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Why East Jerusalem Should Not be Palestine's Capital

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                            
Gilo, suburb neighborhood of Jerusalem outside of Old City

Today I'm going to say that the sky must be falling.  It's time to run and tell the king.  I'm joining Chicken Little in her panic mode.  The Palestinians are submitting their statehood resolution today, and we already know how many countries are in agreement with them.

The answer just came in.  "

UNSC rejects resolution on Palestinian state

Bid to end Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories by 2017 garners eight votes, one short of total needed to pass.  This is from al-Jazeera.  "Washington said it could not support the draft because it was not constructive and failed to address Israel's security needs."

This "Palestine" happens to be the enemy of Israel.  How nice of the world to produce a state next to Israel with the intent to destroy her.  They are claiming East Jerusalem as their capital which has been unified with the rest of Jerusalem since 1967's War.  In other words, they are demanding 1/4 of Jerusalem as their own.

Their idea of a Palestine, which the European countries are so in agreement with, is to be all Arab-NO JEWS ON THE LAND.  This is Apartheid, which the uneducated claim that Israel practices without admitting that there are 1.7 million Arabs as citizens of Israel, being able to participate in all manner of life.  With such people, it's okay to practice apartheid on Jews.  All this is so obvious anti-Semitic behavior that it behooves me how intelligent people cannot accept this fact!

I think, who's idea was it anyway that there should be an Arab Palestine?  The Arabs weren't interested in such a concept UNTIL after 1967 with the goading of the USA and Arab leaders.  In 1800 there were only 246,300 Arabs in Palestine.  They started coming from surrounding states in the late 1800's to get work with the Jews who were building then.  By 1922 there were 590,890 Arabs.  Today, there are 1.7 million Arabs who are Israeli citizens.

Since 1948, Israel's governments have been on a quest for peace in their policies with the Arabs, but the policy of the Arab States was diametrically opposite to Israel's.  The Arabs refused to recognize Israel's existence and would not reconcile themselves to the fact that they were there.   They would not give up the idea of destroying Israel, even when they knew they lacked the power to do so.  On the political level they constantly worked on bringing about Israel's isolation in the family of nations.  They used the anti-Semitic bent of so many of the nations.  On the military level they continued to build up the ability of this aim, using donated money they received towards weaponry to use against Israel.  On the economic level they worked on the policy of boycotting Israel which so many  Christian religious groups are a part of.  On the propaganda level, they continue to teach hatred in their schools and their people, using anti-Semitic stereotypes,  literature with the aim of destroying Israel.  The borders of Israel they work on a policy of attrition with terrorist acts.  I see even ISIS is on the border today.

What is East Jerusalem?  "The Palestinian Authority defines "East Jerusalem" as every part of Jerusalem beyond the 1967 armistice line. "It is the very heart of Jerusalem.  This is what they want to tear away from Israel and the Jewish people. " Their capital would include:

1. The Western Wall-where Jews go to pray, Herod's retaining wall, also called Wailing Wall,  for Jews mourning for the ruined 2nd Temple.  Jews come here the first thing when in Jerusalem.  The custom is to leave a note in between the stones and to pray.  .

2. The Temple Mount-site of the 2nd Temple (Jewish)
       a.  The most sacred site in Judaism, where Jews had come to worship for centuries was this site of the 2nd Temple, destroyed in 70 CE by the Romans.  It consists of 35 acres on the SE corner of the Old City of Jerusalem on Mount Moriah.  It is a short stroll from the business districts of West and East Jerusalem.  Israel left the Mount in the Jordanian hands as a peaceful act.  However, the Moshiach is said to not come till the 3rd Temple is built, and this cannot be on this site as it is not in their hands.  Thus contention and fear have developed.  The 3rd Temple is to be built here over the 2nd Temple.

      b.  Also holds Al-Haram al-Sharif, 3rd holiest site in Islam and near its center is the Dome of the Rock, a gilded half-sphere from the octagonal base.  Muslims say Muhammad ascended to heaven on his nighttime journey from Mecca 1,400 years ago here on his flying horse.  He died in 632, even though  at that time of his death there wasn't any mosque there.  It was the site of the 2nd Temple that had been destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE, and then  the Romans had built their temple over the site.  It wouldn't be till about 8 years later  after 632 that a temporary mosque would be built on this site.  Much later the final mosque would be built.
Temple Mount and Western Wall in Old City of Jerusalem
3. Ancient Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, City of David, capital of Israel in center of Judean Mountains., laying slightly east of the watershed between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea, on the Eastern slope of a plateau.  The newer part of the city has spread across the watershed into a series of ridges and valleys facing west.   built by King David in 1010 BCE.  His empire reached from the Red Sea to the Euphrates River.  His son, King Solomon, enlarged the city by adding the Palace and the Temple.  Was capital till 586 BCE when Babylonians destroyed the Temple which would haves stood on the Temple Mount.
Mount of Olives
4. Mount of Olives (site of the oldest and largest Jewish cemetery in the world, the mountain extending east of Jerusalem, beyond the Kidron Valley.  It has 3 summits.  The 3rd is by the Hebrew University named Mt. Scopus, 2,684 feet.  King David worshipped on the summit.  Here it is said that Jesus wept over Jerusalem as well as many other events with Jesus.  The cemetery has been here at the foot of the mountain since the time of the 1st Temple built by Solomon.  the southern part of the mount was in Jordanian hands while the northern part was a demilitarized zone with the Hebrew University, and Hadassah hospital buildings under Israel sovereignty.  After the 6 Day War, the mount was incorporated into the united Jerusalem and universtiy campus and the hospital were rebuilt and reopened.  The Jewish cemetery had been extensively desecrated by the Jordanians.  It had to be restored.

5. Major Jewish urban neighborhoods of Jerusalem 
     a. Gilo, population of 40,000 mostly all Jews,  most Gilo land had been legally purchased by Jews before World War II, much of it during the 1930s, and that Jewish landowners had not relinquished their ownership of their land when the area was captured by the Jordanians in the 1948 War, ..."From its inception, Gilo has provided housing to new Jewish immigrants from around the world. Many of those who spent their first months in the country at the immigrant hostel in Gilo, including those from Iran, Syria, France and South America, chose to remain in the neighborhood. Since the large influx of Soviet Jews in the 1990s, Gilo has absorbed 15% of all immigrants of that wave settling in Jerusalem."
French Hill suburb neighborhood in Jerusalem 

     b. French Hill, population of 6,631 mostly all Jews, "In 1969, construction began on a new residential neighborhood to create a land link between West Jerusalem and the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus, which had been an Israeli enclave in Jordanian territory before the war. The official name of the new neighborhood was Giv'at Shapira. Another section of French Hill, Tzameret HaBira, was populated mainly by American immigrants." 
     c. Ramot, "Ramot has a population of 70,000. Ramot Alon is an example of the demographic change in Jerusalem. When it was established in 1974, the population was 70% secular. Since 2000, Ramot Alef, Gimel and Daled have become partially Haredi, and the percentage of Orthodox Jews in all of Ramot Alon has risen to 75%.  Ramot is on the light rail transportation system.  
     d. Har Homa, "Contrary to Palestinian claims, Har Homa is not in "traditional Arab East Jerusalem." It is neither "Arab" (most of the land was expropriated from Jews); nor "East" (it is in southern Jerusalem).Prime Minister Netanyahu unveiled a plan in October 2014 to build 1,000 new settlement units in Jerusalem: 400 in Har Homa and 600 in Ramat Shlomo.  In early November an additional fifty units were announced for Ramat Shlomo, and on November 19 fifty more units were announced to be built in Har Homa and nineteen more in Ramat Shlomo.  These areas are areas that Palestinians contest must be a part of their future state, and the announcement of these settlements has been met with extremely harsh criticism from the United States, the United Nations, and other international actors.  In 2013 they had a population of 25,000.  
     e. Neve Yaakov," Established in 1924 during the period of the British Mandate, it was abandoned during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. The area was captured by Israel in the Six Day War and a new neighborhood was built there, at which time international opposition to its legitimacy began....The population of Neve Yaakov is 30,000. Neve Yaakov is one of Jerusalem's Ring Neighborhoods"  that ring the old city.    

We lost this part of Jerusalem, East Jerusalem,  when the handful of Jews in 1948 were fighting against Britain and Arabs.  Thought Emir Feisal, THE spokesman for Arabs in those days were all for Jews' returning, his nemisis, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem wasn't, and had been stirring up and causing Arabs to attack and kill Jews.  Abdullah I had just helped himself to Transjordan, and then Jordan by talking the Brits into going along with it.  Thouigh Britain held the mandate to create the Jewish National Home which included Transjordan/Jordan, they owed Abdullah, and went along with it.  going back on their word to the Jews and the League of Nations, for that matter.

Already on May 16th the Arabs were bellowing out their feelings about Israel.  Egypt was very vocal.  "The existence of Israel has continued too long.  The battle has come in which we shall destroy Israel."  They then demanded that the UN forces leave the area that had been there since 1957 and they left.

May 19th: "This is our chance, Arabs, to deal Israel a mortal blow of annihilation...." Cairo's radio kept reporting things like this.  May 27th and Nasser said, "Our basic objective will be the destruction of Israel..."  On May 30th, Jordan's King Hussein placed Jordanian forces under Egyptian control.  Egyptian, Iraqi, and Saudi troops were sent to Jordan.  June 1st and Iraq's leader added his thoughts:  "We are resolved, determined, and united to achieve our clear aim of wiping Israel off the map." Cairo's radio blasted out with their hailing the impending MUSLIM HOLY WAR.  

King Hussein of Jordan signed a defense pact with Egypt on May 30., 1967 Nasser then announced:
The armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon are poised on the borders of Israel...to face the challenge, while standing behind us are the armies of Iraq, Algeria, Kuwait, Sudan and the whole Arab nation. This act will astound the world. Today they will know that the Arabs are arranged for battle, the critical hour has arrived. We have reached the stage of serious action and not declarations.
President Abdur Rahman Aref of Iraq joined in the war of words: "The existence of Israel is an error which must be rectified. This is our opportunity to wipe out the ignominy which has been with us since 1948. Our goal is clear -- to wipe Israel off the map." On June 4, Iraq joined the military alliance with EgyptJordan and Syria.

Now, 1967 came along with Arabs still grousing over Israel's winning the 1948 war plus the 1957 war the Arabs had also started.  They wanted to finalize the end of Israel, once and for all.  It was an all out attack of all the Arab nations surrounding Israel.  Prime Minister Levi Eshkol sent a message to King Hussein of Jordan saying Israel wouldn't attack Jordan unless he initiated hostilities.  He did.  Jordanian radar had picked up  a cluster of planes flying from Egypt to Israel, and the Egyptians convinced Hussein that the planes were theirs.  Hussein ordered the shelling of West Jerusalem.  The planes were Israel's and were returning from destroying the Egyptian air force on the ground.   At that time, Syrian and Iraqi troops attacked Israel's northern frontier.  Surprising everyone, including themselves, after a week of fighting the Israeli forces broke through the enemy lines and were in a position to march on Cairo, Egypt, Damascus, Syria  and Amman, Jordan.  A cease-fire was invoked on June 10th.  Israeli paratroopers on June 7th recaptured the Old City.  They stormed it and secured it.  Moshe Dayan arrived with Yitzhak Rabin  to formally mark their return to their historic capital and their holiest site.  Rabbi Shlomo Goren, the IDF's chaplain, blew a shofar to celebrate the event at the Western Wall.  

Israelis woke up to find that their IDF had conquered enough territory to more than triple the size of the area in controlled, from 8,000 to 26,000 square miles.  Israel had won the Sinai, Golan Heights, Gaza Strip and Judea-Samaria (West Bank) of Jordan River.  The victory also enabled Israel to unify Jerusalem to the way it had been.  

This war came with a high price.  In the 6 days of the war, Israel lost twice as many men--777 dead and 2,586 wounded---in proportion to her total population as the USA had lost in 8 years of fighting in Vietnam. In 1967 Israel only had a 2.745 million population.  
                                                        289,600 Muslims
                                                     2,383,600 Jews
                                                        103,100 Christians and others
           TOTAL  POPULATION   2,776.300  Israel in 1967

All this fighting did not include any American aid.  They had tried to prevent the war through negotiations, but couldn't persuade Nasser or the other Arabs to stop their belligerent statements and actions.  Right before the war, Johnson warned;  "Israel will not be alone unless it decides to go alone."  The war began on June 5th and the State Department announced,  "Our position is neutral in thought, word and deed."  Again, Israel was all alone in their defense except from on high, Ha Shem.  Believe me, there were enough odd cases to make a disbeliever believe.  

When Jordan attacked Israel on June 5th, 325,000 Palestinians fled.  They were Jordanian citizens.  One of the fleeing refugees became an administrator in an UNRWA camp in Jericho and said that Arab politicians had spread rumors in the camp saying, "All the young people would be killed.  The radio blared that this was only the beginning of the attack on Jews, so the refugees decided to stay in Jordan."  Many wanted to live in an Arab state, anyway.  They became the longest refugee status people in the world.  Jordan has since had their Black September War with these Palestinian Arabs and has incorporated them into Jordan.

Jerusalem was not to be divided.  Israel was not to be divided.  The Palestinians have it in their charter to destroy Israel.  They will never make peace nor recognize Israel.  They know it, and we know it.  It's the rest of the world who is in denial of this.  Why?  It means that prophesy is coming true after all.  For a world who has become very atheistic, this doesn't settle well.   They are in denial of these words said by the leaders of the Arab nations, words of war.  

The UN's Security Council adopting Resolution 242 in 1967 didn't stop the Arabs from attacking in 1973 on Yom Kippur, did it.  Israel had to again prove themselves that they could defend their citizens and stop this next war by the Arabs.  The Arabs constantly show that they only intend to attack and not to make peace, so what is happening?  The countries uninvolved are making it easier on them by voting on Palestine. 

And Joel said, "Announce this among the nations;  prepare for war;  arouse the mighty men;  let all the men of war approach and ascend.....Let all the surrounding nations hurry and come, and let them gather together;  there Hashem will demolish your warriors.  Let the nations rouse themselves and go up to the Valley of Jehoshaphat, for there I will sit to judge all the nations from all around....Egypt will become a desolation and Edom will become a desolate wilderness;  because of the robbery of the children of Judah, for they shed innocent blood in their land.  Judah will exist forever, and Jerusalem from generation to generation.  Though I cleanse, their bloodshed I will not cleanse, when Hashem dwells in Zion.    4: 9-18.  This means that Hashem will cleanse the nations by forgiving many of their sins, he will not forgive them for the bloodshed they perpetrated against Israel.  When Hashem dwells in Zion, that is, at the end of days, which many feel we are now in, nations will be punished for going against Israel.  Hashem is another word for G-d.(The Name).  

Oh that's right.  Jews have been replaced by some Christian sects.  In the 2nd and 3rd centuries of the Christian church, Israel or the Jewish people and their land was replaced in the purposes of G-d, and the Christian church became the historic continuation of Israel by just excluding Israel in their belief system.  Jews in their eyes are not the chosen people anymore.  In their eyes we have no future, hope or calling in the plan of G-d, as laid out in the Tanakh/Old Testament.  We have lost, according to them, the promises made but must keep the curses from the Christians for rejecting Christ as who each of you thinks he was other than a young Jewish man.  So whatever the prophets said about Israel no longer means the real Israel fighting for its life and right to exist in the Middle East.  It's all convoluted to me.  

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  1. "Oh that's right. Jews have been replaced by some Christian sects."
    sad to say some believe that. they are ignorant (either on purpose or not)

    not in my book....and not in The Book--no way-never!

  2. Glad to hear this, Andre. This replacement theory is something else again. I hope that not many people have accepted this.

  3. i'm sad to say it is taught in some denominations but truly these are people who are cherry-picking through the Bible to try to make it appear to say that. sad too is so many are so unread yet say they believe the Bible. no wonder good is called evil and evil is called good :( . we can see it everywhere and pertaining to israel especially it breaks my heart!!! has been a long held catholic idea, though many catholics would give you a blank stare if you asked them that directly because they do not know that-they just go along with their church teaching (have many catholic relatives and friends) but also beyond that in some protestant circles-same thing-because somebody taught them that and they do not read for themselves. either way it is truly error! they should know better and they don't, so among them are people who will go along with the powers that be and throw in with abbas because they would consider that a "christian" stance. makes me ill---it really does.

    the Bible is clear that israel is never forsaken....ever.

  4. Through our Israel advocacy group, we've tried to talk to the heads of the Presbyterian churches in the area as we have a power point program that tells the history of Israel, and we just can't get in. At the same time, we know they are having a lot of Muslims speakers talk to their congregation. Very sad. Thanks, Andre.

  5. well there are some of us out there nadene who love israel (that would be warts and all like every other people on the planet). the jews are the chosen people for that chosen land and it has been and would be a very desolate place without them. other ancient peoples have come and gone but there has always been an israel as soon as God gave her to the world. the jewish people should have gone on to dust like others have in the face of many many trials....yet!!!.... no wonder israel is a modern day wonder. she has always been a wonder for the nations and always will be... The Book says so!
    :) so keep on telling the story. some will hear....

  6. I appreciate your comments, Andre. I do plan on continuing to tell our story-trying to keep the record factual.