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Tricky Abbas and Jesus

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                                

What tricky Mahmoud Abbas won't do!  He's now embracing Jesus as a Palestinian to garner political favor for his Fatah and Hamas Palestinians.  The Muslims of ISIS are going about slaughtering Christians in Iraq, and he is playing footsy with the public about his Palestinians.
Hamas Terrorist
Fatah Terrorists
For years now Europeans and much of the USA have been slurping up anything he says about his so called Palestinians as long as it is against Jews, but readers should know that Judah was called Judea by the Romans and then in the year 135 after a hard battle with the Jews led by Bar Kokhba of 3 years, called Judea Palaestina -Palestine after one of the Jewish enemies just to be nasty.  From then on, Jews and Arabs were Palestinians.  It wasn't a country of Palestine, it was the name of the area, soon to become part of other empires throughout the ages.  Up until May 14, 1958, it had still been called Palestine and people who needed a passport had Palestine stamped in it.

Jesus was born in about 4 BCE, and he would have been born as a baby of Judea.  It wasn't until the next century that the population in Judea would become Palestinians.

Yet, Abbas is counting on illiteracy and the uneducated to swallow his propaganda.  His own lack of Christian knowledge shows up when he doesn't realize that Christian tradition defines Jesus as a Judean.  Abbas and other Fatah leaders are selling such propaganda to their people, lying to them  that it is a historic fact that Jesus and his mother, Mary, were Palestinians and that Jesus was the first Palestinian Martyr as well as the first Palestinian refugee.

What we term as Palestinians today are different than what they were up to May 13, 1948.  Today the term, "Palestinian" has come to mean the conglomeration of Arabs that have amassed from all the surrounding lands of Palestine that had entered to live and find jobs with the Jews who were building  as well as the few who had lived there of Arab extraction. Most had called themselves Syrian Palestinians.   Arabs are Palestinians today.    Jesus was supposed to have been Jewish since Mary, his mother, was to have been Jewish and so was her carpenter fiance-and then husband, Joseph.

We have plenty of Jews who would dispute all of this since Jewish literature has nothing about Jesus.  Writings are from the New Testament and from Josephus, who saved himself in the war with Rome by turning around and becoming a journalist for them, so he wrote for a Roman audience.

One would be hard put to find anything about Arabs living in Judah.  All were Jewish  or Roman up to 70 CE when Rome destroyed the Temple and Jerusalem.  It was Rome who were the occupiers and had been for about 140 years.  Our last king of Judah was Zedekiah who was king from 597 BCE to 586 BCE.   when the Babylonians took large numbers of the inhabitants and deported them to Babylon.  .  They tried to perpetuate a subject state under Gedaliah, a former member of the Royal House but it ended with his assassination in 582.  The exiles who had wound up in Babylon continued to cherish their national and religious ideals.  Most were able to return and rebuild the Temple.

This year on Christmas, Palestinian leaders and officials spoke of Jesus as THE PALESTINIAN and THE FIRST PALESTINIAN MARTYR.    They've taken over Bethlehem, which used to be a Christian town. Bethlehem was the birthplace of David and was the background city of the Book of Ruth. Jacob's wife, Rachel was born here.   It later became the city where Jesus was said to be born.  From 1920 to 1948 it was under the rule of the British Mandate.  In 1948, there were 10,000 people living here of which 7,500 were Christians and 2,2500 were Moslems.  From 1948 to 1967 it was under Jordanian rule.  In the Six Day War of 1967 Israel captured it back and by 1968 had 32,000 people living there.   The population shrunk by 2007 to 25,266.  Christians were moving out as Muslims were moving in.  Christians in Bethlehem make up about 15% of the population today.  The rest are Muslims.

"The transfer of power of Bethlehem from Israel to the Palestinian Authority just before Christmas 1995 inspired a spate of articles on Bethlehem's diminishing Christian presence. They noted that the place not long ago was 80 percent Christian and is now but one-third Christian.  East Jerusalem has gone from 27,000 people in 1948 to 5,000 today who are Christians.  

Suddenly Abbas cares about Christians when he grooms the listeners with "WE celebrate the birth of Jesus, A PALESTINIAN MESSENGER OF LOVE, JUSTICE AND PEACE."  Wafa, Dec. 22, 2014.

Living in Israel from 1980 to 1985, I remember going through Bethlehem on the highway from Safed to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.  Then, our IDF soldiers were on roofs guarding and watching for snipers.  It took but a few minutes to drive through.

Not so ISIS, an example of extreme radical Islam.  "Religious cleansing is taking place in Iraq at an astonishing rate—now accelerated by the brutal ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) attacks on the Christian heartland in the Nineveh Plain. On July 19, The New York Times reported that ISIS had banished the last Christian inhabitants of Mosul, their homeland for 1,700 years, and painted on their homes: “Property of the Islamic State of Iraq.” Christians were told, “Convert, pay the jizya tax or die.” ISIS replaced the cross from St. Ephren’s Cathedral with their own black flag."

Resource: -Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik


  1. he has to manipulate doesn't he? because abbas does not have the truth to tell he has to make this up as he goes. and lives are at sake. jewish lives and even his own people have and will suffer for the lies and is sickening. the current global trend is that he can get away with this. i hope not.......
    so many are either extremely apathetic or plain liars themselves to let this go on and i agree he is counting on that being the case.

  2. Thanks, Andre for your very astute comment. All Abbas seems to know are the lies he makes up about Jewish history and Christians. The bad thing is that his people believe them.