost Ark of Moses.  He had Lemba members DNA tested and many turned out to be carrying J1 haplogroup.  One can only imagine how that happened.  Jews searching out trading routes and goods arrived and settled down, evidently.  When the Lembas were tested, almost exactly the same proportion of Lemba males carried the CMH (Cohen Model Haplotype) as did the overall Jewish population.  The CMH   was found in more than 50% of the Buba clan, who were the Lemba priests, the guardians of the ngoma lungundu, what they thought to be the ark.  Buba was the founder of the Lemba priestly clan, who they say was the individual who originally led the Lemba ancestors out of Israel.  The CMH is virtually nonexistent in non-Jewish populations.

Other lost tribal members might be Kurds of Iraq, Iran, Syria and Armenia.  7,000 Kurdish Jews have already been brought to Israel betwen 1948 and 1950. We do know that the royal house of Adiabene in ancient Kurdistan converted to Judaism 2,000 years ago.  They have been DNA tested and the result was "doesn't appear to have had considerable effect on the Y chromosome pool of the Kurdish Jews.."  What they did find was Arab Kurds and Jews have only distant genetic links.  Very little hanky panky went on between the 2 groups.  Genes of non-Arab populations living in the northern part of the region show that Jews are close blood cousins to Christian Kurds, Armenians and Turks.

We have a group of Japanese claiming to be a lost tribe.  It's the Yamato clan and the Hada say they are children of Zebulun.  Makoya, a Zionist Christian sect are following Jewish things but there is no evidence of claims of descent.  Professor Odlum of Canada thinks some Japanese are from the tribe of Menasseh who became Samurai.  DNA says no.

China and the Silk road may have some lost tribes.  Small bands of Jews settled in china around 240 BCE.  They had trading enclaves in the capital in the 7th century CE and Jewish traders  were there during the 11th and 12th centuries.  There was found the Chiang community in  the NW Szechuan Province claiming to be descendants of Abraham, who could be from the northern tribe of Menasseh.  They could have headed for Afghanistan and then to Tibet where they settled along the border.  They have not been DNA tested yet.

Another Jewish settlement in China was in Kaifeng, the capital of Hunan Province in eastern China.  They pray in Hebrew and they had a synagogue.  Now, less than 100 people claim to be Jewish, not enough for a good DNA testing program.  More likely their ancestors met up with some Jewish traders on the Silk Road.
India has the Cochin Jews of South India and the Bene Israel of West India.  The Cochin say they came from the people of the 2nd Temple destruction.  In 1948 there were 2,500 and they resettled in Israel.  DNA shows there has been a lot of intermarriage over the centuries.  Bene Israel number about 4,000 and are descendants of Judeans from Galilee of the northern tribes north of Samaria and left around 175 BCE and fled to Egypt and boarded a ship for India but didn't make it.

Update: 9/13/16: found on Y haplogroup G2b-M377 of familytreedna, The Pashtuns who claim "Israelite" ancestry in fact claim to be descended from a regular Jewish ("Benjaminite") community in Khroasan (Eastern Greater Iran) who converted to Islam at the time of the Mongol Invasion in 1220 CE. They are not from "Lost Tribes". 

Resource: II Chronicles; 28: 1-8.
The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia
Abraham's Children, race, identity, and the DNA of the Chosen People.  by Jon Entine
The Lost Ark of the Covenant by Tudor Parfitt


  1. I find this pretty interesting on some of the first Christian churches..

  2. Avram, Jews entered Armenia as early as 586 BCE when the 1st Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians. They must have brought the Star of David with them. It's been found in the Capernaum synagogue of 3rd century CE, was in ancient time a decorative motif on Roman mosaic pavements, and found in Christian Churches in Middle Ages. 1st Zionist Congress of 1897 adopted it as our Jewish symbol. I'm sure has been found in digs of ancient Israel. Armenian Jews had ties with Jews in Palestine after 70 CE when Jerusalem fell to Romans. Armenian Christians have lived in Jerusalem since the 5th century; Armenian quarter in Old City of Jerusalem.

  3. Avram, read my article on Armenian Jews.

  4. The pashtuns pakhtuns people are true Israelites I have no doubt about them at al they similar trib names and customes I don't know why the black people claiming they are the true Israelites who told them
    Even though Pashtuns don't conisders as white people but they still look like Europeans

    1. GOD mercy on us ,,,,you convinced me but i still not believe that our ancestor was from Israel.....

  5. Israel, as far as race goes, I believe we and the Pashtuns are considered Caucasians. If you want to know exactly what you carry, take an autosomal DNA test, preferably by the company I think so much of and have used, familytreedna which is in Houston, Texas. Otherwise, you just don't know.

  6. I'm an Iraqi Jew. We have a folklore that centuries ago there existed a large number of Jews who lived in the Pashtun region. They even had a king Shaul. They were cut off from mainstream Judaism for a very long time and forgot their heritage. Could they have been from the lost 10 tribes or from the Jewish people is something I don't know for sure although I suspect they were from the lost tribes. Anyway, when the Muslims came to conquer their land they offered them the choice of converting or a fight to the finish as is always their custom before waging war. King Shaul then asked the Muslims what their religion was about and when being told that they were monotheistic and didn't eat pork, he felt that this was the religion they once belonged to. They then converted to Islam, but they knew that Moses was their prophet and they held on to many of their ancient customs. In situations where their customs are at odds with the Koran they rejected the Koran and went with theirs. For instance they would light candles on Friday night, they wore a talit katan, etc. Their tribes are named after Jewish tribes eg. Afridi (Ephraim), Shimoni (Shimon), Rubeni (Reuven), etc. In fact their elders all know that they were originally Jewish. However, Saudi Arabia introduced their Madrasas in the extremist Wahabi tradition and made the Pashtun feel ashamed of their heritage so now this information is swept under the rug.
    There is also documented evidence that 2 Jewish generals from the Afghanistan area had come to the Spanish court bringiing silk flags as gifts and offered the king 30,000 fierce warriors as allies in a bid to have a joint campaign to liberate Jerusalem. The king didn’t know what to make of them at first and even though they had a letter of recommendation from the Pope, he eventually arrested them and they were never heard from again.

    1. Very interesting. Thanks for your imput, Syd.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I'm pashtun girl 18 years old
      We do not deny Quran at all
      We love Islam and will always be Muslim's I have no problem with Jews or anyone at all but I don't like what the IDF soldiers doing in Gaza
      The Palestinian are from the lost tribe too why you slaughtering them they are human too and nobody were force to convert islam at all
      We pashtuns all goes to madrasas whether men women girls and boys
      The children as well
      In madrasas they just teach us how to be a good Muslims and teaching us about islam and Arabic sense we speak pashto not Arabic that's why we need to go madrasas to learn Arabic and know Islam

    2. We pashtuns are Muslim's and will always be I have no problem with Jews or anyone you lot need to stop slaughtering Palestinians they are the closest to you they are human too
      We believe in Quran we do not deny anything that comes from Islam
      Islam is our pride just like for you lot you're religion
      Please pleas please stop the Palestinian genocide you can't victim others just because you were once a victims

    3. It's true we circumstance our boys on the eight day and we do sabat sometimes not all the time but its only boys who does it and our men wears prayer shawls just like you're one here look at the PIC
      In pashto we call it pato or chadar
      If you Google it pashtun pato you will see it

    4. Here I got a picture our men wearing a prayer shawl that's what you lot call it

    5. Unknown, where did you ever hear or read that Israelis are slaughtering Palestinians? This is wrong. The Palestinians in Gaza attacked Israel constantly with missiles, mortars and rockets besides tunnels that they built and used to enter and slaughter Jews. After repeated warnings to stop doing this which the Palestinian Arabs didn't heed, Israel had to go in and stop them. They used all sorts of warnings in order to prevent deaths to civilians. These were the 1st and 2nd intifadas. We don't slaughter people. It's against our religion. If you listen to the Ayatollah Khamenei, evidently we are not human in Iran. The Palestinians act like that, too. Yes, we were once victims, and wouldn't do to others what we don't want done to us. If you want to do something, tell the Palestinians to stop attacking Israelis and to make peace. We've been trying since 1948 and they keep on saying NO.

  8. Shalom Syd, nice to hear from you. Yes, this is the same history I've been hearing from different Pashtuns. I've written several articles about them. They know their history. Dr. Shalva Weil of Jerusalem has been to either Afghanistan or Pakistan studying their history. She has also written several articles. It's amazing, but they still have different customs carried over from ancient Jewish days. Being it's thought that they were taken as captives by the Assyrians in 722 BCE, that was a very long time ago. Your historic information is most interesting. Thanks for posting.

  9. The ethnic origin of the Afghans (also Pushtun; Pukhtun or Pathan) has always puzzled ordinary people, scholars and historians alike, but not the Pathans or Afghans themselves. They are different both externally and in their character traits and traditions from other groups around them, such as the Turks, the Mongols, the Chinese, or the Indo-Aryans. The word Pathan is a Pashto derivative of the original word Pithon, the great grandson of King Saul.

    The country was called Afghan-istan, land of Afghana. He was called Malak (King) Afghana. In the Islamic writings (Hadith)of Muhammed, Pashtun means Hebrews. They are also called Bani Israel, meaning sons of Israel. The Pashtuns/Pathans are commonly called Yusufzai, literally means "children of Joseph".Wikipedia This is commonly known in Pakistan and Afghanistan where they are being hunted and killed with our Christian tax dollars. "Pray for the PEACE of Israel." Did not God say Ephraim was Israel? If Republican Christians knew this, they should be outraged. Centuries ago they converted to Islam but kept their identity til this day. Their land is filled with archeological proof, plus their oral tradition. Did you know that Afghanistan has never been conquered, not by Alexander the Great, the Russians and will not be by the Americans and NATO forces. (Furthermore, there are smaller numbers of the tribes of Manasseh, Naphtali, Reuben, Asher and the gad of Afghanistan they are Israelites many Muslims and jewsih Christian scholars agree with pashtun Israelites origin.

  10. I made a videos about them its worth to watch it
    They are beautiful people with different characters they don't look like Arabs at all

  11. Shalom Syd its true what you saying but the pashtuns don't deny Quran at all they are Sunni Muslims not just Muslims but extremist ones I mean the talibans are pashtuns but not all pashtuns are talibans I know many pashtuns I asked them too they were really polite sadly they are proud Muslims don't want anything to do with Jews due to the war between us and the Arabs
    But they don't hate us
    I believe they will return but I'm kind of cunfuse because according to some bible the ten lost will not return
    I guess its true sense the pashtuns are Muslim's so they won't come to us I hope that doesn't happen

  12. I'm Ashkenazi Jew

  13. Thanks, Israel Cohen, Pashtuns do have so many indications that they are one or more of the 10 lost tribes. Dr. Shalva Weil in Jerusalem has been studying them and also thinks so. As Muslims, they will most likely not be returning to Israel since they have made their own life, now, and have embraced Islam, but hopefully they will be friends of Israel and come together as good neighbors. What do you mean when you wrote, "according to some bible"? Your name is Israel Cohen. You should know that in the Tanakh (our Bible) it says that the lost ten tribes must return before the Messiah comes. We have had Pashtos come to Jerusalem already, in full native costume. I have pictures of them. I'm sure the Torah (5 books of Moses which makes up the first part of our Tanakh), or other writings in the Tanakh didn't mean that all the thousands of the lost tribes had to return to our little 8,000 sq miles of Israel. There isn't room. But at least a segment, a few would be nice to show we found them, for only a few would be found that would want to renounce Islam for Judaism today most likely. I leave it up to the rabbis to deal with. It's a little too heavy for me.

  14. About the pashtunwali
    The code of honor of the Pashtun people, known as the “Pashtunwali,” is a set of rules and laws to live which includes many similarities to the holy Jewish Torah, the book of the lost tribes (Bnei Israel). Since my native language is Hebrew, I’d like to take the opportunity to prove this argument from the book by comparing it to the Pashtunwali:

    Melmastia (hospitality) one of the most important rules of the Pashtunwali, is to be hospitable to every person who comes to your home. At the beginning of the Torah there is a story about 3 foreigners coming to Abraham’s house. Within a few minutes, he is letting them in, serving them with cakes, butter, milk and meat [Genesis (“Bereshit”), 10: 1-8].
    Badal (revenge) principle of honor, to revenge. In the Torah, there is a privilege to revenge the death of a person by his family [Deuteronomy (“Dvarim”), chapter 19: 2], under the rule of “eye under eye” – if a person killed your animal, you’re allowed to kill his animal, and so on [Leviticus (“Vayikra”), 24: 17-20]. In other Bibles and traditions we find similar stories [For example, book “Shmuel”].
    Nanawatei (asylum) a person may seek a refuge and shelter against his enemy. The Torah lists 6 refuge cities in case a person killed someone and needs protection [Numbers (BaMidbar), 35+ Deuteronomy 19].
    Turah (bravery) the protection over the land and family. We see in the Torah that a man must defend his tribe, and not only that but to make sure that his kids are married with partners from the same tribe. A special position is mentioned for widows, in which the man has to protect her [Deuteronomy 25:. 5-10].
    Sabat (loyalty) to your tribe and family. In the Torah we find the loyalty mostly for God in the Ten Commandments which refers to being loyal to God by keeping the Sabbath [Exodus (Shmot), 20:8].
    Lmandari (righteousness) – behaving in a respectful and decent way. The Torah’s Commandments describe it as “not commit adultery/false witness against neighbor/not covet/not steal/not murder/and etc [Ibid, 20: 2-14].
    Isteqamat (Believe/trust in God) in Torah – “I am God.. no other gods before me”[Ibid, 20: 2].
    Ghayrat (courage) demonstration of respect. Yaakov’s daughter, Dina, is being raped in the Torah by a foreigner. Her brothers, Shimon (Shinwari) and Levi, in response, murder not only the rapist but his father and all of his town’s residents [Genesis, 34].
    Naamus (woman’s respect) the Torah refers to the woman as a mom “Honor your mother” (Commandments) and obligates a man to provide his wife food, cloth and intercourse [Numbers, 35: 10] in the case of a man raping a girl, he must marry her in order to protect her honor and pay her father compensation [Deuteronomy, 22: 28-29].
    Nang – “defend the weak” – this is a key rule in the Torah: the widow and orphan are most vulnerable and the protection over them must be taken under consideration [Exodus, 22: 20-23, as well Deuteronomy 14: 28-29, 17: 9-14 and 14: 17
    I do believe they will return
    No doubt

    1. you know every thing about us,,,i should also know jews ,,,but we are proud Muslim i respect your concerns but leave the Past and be nice to your Cousins of Palestine and raise your voice for The Pushtun ,,,,which is in trouble in Afg and Pak


    2. Muhammad, Israelis have been extremely nice to the Palestinians, but the Palestinian leaders have rebuffed all their efforts and instead choose to make war on the Jews. It's not logical, but they decided to act like this in a big Arab conference they had and will not make peace. Wit the advent of ISIS today, the Arab nations are friendlier with Israel and are sticking together against this bigger enemy that is attacking all of them. Such is the miraculous ways of G-d. Now, about the Pashtuns (Pushtun) who are in trouble with Afghanistan and Pakistan; I would say that those involved in terror groups must stop being terrorists. I know that there are some Pashtuns that belong to Hezbollah. They must organize their protection in a protective way and stop attacking innocent people from these terror groups. They must display their good ethics and show their neighbors that they are good people. I'm very interested in the Pashtuns. As far as I can see, they are our ancient cousins, and we still have some blood connection. I wish all the best to them. Besides that, they are a beautiful people. I have friends among them that I love dearly. They are to be admired greatly for continuing practices from the days we stood together. After all these years, it brings tears to my eyes to know that they continued with this. It's so great!

  15. Yes, they may not realize this custom comes from their Jewish roots. You are doing a good job of studying about the Pashtuns. We do have several groups returning now who have claims of being among the lost 10 Tribes of Israel. It's wonderful that they are returning, and even more wonderful that they have held onto so many of the customs of the Israelites. I think the Pashtuns have done the best job.

  16. Slaam (Peace to all)
    I am Pashtun , n Muslim also, we all pashtun called himself,s Bani-Israil,s (Son,s of Yaqoob A.S). we want good relations with all humen n respect their Religion,s especially Jews, Chiristians bcz they are belivers of Same God as we. and they are the people of our beloved Prophets Moosa(Moses) A.S n Essa (Massiah).
    If i could do one thing as Pashtun, i Kiss a Jew n Arab too n make friendship in them.
    This is what Islaam teaches us. we are groomed but many invaders didnt wants we live Peacefully,
    one fact i can tell you, Usama Bin Laden is an Arab, n he Take a Asylem(Nan-Watai) Americans want arrest Usama but Pataans didnt, after that #Story starts,....

    Pashtoon-Wali - #Main Un-Written principles
    which are we followed by centuries..

    1,#Melmastia (hospitality) - Showing hospitality and profound respect to all visitors, regardless of race, religion, national affiliation or economic status and doing so without any hope of remuneration or favour. Pashtuns will go to great lengths to show their hospitality.
    2.#Nanawatai (forgiveness or asylum) - Derived from the verb meaning to go in, this refers to the protection given to a person against his enemies. People are protected at all costs; even those running from the law must be given refuge until the situation can be clarified.[4] Nanawatai can also be used when the vanquished party in a dispute is prepared to go in to the house of the victors and ask for their forgiveness: this is a peculiar form of "chivalrous" surrender, in which an enemy seeks "sanctuary" at the house of their foe. A notable example is that of Navy Petty Officer First Class Marcus Luttrell, the sole survivor of a US Navy SEAL team ambushed by Taliban fighters. Wounded, he evaded the enemy and was aided by members of the Sabray tribe who took him to their village. The tribal chief protected him, fending off attacking tribes until word was sent to nearby US forces.
    3.#Nyaw aw Badal (justice and revenge) - lore needs elaborating: even a mere taunt (or "Peghor/پېغور") counts as an insult which usually can only be redressed by shedding the taunter's blood. If he is out of reach, his closest male relation must suffer the penalty instead. Ba
    4.#Turah (bravery) - A Pashtun must defend his land, property, and family from incursions. He should always stand bravely against tyranny and be able to defend the honour of his name. Death can follow if anyone offends this principle.[4]
    5#Sabat (loyalty) -.
    6.#Khegaṛa / Shegaṛa (righteousness) - A Pashtun must always strive for good in thought, word, and deed. Pashtuns must behave respectfully to people, to animals, and to the environment around them. Pollution of the environment or its destruction is against the Pashtunwali.[4]
    6.#Groh (faith) - Contains a wider notion of trust or faith in God (known as "Allah" in Arabic and "Khudai" in Pashto).[4] The notion of trusting in one Creator generally comports to the Islamic idea of belief in only one God (tawheed).
    7.#Pat / Wyaar aw Meṛaana (respect, pride and courage) - Pashtuns must demonstrate courage [ مېړانه ]. Their pride [ وياړ ] , has great importance in Pashtun society and must be preserved. They must respect themselves and others in order to be able to do so, especially those they do not know. Respect begins at home, among family members and relatives. If one does not have these qualities they are not considered worthy of being a Pashtun.[4]
    8.#Naamus (protection of women) - A Pashtun must defend the honor of women at all costs and must protect them from vocal and physical harm.[4]
    9.#Nang (honor) - A Pashtun must defend the weak around him.
    10.#Hewaad (country) - A Pashtun is obliged to protect the land of the Pashtuns. Defense of the nation means the defense of 11.#Pashtun culture or "hasob" [هڅوب], countrymen or "hewaadwaal" [هيوادوال], and of the self or "zaan" [ځان]. This principle is also interconnected to another principle denoting the attachment a Pashtun feels with his land or zmaka [ځمکه].[20]

  17. I wish you could pass on your ethics to the so called Palestinian Arabs who are constantly fighting against Israel. You would make great neighbors. Your ethics have allowed you to live in Pakistan and Afghanistan on your own territory and your own rules, as I understand. Your land sounds like it is similar to the Indian Reservation land in the USA for Native Americans. I can see how our 10 Tribes that were taken from us by the Assyrians kept many of the values they learned from Moses so long ago in 722 BCE. I love that you must behave respectfully to animals, also, like we do. We feel the same way about our beloved land of Israel in that we must defend it. It's the only land that G-d led us to and gave us the command to live there. It's the only land we have that is truly ours.

  18. To Muhammad Saqib today on July 15, 2016, who said, Muhammad SaqibJuly 15, 2016 at 5:27 AM
    you know every thing about us,,,i should also know jews ,,,but we are proud Muslim i respect your concerns but leave the Past and be nice to your Cousins of Palestine and raise your voice for The Pushtun ,,,,which is in trouble in Afg and Pak
    I wanted to answer under your comment but there was no (reply) button for me there, so here's my reply which I think I've written in another spot.

    Israel has been extremely nice to the Palestinians but have decided 50 some years ago in a big Arab meeting to never make peace with Israel. Their goal is to drive Jews out, to kill them, and the terrorist group, Hamas who governs Gaza continue to shoot rockets, mortars and missiles into Israel. Like you, Israel has to defend their land. Yes, I'll continue to raise my voice about the Pashtuns. I'm convinced you are our long lost cousins, members of the 10 tribes of Jacob who were taken away by the Assyrians. I have a doctor's appointment today with a lady doctor, and I think she's a Pashto. Wouldn't that be something!

  19. Afgan and Pakistani pashtuns name themself "sons of Joseph". They claim that their ancestors came from Caucasus, and related to Georgian people of that region.
    Notice, ancient Georgia also known as Iberia or Iveria, which originated from Hibrew word.

  20. Yakov, the Afghani and Pakistani Pashtuns I've talked to claim descent from our 10 Lost Tribes. More than one has told me that not ALL Pashtuns say they are or are believed by all, as there are a LOT of Pashtuns. I've known of one who has the same DNA haplogroup as my father, a Q. The only way to prove this is BY dna testing. You haven't heard of all the cultural things they have been practicing these past thousands of years the duplicate our Jewish practices. We have a PhD in Jerusalem who studies these things and believes they are. I've read her articles and have written to her. Yes, we do have Hebrew words for land masses, don't we, and our Hebrew hasn't changed.

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  22. היי שלום קוראים לי אפרת אני ישראלית אבא שלי נולד באפגניסטן בקהילה היהודית של קאבול . יש לנו שושלת משפחתית גם מקאבול וגם מהראת.מעניין לשאול את סבתא שלי מה היא אומרת בעניין. בכל אופן ישראל רציתי לשאול אותך אם ידוע על התייחסות ממשלתית של המדינה בעניין? והאם אתה מכיר מומחה ישראלי לנושא? ו

  23. Translation by Google and me on Shalom; they translated it as Goodbye : A huge wave July 26, 2016 at 11:59 AM

    Hello, My name is Efrat I was born my father Israeli Jewish community of Afghanistan, Kabul. We have a family dynasty in Kabul and Mhrat.maniin ask my grandmother what she says about it. Anyway Israel wanted to ask you if you know the reference of the state government on the matter? And do you know an Israeli expert on the subject?

    You are saying that Kabul is an Israeli Jewish community? Or are you saying there is a Jewish community that exists in Kabul. You are Efrat and have a Jewish father and you have a family dynasty in Kabul. I think your mean you have been there for many generations. This is a surprise to me. I didn't know that there existed still a Jewish community there.
    Dr. Shalva Weil of Jerusalem would be the one to talk to about this. Dr. Shalva Weil is a Senior Researcher at The Research Institute for Innovation and Education at the Hebrew University. She focuses on Indian Jewry, Ethiopian Jewry, and the Ten Lost Tribes and specializes in qualitative methods, violence, gender, ethnicity, education, religion, and migration. I believe she's at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. תואר: Dr.
    Phone: 972-2-5882100, 972-522-523553
    Efrat, you are writing in Hebrew. Did you learn that in Kabul?