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The David and Goliath Phenomenon: Israel and Arabs

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                 
David and Goliath, Philistine Giant from Gath 

Long ago a young shepherd by the name of David stepped up to the plate as the only one to take on a giant that was threatening his people.  The giant's name was Goliath.  How this lad slew the giant was with a slingshot that hit the giant right in the forehead and down he went.  David was the hero and later became king of Israel.
Fatah in Judea and Samaria, East Jerusalem
Hezbollah in Lebanon

Hamas in Gaza
Today's enemies of Israel, most of the  22 members of the League of Arab States,  have managed with their vile propaganda to turn this story into their story.  It is they who have ganged up on the only Jewish state in the world by in wars such as that in 1947-48, 1956, 1967, and 1973, and constant bombardment  by 1982, and by Hamas from Gaza since 2001.  They've managed to convince the Organization of Islamic Cooperation of 57 member states that Israel has got to go.

Thus they picture themselves as David and Israel as Goliath.   Because little Israel has come up with more powerful weapons than their sometimes home made rockets, mortars and missiles,  the Arabs picture themselves as David, though they outnumber Israel's population and size of land completely.   The Arabs  felt they could turn and go back to their 22 states if necessary, but the Israelis have nowhere to turn but their Israel, so they have more determination.   Today the arms  of the Arabs have become highly sophisticated  with the help of Iran via Russia.

In 1948 Israel had  a population of 650,000 and had to fight against all the Arabs that attacked them.  Today Israel has 6 million Jews and 1.7 million Arabs to make up their population against about 1.3 billion Muslims from 56 Islamic countries who will not accept them in their Middle East.    So, who's Goliath?  Goliath was the Philistine's best weapon.  He didn't need a slingshot.  One look at him and men ran.  The Philistine soldiers didn't need the swords they carried, but they carried them anyway.  David used his brains and got Goliath in between his eyes.  He had the skill and could reason.  He knew he could take the giant down as he had against wolves who had preyed on his sheep.

It's interesting in that the real Goliath was a Philistine giant from Gath.  The story of this encounter is found in I Samuel 17:21:20.  The Philistine were the enemies of Israel and that includes the tribe of Judah of which he was a member.  He became king (1000 BCE to 960 BCE), youngest son of Jesse, grandson of Ruth and Boaz  and born in Bethlehem.   Boaz was the son of Judah.  David was also said to be the son of Jesse,  an Ephrathite man from Bethlehem in Judah, who had 8 sons.  After fighting Goliath he became a soldier fighting the Philistines like his 3 older brothers did.

The Philistines originated in Asia Minor and Greek places and reached Eretz Yisrael in waves.  One group had settled south of Beersheba in Gerar and fought with Abraham and Isaac.  Another group from Crete had fought against Egypt's Rameses III in 1194 BCE and then came to the southern coastal area of Yisrael where they founded 5 principalities:  Gaza, Ascalon, Ashdod, Ekron and Gath.  They were a fighting people by nature and dominated parts of Judah in the period of the Judges.  King Saul, Israel's first king,  was defeated by them.  David ended the era of Philistine domination and overran Philistia.  When David's son, King Solomon died, the Philistines re-established their independence but were never a serious factor.

From the time of Herodotus, Greeks called the land Palestine after their Philistine connection, but it wasn't used by anyone until the Romans had attacked Jerusalem and razed the 2nd Temple in 70 CE and the Jewish General Bar Kokhba fought the Romans from 132 to 135 CE and died in battle.  Then the Romans, who were so angry to have had to fight for 3 years, turned around and called Eretz Yisrael "Palestine" to get even and erase Jewish history.

Israel still stands alone against the giant countries who have turned against her for her pluckiness to exist.  It is their ever lingering anti-Semitism that allows them to continue to feel disaffection and alienation towards Israel, and down right fear of the Arabs who might turn off the spigot of oil to warm their homes in winter.  Combined with these thoughts and feelings, only a certain segment of Evangelical Christians stand with Israel in their struggle.

Obama had arms supplies cut off from Israel during Operation Defensive Edge in July of 2014 which was an unexpected move.  "The crisis began about ten days into Operation Protective Edge, pursuant to allegations that the percentage of uninvolved civilian deaths in the Gaza Strip was extremely high .   Hamas had insisted that civilians stay next to places where the terrorists were shooting from.  They told them not to listen to the Israelis to leave areas, thus causing many unnecessary casualties.  They did this to garner hatred for Israel, and it seems to have worked, as Israel was truly alone, then.  

According to an EU poll, half or more of Dutch, Austrians, Finns, Brits and Germans say that Israel is "the greatest threat to world peace", and held an anti-Israel demonstration in central London on July 19, 2014.  The Dutch, whose Anna Frank was a Jewish teen who went to her death in a German death-camp from their home; Austria who was home to Hitler, Brits and Germans who have high numbers of Muslims today, and Finns?  Where do they get these ideas?  Are the Finns following in the footsteps of Norway and Sweden?  

How long will the effect of the Unity March in Paris last where everyone was either Jewish or cartoonists, standing with them?  Has there been a change of heart or has everyone slipped back into their anti-Semitic comfort zone?  I wonder.  

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