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Jimmy Carter's Forked Tongue Slicing Away at Israel with BBC Reporter

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                
Could be Gaza after Operation Protective Edge or Syria after Assad's soldiers attack rebel communities.: Palestinian leaders kept civilians in harm's way though Israel gave plenty of warning-Israel went into Gaza to take out the sites where rockets, mortars, missiles were shot at them after months of pleading to stop the shooting.  This time Tel Aviv and Jerusalem were hit and all the 7.7 million Israeli population were hunkering down in bomb shelters.  

This was a comment on live television. " BBC reporter Tim Willcox expressed regret after saying on television during the Paris unity rally that Palestinians “suffer hugely at Jewish hands,” 
the Jerusalem Post reported.  

While this BBC reporter apologized for linking anti-Semitic attacks in France to Palestinian ‘suffering’ at Israeli hands, Jimmy Carter, blames the Charlie Hebdo and the kosher supermarket attacks in France squarely on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  In doing so, he always blames Israel in the fracas.  He is well-known for blaming Israel and never the Arabs as he has written several books doing so.  

I can't go back very far to tell you how Palestinians were treated  by Jews as there has never been a country of Palestine.  You know that it was the name used by the Romans after 135 CE for Israel and Judea.  So, calling Arabs "Palestinians" is a misnomer.  Jews were also referred to as Palestinians at the same time since they both lived on the land referred to as Palestine.  In 1948 with the pronouncement of Israel, the Jews and Arabs who remained and hadn't run away became Israelis.  
Roman Arch of Titus, 70 CE, carrying off Temple goods 

In the 1st century, 70 CE to be exact, the Roman Empire defeated the nation of Judea who had been a nation for over 1,000 years.  For 2,000 years it had never been a state for anyone while Jews kept on living there.  Then it became property of the Ottoman Empire who lost WWI along with Germany and the land was ceded to the Allies.  Iraq, Lebanon and Syria were then created.  It was then recognized as the Jewish national home once again.
Theodore Herzl, newspaper reporter (1860-1904)

Theodore Herzl had a dream.  He had dreamt of the perfect state for Jews where they would live by their neighbors  in peace.  This was in 1896 when Jews were returning to build homes in their old homeland.  Then he published his book about it, called Der Judenstaat (The Jewish State).  What is more logical than people to want to return to their own ancient homeland where all their history lay?  Herzl had started the Zionist movement with this book.  "The common denominator among all Zionists is the claim to Eretz Israel as the national homeland of the Jews and as the legitimate focus for the Jewish national self-determination."  

The Arabs living there sold out and moved to more exciting places such as Paris, Beirut, Cairo, England.  A few remained.  Arabs from Syria roamed there and called themselves Syrian Palestinians. Arab and Jews who lived in the Palestine Mandate all had Palestine Mandate passports, but Arab residents were generally referred to as Arabs, not Palestinians.     Jews returning to their homeland from Russia escaping terrible pogroms entered in the 1880's and lived among the Arabs in their own camps, also trying to figure out how to make a living there.  Then end of the most terrible war of all times was 1917, and the Balfour Declaration was written.  The British were told to facilitate Jewish immigration and settlement of Palestine, so they made up their own rules and did such things as to let great numbers of Arabs into the land while they kept the Jews out.  

While Emir Feisal, THE spokesman for all the Arabs, was in favor of the Jews' return, his nemesis, the Sharif of Jerusalem, the Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini was very much against it as he'd lose his coveted position.  He instigated pogroms and riots against the Jews at a time when Hitler was becoming powerful.  The two got together in Germany and plotted and schemed the death of Jews.  
The Exodus of 1947, carried 4,554 Jewish refugees to Palestine,  seized by the British who killed 3 Jews in a battle.  The refugees were returned forcibly to Port de Bouc, France and refused to land there, disembarked at Hamburg, Germany by British soldiers. All were slaughtered in the Holocaust, of course.  

The Jews bought the land from the Arab owners and paid the highest of prices for it, even when they were not legally bound to pay, according to the Hope Simpson Report in 1930.  The Jews bought 418,000 dunums (quarter acres) between 1878 and 1914, 58% was sold by non-Palestinian Arab absentee landlords and 36% by Palestinian absentee landlords, for a total of 94%.  This is recorded by the Palestinians-American historian, Rashid Khalidi.   It was found that much of the land bearing orange groves had been sand dunes or swamps and uncultivated land when it was bought.  Only Jews would buy such ugly land.  This comes from the Peel commission Report of 1937.  Jews took land nobody had wanted since they had to leave it, and they brought it back to life again.  It responded to their loving and respectful hands.

These Jewish pioneers went through all sorts of hardships, sickness and wretchedness.  They went without water for days and lived in cramped tents where various reptiles managed to find shelter also,  Their wives, children and mothers suffered as they fought off Bedouin raiders who were fancy free and enjoyed robbing for a living.  The Jews put in backbreaking labor by clearing the wasteland and draining the malarial swamps.  They planted trees in the hillsides and then built towns and villages.  

They established agricultural colonies, men who had been kept from owning land and were kept from feeling soil in their fingers did it.  They had come in with the background of merchants, traders, silk road businessmen, loaners of money, but never farming and somehow they studied the situation and hit on the best methods.  Every traveler in Palestine was impressed by the beautiful stretches of prosperous cultivation abut them, and this was from the Jews, not the Arabs who had not done a thing for the land.  This is from the Interim Report on the civil Administration of Palestine to the League of Nations in June 1921.  

Arabs came into the land to find work with the Jews.  The Grand Mufti turned them against Jews.  They attacked and were attacking at the time when the Jewish leaders were about to declare their state through the UN vote, and they kept on attacking immediately after the announcement. 

 Tell me, Jimmy Carter, how they suffered hugely in Jewish hands?  Any suffering they suffered was brought on by their own actions.  They greeted Jews on their birth not with bread and salt  but with spilling their blood with their hands.   It was less that 24 hours later after the announcement when Israelis were invaded by the armies of 5 Arab nations; Egypt, Syria, TransJordan, Lebanon and Iraq.  The IDF was created by the wave of the cane of Moses, just about,  and somehow they managed to defeat the invasion in 15 months of war where 6,000 lost their lives, which was 1% of their new nation of 650,000.  This was Israel's War of Independence from 1948 to 1949.  

Ever since then the Arabs have not been friendly, to say the least.  Israel has been attacked, suicide bombers have blown up places with people, and there has been very little peace given to Israel by them.  And you dare to say that "Palestinians “suffer hugely at Jewish hands?” 

Let me tell you something, Mr. former President.  For 66 years Jews have not had any peace and have had people try for force them into the sea so that they could take over their native land that they have built.  But after being forced to wander themselves for 2,000 years in Christian countries as well as Muslim ones, are not about to leave again.  If Palestinian Arabs don't want to suffer, then tell them it's simple;  treat the Jews like they would want to be treated.  It's the Golden Rule which we try to follow.  All they have to do is love their own children more than they have learned to hate Jews.  Quit pelting Israel with their rockets, mortars and missiles and popping up in their tunnels with intent to kill and steal our children.  But if they harm us, they will get harmed in return.  Get it?  When you attack Jews,  they will fight back.  

What did Isaiah say about the Philistines?  "Do not rejoice, O Philistia, all of you, because the staff that beat you has been broken;  for from the root of the snake will emerge a viper, and his progeny will be a flying fiery serpent.  The foremost of the poor will then graze, and the destitute will lie down in security;  and I will kill your root with famine, and he will slay your remnant.  Wail, O gate!  Cry out, O city!  Melt in fear, O Phillistia, all of you!  For smoke comes from the North, and no one is isolated among his appointed troops  What will the messengers of the nation say?  That G-d has established Zion and in it the poor of His people take shelter."  

The Philistines acted somewhat like the Palestinians in that when one of the Jews dies, they celebrate and pass out candy.  The Philistines were told not to rejoice over the death of the Davidic dynasty in this case, which had defeated them all along from David to Uzziah because Hezekiah was to emerge and would deal them a severe blow.  He would swoop down from the North onto the Philistine capital, GAZA, every one of his troops in full formation.  

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