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Part 6 - Rebuttal on Pillar of Defense from Noam Chomsky's Attack

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                     
Israel's Operation Pillar of Defense November 14, 2012

Noam Chomsky had just finished talking about his take on the aftermath of the November 2012 Israeli assault.    We have just gone from 2008-2009 to 2012.  He didn't call it by name.  It was  Operation Pillar of Defense.  He continues:

"There was a ceasefire reached with the usual terms.    Even this comment shows it has been a regular occurrence.  He describes what happened by quoting Nathan Thrall, Middle East analyst for the International Crisis Group.  He's a reporter of similar mind as Chomsky and a member of Democracy Now. He lives in Jerusalem and his writings have found their way in many Palestinian articles in Arabic such as "  Al-HayatAsharq al-Awsat, and Al-Quds al-Arabi."   The Crisis Group started in 1993 with George Soros giving them the seed money.  They have lots of positions for jobs if anyone is interested.

Now let's see how Thrall would handle a crisis and what he said: " Israel recognized that Hamas was observing the terms of the ceasefire, and "therefore saw little incentive" in doing the same.  The military attacks on Gaza increased, along with more stringent restrictions on imports.  Exports were blocked.  Exit permits were blocked."  
“The first aim of this operation is to bring back quiet to southern Israel, and the second target is to strike at terror organizations,” Mordechai said. “The homefront must brace itself resiliently,” he added, describing Jabari as a man with “a lot of blood on his hands.” The IAF killed the Hamas military chief, Jabari.  
To read the chart, go to  Cities are listed from far away to the red area near Gaza's firing distance.  Ashkelon and Sderot are within striking distance.  
Nathan and Noam make assumptions that are not true saying that "Israel had little incentive to observe the ceasefire since, according to them, Hamas was observing it.  Assumption is NOT FACT.  So he's accusing Israel of not abiding by the ceasefire and that Hamas is. Noam is telling a downright lie.
Hamas terrorists 
Let's looks at some hard facts these men always manage to leave out.  It's like signing up for a Master's Degree course without taking Basic History 101.
1.  Hamas doesn't negotiate with Israel.
2.  Hamas denies Israel's right to exist.
3.  Hamas refuses to abide by previously signed agreements.  Even the recently-expired 6 month cease-fire-(I talked about it in Part 5) between Israel and Hamas had to be slowly and painstakingly negotiated through Egypt because Hamas wouldn't talk to Israelis.
4. Hamas used the time to build more tunnels to smuggle weapons and supplies from Egypt.
5. Hamas used the time to build more rockets and to improve the range and accuracy of its existing arsenal.
6. A new cease-fire before the tunnels and weapons are destroyed or neutralized would just give Hamas the chance to follow Hezbollah and rearm and regroup for a future battle to destroy Israel.
Qassam rocket aimed for Israel
The background is that after Israel completely withdrew from Gaza in 2005, Hamas and other terrorists unleashed a barrage of daily rocket attack into Israel.  The city of Sderot, 1 mile away from Gaza, was hit by over 360 Qassam rockets within 6 months.  In June 2006, terrorists from Gaza tunneled into Israel, killing 2 soldiers and kidnapping Gilad Shallit.  2 weeks later, Hezbollah terrorists of Lebanon, supported by Iran and Syria, attacked Israel across the internationally recognized Israeli-Lebanese border., killing 8 soldiers and kidnapping 2, simutaneously launching a barrage of rockets against civilian towns in northern Israel.  Israel responded with a military operation that lasted 34 days.  These have all been "acts of war" against Israel.

It's interesting that Noam doesn't call this "assault" by its name.  He is referring to when a total of 1,500 rockets were fired at Israel since the start of Operation Pillar of Defense November 14, 2012.  More than half of these rockets hit into Israeli territory.  A ceasefire was declared on November 21 at 9pm.  That took one week to bring about a ceasefire.

" Israel had said ENOUGH and after being hit by rockets, mortars and missiles from Gaza since 2001, finally went into Gaza  in an offensive land operation to put an end to the shooting with Operation Pillar of Defense that lasted for 8 days. 
Sderot; 1 mile from Gaza
  "Cities like Sderot and  Ashkelon were favorite sites hit in Israel.  Where Sderot is very close to the border, Ashkelon is a large major city to the north of Gaza along the sea where a large hospital is that serves both Arab Gazans and Israelis inside a large perimeter.  The strikes have caused the hospital to go to the basement levels in order to take care of their patients.  What seems to be an insane goal to me, the Arabs keep aiming for the city that provides them life when they themselves are injured. "

Egyptian FM Mohamed Kamel Amr, held a joint news conference with Hilary Clinton and announced a ceasefire to start at 9pm on Tuesday, November 21.  Netanyahu spoke with Obama and acceded to his recommendation to give the Egyptian ceasefire proposal a chance and thereby give an opportunity to stabilize and calm the situation before there is a need to use greater force.  He expressed his deep appreciation to the President for his support of Israel during the operation and for his contribution to the Iron Dome system.   Netanyahu reiterated that Israel would take all necessary steps to defend its citizens.

Israel felt it had disengaged in 2005 when they moved out of Gaza.  Hamas had turned it into a terrorist entity.  Israel has had to have great restraint when being hit by rockets, mortars and missiles constantly but has little choice now but to act in self defense.  The immediate cause this time were the attacks of 121 rockets fired on southern Israel over the last 4 days.  Over 5,200 rockets and mortars have struck Israel since 2007 .  Israel tried to be a surgical in their attacks as possible.

Many Israelis only had 15 seconds in which to find shelter.  Millions of people in the range of the rockets had live their lives knowing that any minute could bring another siren, another run to take cover.  Schools within 40 km (24 miles) radius of Gaza had to be closed.  6 Israelis were killed by rockets and mortars.  Again, lives were saved by shelters and a disciplined public that followed official instructions and the Iron Dome missile defense system.  It was Iran that provided long-range Fajr 5 rockets and other weapons, trained many terrorists and transferred millions of dollars to the terrorist organizations.

Noam had complained that "Exports were blocked.  Exit permits were blocked."    Keep on being terrorists and they'll stay blocked, Noam.  That's the result of terrorism on a state that wants peace.  Yes, imports of cement were not being used for building schools as requested.  They actually were for building tunnels.  
Israeli trucks carrying supplies into Gaza

On November 8, 2012, it was reported that Israel was making a major effort to maintain normal civilian life in Gaza despite the current hostilities.  To do this, the IDF opened the Kerem Shalom crossing for movement of food, medicine and other goods from Israel despite the ongoing rocket attacks on the Israeli population and previous attacks on the crossing.  

 At 2100 hours of November 21, 2012, the ceasefire went into effect, and the IDF stopped all its activities in the Gaza Strip. Sporadic rocket fire from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory continued for approximately two hours, and ceased at 2300 hours. According to the IDF Spokesman, the IDF received the ceasefire as an order from the highest political level and began gradually dispersing the assembled reserve forces. According to the Spokesman, after eight days the IDF had achieved the objectives of Operation Pillar of Defense, inflicting a severe blow on Hamas and the other terrorist organizations operating in the Gaza Strip (IDF Spokesman, November 21, 2012).

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