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2015:ISIS- Possible Terror Events For USA

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                         

Why anyone in his right mind would want to join up with ISIS is beyond comprehension, but there were "at least" 14 Americans who were intercepted that were on their way to join up with them.  The most recent was a mother in Virginia and a man from Chicago with his 2 teenage siblings.  Depression?  A wish to die?

Already over 100  to 300 Americans have joined up with jihadist groups in Syria.  The FBI is monitoring about 150 Americans who have returned from Syria for possible terrorist links.  Another report says that "Almost every day new news stories and gruesome images appear of atrocities committed by ISIS (Islamic State), also referred to as IS. This does not seem to diminish the appeal of this terrorist movement, however.  Recent figures show that there are more than 3,000 Western jihadists who have joined to fight in Syria and Iraq, mostly young Muslim men from Britain, Australia, France, Germany and the US. The mortality rates are pretty high (of the 140 Dutch IS fighters 15 are known to have died; so more than 10%). So this begs the question why any rational human being would decide to fight there?" 
Beheadings are usual with ISIS
"For many young men engaging in warfare is just an adventurous journey. And for many it is a way to increase their status among their peers."."It's  the male warrior phenomenon."

 There is a strong fascination among men in particular with anything to do with warfare. We find significant differences between men and women in watching war movies, reading war books, and in their political support for armed conflict as a solution to international relations. Men also participate more in intergroup aggression, are more prejudiced, and like to wear the colors of their favorite tribes, for instance, the sports team, motorcycle club, and religious tribe. This warrior psychology is probably deeply ingrained in the biology of men. There are several indications."
Shooting is also used by ISIS
The Sunni Islamists are not strict enough for some people, so they have become Salafists.  ISIS or IS  has inspired a whole new generation of homegrown terrorists such as this.  A study found that Salafist jihadists has doubled since 2010.  Individual Salafist jihadist groups has doubled since 2001.  The number of attacks from them has tripled since 2010.  The State Department  said that a 40% rise in attacks in 2013 and a 60% rise in fatalities are from terrorism.

"The burning of two Coptic Christian churches in Cairo, and recent events in Syria and Gaza, have drawn attention to Salafism – a little known branch of Islam. Salafis appear to be both dangerous and extremist." This was reported in April 2011.  They've been active jihadists. 

 "WHAT IS SALAFISM?Salafis are fundamentalists who believe in a return to the original ways of Islam. The word 'Salafi' comes from the Arabic phrase, 'as-salaf as-saliheen', which refers to the first three generations of Muslims (starting with the Companions of the Prophet), otherwise known as the Pious Predecessors.

WHAT DO SALAFIS BELIEVE?The 100-year-old Sunni-based Salafi school of thought aspires to emulate the ways of the Prophet Mohammed. Recognizable from their distinctive long white robes, long beards and flowing head scarf, Salafis are socially and religiously conservative.                                              
ISIS entering a city
Many Muslims in QatarUAE and Saudi Arabia are Salafists. 46.87% of Qatari s and 44.8% of Emiratis are Salafis.   5.7% of Bahrainis are Salafis and 2.17% of Kuwaitis are Salafis.
"Some Salafi scholars appear to support extremism and acts of violence. The Egyptian Salafi cleric Mahmoud Shaaban "appeared on a religious television channel calling for the deaths of main opposition figures Mohammed ElBaradei – a Nobel peace prize laureate – and former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi."   The popular salafi preacher, Zakir Naik , speaking of Osama bin Laden, said that he would not criticize bin Laden because he had not met him and did not know him personally. He added that, "If bin Laden is fighting enemies of Islam, I am for him," and that "If he is terrorizing America – the terrorist, biggest terrorist – I am with him. Every Muslim should be a terrorist. The thing is that if he is terrorizing the terrorist, he is following Islam. Whether he is or not, I don’t know, but you as Muslims know that, without checking up, laying allegations is also wrong."
"While Salafism had next to no presence in Europe in the 1980s, by the mid-2000s, Salafist jihadists had acquired "a burgeoning presence in Europe, having attempted more than 30 terrorist attacks among E.U. countries since 2001."  
"Al Jazeera journalist Jamal Al Sharif describes Salafi Jihadism as combining "the doctrinal content and approach of Salafism and organisational models from Muslim Brotherhood organizations. Their motto emerged as ‘Salafism in doctrine, modernity in confrontation’"
The Salafist feels that "their belief makes unnecessary and un-Islamic other ideologies such as liberalism or humanism."  Anybody that doesn't believe in Islam must know that their centrality of jihad is against infidel regimes.  To them, Europe, USA and Israel are the infidels.  
"Eleven young Salafists in bright orange vests with the words Sharia Police written on the back patrolled the city of Wuppertal last week. Germans are outraged - and wonder how to react."   "Sharia is not tolerated on German soil," Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière said, and Justice Minister Heiko Maas warned Germany would not tolerate any form of illegal parallel justice." What had been going on was that "Last Wednesday, a group of young men marched up to young people at the doors of Turkish discotheques, cafes and amusement arcades and told them to refrain from drinking alcohol and playing games for money.  The self-proclaimed guardians of public morals are Salafists, the fastest growing group of radical Muslims in Germany. The head of the Wuppertal group is a German convert Sven Lau, alias Abu Adam.
Gaza Salafists had pledged allegiance to ISIS.  in February 2014.    This also comes from Salafists living in East Jerusalem.  "One of the leaders also stressed that the Salafist factions in the Gaza Strip and ISIS agreed in substance on the need to establish an Islamic state, and expressed sadness for the infighting taking place between ISIS and other Islamist factions."  
The Golan is being threatened by ISIS and northern Israelis were evacuated.  "…there is huge fighting between the ISIS and the Syrian army, and also the Israeli army. There are three teams … three armies that are fighting now,” according to Hamat Awidat."  This was happening in August 2014.  
The web is full of reports.  Salafists have killed in England and  Tunisia.  German Salafists are active in Egypt.  They could be male or female; Middle Eastern,   European  or American.  
The Clarion Project says that from these records, it's safe to say that Islamist terrorism will be in the headlines in 2015 as it did for most of 2014.
Update: 1/4/15 Israel just broke up an ISIS terror cell in Hebron.  Hebron has become a center for Palestinians, so would have harbored such a group.


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