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Take Off Those Rose Colored Glasses and Look At Palestinian Terror

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                    
Unified Hamas-Fatah Government-Terrorists in Suits

The Hamas charter goals are to exterminate ALL Jews because that pleases Allah.  Hamas TV broadcasted statements like this over the summer.  One such Muslim religious leader who preaches this and has been for several years is Qaradawi from Qatar.  One broadcast from Ismail Haniyeh said, "We love death like our enemies love life!  We love Martyrdom, the way in which Hamas leaders died!"

Our motto is, "Don't treat others like we wouldn't want to be treated."  It's our Golden Rule.  Palestinians swear they love death while Israel is all about life.   With our toast of "L'Chaim (To Life) ,"  we're not hiding the fact.  Let a doctor tell us bad news and we'll scramble over to another who gives us a better hopeful outcome.  It's hard to believe for us, but Hamas had a formula down for garnishing bad press for the Israelis.  Their equation was that the more civilian casualties they managed to have on their side of Operation Defensive Edge, the more condemnations Israel received from their part of the world.  This of course encouraged more people to lose their lives on purpose, including putting their own children in harm's way.  Israel did everything and more to keep from harming civilians in Operation Defensive Edge.  They went over the top, warning the civilians with everything imaginable, phone calls, leaflets, megaphones,  in Arabic, only to be foiled by their own Palestinian leaders.  Israel had 2 choices;

1. Lay down in their bomb shelters, take poison and die
2. Stop the people and their places of shelling Israel

All the while, General Martin Dempsey of the USA said that the Israeli army went to "extraordinary lengths to limit collateral damage and civilian casualties in its war against Hamas."  Colonel Richard Kemp of Britain said, "The IDF has developed the most comprehensive and sophisticated measure to minimize civilian casualties during attacks against legitimate military targets. No army in the world acts with as much discretion and great care as the IDF in order to minimize damage.  The US and the UK are careful, but not as much as Israel."

Then, on top of all this, I see the USA and the other 4 leaders of the world pushing and pushing Israel, never the PA, into  a situation of having the ancient state of Judah be turned into a Palestine which would be quickly taken over by Hamas now that Fatah and Hamas have united.  Israel had regained Judah, by the way, at the outcome of the 6 Day War.  Israel won against an onslaught of all the Arab nations.  It was a horrible war with many deaths on both sides.  The only good thing was that Israel survived and gained their own land back that the Arabs had stolen in 1948 when they attacked at the mention of Israel's birth.

The Big Five leaders even seem to be backing that  Palestine can claim all of east Jerusalem-paving the way for their plan of taking over all of the Jewish city.  Arabs refuse to recognize Israel after its 66 years of existence as well as their refusal of recognizing the Jewish ancient history of belonging in the Middle East in the first place that is recorded right in the Bible.   I've even heard tell that they are bragging that Jerusalem is their city simply because, according to their Islamic story, Mohammad went to heaven from Jerusalem.  It doesn't matter to them that Jerusalem is never mentioned once in the Koran.

That isn't stopping European nations from jumping on the bandwagon to outdo each other in being among the first to now recognize a Palestine.

The UN's World Health Organization condemned Israel for  "targeting civilian populations."  It blames Israel for all civilian casualties in Gaza and ignore the facts like the deaths in a Gaza City refugee camp were caused by misfired Hamas rockets and mortar shells aimed at Israel which killed 9 children in the camp.

Take a look at the UN  Security Council.  The UNSC president spoke for the entire council in condemning Israel in Gaza and the loss of civilian lives.  They ignore why Israel had to go into Gaza in the first place, and that was because: after being shot at since 2001 with mortars, missiles and rockets which were coming down every day, the missiles became the type of a much longer range and were hitting the whole state of Israel.  Israel was  spending all the time in shelters and nothing was stopping the terrorists; certainly not those providing funds or the UN.  There was only one thing left to do since talk wasn't stopping the attacks.  After much warnings, Israel marched in.  Their goal was to take out the sites where the strikes were coming from; not the people.  The missile launches had been placed among the people on purpose; not something normal people would do.

The UN has also requested an increase in humanitarian aid to Gaza because of their "critical humanitarian needs."  Hamas used "human shields, residential areas as cover and its deliberate targeting of Israeli civilians before the Operation.  All this is of course, ignored by the UN.
Hamas Terrorists
Fatah Terrorists

The Arab terrorists also have the Human Rights Watch on their side.  This so-called humanitarian NGO argued in the article, "Unlawful Israeli Air strikes Kill Civilians," that Israel struck against non-military Hamas infrastructure which is a war crime.   They're saying that Hamas is a political group and do not have a military role and so are not terrorists, thus not valid military targets. This stamp of Hamas being terrorists comes from the USA and the EU!   Give us a break.  Hamas is a terrorist organization, not merely its military wing.  Fatah was originally the PLO, led by Arafat, terrorists.    Look what happened in Gaza.  Hamas kicked out Fatah completely with muscle!
People supporting Hamas terrorism and Palestine are:

1. President Heinz Fischer of Austria:  "Israeli military acts in such a manner that the number of civilian deaths is significantly if not extremely  disproportionate."   He also ignored and said nothing about  Hamas using human shields or shooting from residential areas, or tunnels used to help terrorists attack Israelis with the goal of killing Israeli citizens.

2. Jimmy Carter; former USA President; open supporter of Hamas's interests, stated that the way to solve the conflict is that Israel should lift the blockade of Gaza and Israel should recognize Hamas as a legitimate partner in a Hamas-Fatah unity government. He's backed the Palestinian Arabs all along, no matter what; wrote several books in support.

3. Mary Robinson, former UN human rights high commissioner and president of Ireland, in agreement with Carter; open supporter of Hamas's interests, stated that the way to solve the conflict is that Israel should lift the blockade of Gaza and Israel should recognize Hamas as a legitimate partner in a Hamas-Fatah unity government.  By the Gazans encouraging and helping to cause their own civilian deaths has now given bonus points in the UN and most of the Western world.  In essence, apologizing for Hamas.  She gives them a good image, making it pay to be crazy.  I tell you what, Mary.  You take them as your neighbors.

In 2012, the UN gave Palestine a non-member observer State status.  Now, Sweden and France have granted them recognition.  Why am I not surprised with these 2 states.  Most all of the Western states support a 2 state solution, as long as they don't have them as their neighbors.

None of the western states have had the experience of Israel being attacked by Arabs the moment of their recognition.  Israel has returned to their origins just like Jacob/Israel did and had to face his twin, Esau.  Jacob/Israel brought tribute with him for Esau, 200 she-goats and 20 he goats; 200 ewes and 20 rams, 30 nursing camels with colts, 40 cows and 10 bulls, 20 she-donkeys and 10 he-donkeys and with this was met by Esau with 400 men.  That meeting actually turned out well.  But when the Jews had the okay of Emir Feisal for the Jewish Homeland, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem started riots and a backlash against the Jews that hasn't stopped since WWI.  The Arabs all say they will never ever recognize Israel.  There never has been another Emir Feisal come along who was as worldly with his intelligence, either.  The problem is that the Palestinians are sheep led by a terrible shepherd.  The rest of the world are also sheep, following right along their same path.

Resource: The Jewish Press, 11/28/14, page 6 OP-ED, Unpaid Consultants to Palestinian Terror, Manfred Gerstenfeld and Jamie Berk

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