Thursday, December 11, 2014

Israel's Creation of the Palestinian State Already-Who Notices It?

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                     

Israel has already created the first Palestinian state the world has ever seen, and that is Gaza.  Their fellow Muslims have never granted them land for their own country, and heavens knows, they certainly have plenty of it to spare.

What Israel had done was to declare its border with Gaza to be an international frontier.  This means that it renounced any claim to the territory and considered it an independent entity.

That fouled up Hamas's claim in that their accusations against Israel has been that they have been busy resisting the Israeli occupation.  What occupation?  The international media also claims this as well.  They are very weak in noticing current events.

About 9 years ago, between August 15th and September 12th 2005 with the cameras on them, Israel pulled out of Gaza, hook, line  and sinker.  She dismantled every village or town, withdrew every soldier, evacuated every Jew and left nothing and no one behind.  They even took the cemetery by removing bodies and headstones. Besides that, they even dismantled and left 4 small villages from Judea and Samaria that they feared might not be so kosher as to where they had built.  

The one thing they did leave behind were their greenhouses where the Jews had grown fruit and flowers for export.  They left these intact for the Palestinians on purpose.  It was their peaceful present to the Gazan Palestinians to help their economy.  Imagine how hurt the Jews were when they found out that the Palestinians trashed them when they took over.

Not even the Ottoman Empire nor the Egyptians who had brutally occupied Gaza for 2 decades (20 years) before being driven out by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War had ever granted Gaza to the Palestinians.
The Jewish Homeland-All of Palestine
Why did Israel leave Gaza?  The thing they wanted most was peace with the Palestinians.  Israel had been promised in as perfect legal terms as possible, their Jewish Homeland out of Palestine at the end of WWI.  The Balfour Declaration said this.  Before one could bat their eyelashes, Britain had  condescended to the Arab leader, Abdullah, and had allowed him to take Transjordan for his empire which was 80% of the Jewish Homeland to be.  Still, the world, who holds no favors for Israel, has demanded that Israel give up more land for peace.  The dragon is hungry and wants more.
King David's Empire was Vast, larger than Palestine
So did the Palestinians feel grateful that they got a piece of the Holy Land?  Not in the least.  They turned around and voted in Hamas terrorists as their new government over Abbas of Fatah.
Hamas then turned their newly freed Gaza- Palestine into a platform from which to shoot rockets, mortars and missiles into Israel, for their goal has always been to destroy Israel and kill as many Jews as possible.  These missives went right into civilian population, schools, roads and  front yards. It forced everyone to procure bomb shelters and to live in them a great part of their lives.  
Judea and Samaria, named West Bank by Jordan
The Palestinians see things much differently than Israelis see it.  Palestinians come back with the verbal attack that ALL of Israel belongs to them and is OCCUPIED.  They see Israel as being illegitimate and a cancer in their midst.  To them, they say to each other that Israel's existence is  a crime against humanity.  Their OBJECTIVE is to liberate-destroy Israel.  They have already tried to destroy Tel Aviv and will try again as well as any part of re-1967 Israel.  It is Hamas' raison d'etre, to quote  Charles Krauthammer.

There is not one iota of truth in their vision of how they see the world.  They have not been schooled in the facts and Europe has not helped to educate them, either, for they keep giving into and nodding to whatever their demands are.  Palestinians are in denial just as alcoholics' families might be in denial. Their whole world has become one of fighting against the evil Jews and the evil Israelis.   The UN has become the  enablers or co-dependants in this sickness.  Now every country voting in a "Palestine" is also an enabler.  What in the world are they including as Palestine?  There are no agreements or papers written up that include Israel's acceptance to this.  For that matter, the Palestinians have refused to accept Israel, a Jewish state, for the past 66 years!  Like the New Kids on the Block, the ISIS terrorists, Palestinians also do not go along with the decisions made by the world at the end of WWI.  Are the countries standing up for their decisions?  Not in the least as they show by voting in Palestine.  This is not a 2 State solution to the problems of the Middle East.  It's an added problem.
Facts are that World War I started with Germany and involved the whole world.  The Ottoman Empire joined their side, known as the Axis;  while the USA and the Western countries united as the Allies.  The Allies won the war causing the Ottoman Empire, Turkey, to lose their empire.  It was divided in such places as Iraq, Lebanon, Syria.
Chaim Weizmann-First President of Israel 
A deal was made with Chaim Weizmann, Jewish leader and chemist who invented a better ammunition that saved the Allies hide or they would have lost the war.  . For his donation of this invention, his group was rewarded with land for the Jewish Homeland.   He became Israel's first president.  This man was internationally known for his discoveries in organic chemistry connecting to acetone-butyl and many other things.  Emir Feisal was also rewarded as being dubbed the King and Syria and then the King of Iraq.  Abdullah had been left out-and so helped himself to largest chunk of the Jewish Homeland.

But the Palestinian Arabs, who had only come into Palestine to work for the returning Jews, are trying to make out that they have been there forever and should have been given the land instead.  The only Arabs who had been here were Bedouin Arabs on camels roaming around and a few landowners who were only too thrilled when Jews came in ready to buy land and accepted their enormously high prices.  They are very good at making up Fairy Tales, as we see in the Arabian Nights, so have spun tales that they tell their people who are quick to believe them.
Hamas Terrorist
Joan Peters was a reporter who was also swayed, as so many are, by the pathetic tales coming from the Palestinians.  Being a good researcher, she decided to write an in-depth history of their being on the land.  What she found proved just the opposite; so she wrote the book called "From Time Immemorial."  If you doubt my report, get this book and read the real history. It's certainly an expose on the British shenanigans.
Tunnels from Gaza into Israel for Terrorism
It seems to me that Israel created Palestine already, but the Palestinians are too busy fighting over who's going to be the leader and in wanting more and more, like Judea, Samaria and  east Jerusalem to notice.  Besides that,  what would they use as an excuse to bombard Israel with all their missiles, mortars and rockets?  

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