Thursday, January 15, 2015

Netanyahu's Marching Experience in Paris

Original picture not photo -shopped to take out women for Muslim and Jewish feelings.  
Nadene Goldfoot                                                                     
Netanyahu and Abbas right in front leading the march, photo-shopped without the women marchers

Such a march in Paris with so many heads of state showing unity with France against terror with this demonstration of solidarity against terror attacks.  Did the marchers realize that their President  Hollande, even after 4 Jews were murdered in the kosher supermarket, asked Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel not to come?  Did they know that Hollande was so angry when he heard he was coming that he asked Abbas to also come?  Hollande even gave Netanyahu the cold shoulder in the synagogue.                                                          
4 Jewish shoppers in kosher supermarket murdered by terrorist 
Now let's get this straight.  Israel, the only Jewish state in the world,  was created legitimately through the League of Nations in the 20's and also through the United Nations and came into existence on May 14, 1948 amid shooting from Abbas's Palestinian Arabs as well as the invasion of the regular armies of Egypt, Transjordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and also a Saudi-Arabian contingent while Israel only had 650,000 people to fight them off as that was their total population!   Ever since then for 66 years Israel has suffered from such things that France just did; murders, suicide bombers, outright bombing of rockets, missiles and mortars, and not to mention outright wars, and no one really complained about it except the USA who sold or donated arms to Israel, trying to give them the newest while they also armed their enemies with the 2nd best.
 The only time there has been praise for Israel was after the 1967 Six Day War when again, Israel had to face the regular armies of Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Syria while Russia had instigated with false reports about Israel.  Little Israel had to face 90,000 Egyptian soldiers with 900 tanks in the Sinai alone!  Four of the Arab nations had more than 250,000 troops armed with Soviet-supplied tanks and aircraft.  The enemy was on Israel's borders ready to evade in mass.  Iraq was to strike Israel's civilian settlements, turn them into dust and pave the Arab roads with the skulls of Jews.  Israel preempted them in a defensive war and managed to capture Judea and Samaria from Jordan, take Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, and the Golan Heights from Syria instead.  In 1967 Israel 's population, including Arabs, was 2.745 million.  Today Egypt has 80 million, Jordan 6 million, Israel 7.7 million, Iraq 31 million, and Syria 22 million.  Now all we hear is "Back to the 67 borders!"
 What they expect is back to the 1948 borders.  Then the next move is into the sea.
Hollande is showing his anti-Semitism so strongly to the world in snubbing Netanyahu.  Who is he kidding?  He even boldly got up and left the synagogue seating when it was time for Netanyahu to make his elegant speech that would have pleased this disrespectful move.  The amazing thing was that Hollande wound up sitting next to Netanyahu in the synagogue, though, but I didn't see them speak even in a whisper to each other.  Netanyahu said a few things to the person on his right, though.
Fatah terrorists
Did the Frenchmen stop to think about what they were viewing with Abbas marching?  Abbas was with Yasser Arafat of the PLO, the world's more active terrorist, and took over from him when Arafat died. They just changed their name to Fatah.   Did Abbas understand that the world was showing support against terrorism and he was one of the original terrorists?  Don't they realize that he is the one who instigates terrorism among the Palestinians?  He rewards them by naming parks, buildings and anything else after them, and here he was marching against terrorism.  How two-faced can one get?  Abbas's aim is to do as much destruction as possible against Israel without getting it back, but that hasn't been the case, of course. Then he's been doing it through the UN and trying to sue Israel for existing.
Toulouse Jewish School victims 2012 
Hollande didn't want to hear Netanyahu say anything like, "It's happened again after Toulouse's shooting of a Jewish Day School in 2012.  He knew he hasn't done enough to stop attacks on Jews.  France's record of defending Jews against anti-Semitism actions  would be a D-. This is exactly why 7,000 French Jews have made aliyah to Israel this year.  To not come to Paris would have been insensitive of Netanyahu.  He needed to come, if only to pay respect to the knowledge of what has been happening to the Jewish community there from terrorism.
Must get to the fun?  They have an orthodox Jew pushing a crippled Arab.  French humor.  
 To think that what it really took was an attack on their satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo,  that even the Pope just commented about saying, " People shouldn't insult other's religions."  He insisted that other people's religion could not be insulted or mocked.  I dare say that if there had been an attack just on the Jews, there would have been no march against terrorism at all.  Evidently this satirical magazine is France's biggest hit in magazine entertainment.  They like satire and are really into doing it to all religions, etc.  It's a part of their culture, whereas it isn't in the USA, although I remember MAD magazine in the 60's which was quite popular, but I don't think it ever went this far.  France was introduced to satire through Moliere, a French playwright (1622 to 1673) whose satirical plays are still enjoyed today for their wit, even in the USA.  

I see that Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Economy Minister  Naftali Bennet told Paris that they were coming for the march and would meet with the Jewish community, and they didn't have to ask permission from Netanyahu to do this.  They decided on their own that it was the thing to do, even though it is dangerous for any Israeli to travel outside of their own state.  Yet no one in the Obama government decided to do this.  Are they actively snubbing France?  Or did they just think it wasn't important?

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  1. I'm not happy with the photo you put on Facebook. This is an edited photo (photoshop) by Orthodox Jewish newspaper in Israel.
    All women have been removed from the picture. Follow the ulta -orthodoxen women may not to participate in demonstrations.
    They are proud of it, that is terrible.

    Best regards,

  2. Thanks, Martin, I didn't realize the situation at all. So I've used both of them since the photo shopped one shows the marchers betters as to who they are. I wouldn't think that the ultra orthodox women would have marched if they were of this group anyway. There are several situations where they are careful not to do and that would be to hold hands with a man, but I wouldn't think marching without hand-holding would be taboo.