Tuesday, December 1, 2015

9/11 Terror Attack on the USA and a Presidential Hat in the Ring Remembers In Shock

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                 

Donald J. Trump brings to question  the Muslims living in New Jersey.  He remembers thousands celebrating 9/11 outside a mosque and said he saw them celebrating on TV.

A Patterson, New Jersey fellow also said, "“And I watched in Jersey City, N.J., where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering.” This story can be read at http://www.infowars.com/i-live-in-jersey-and-trump-is-right-muslims-did-celebrate-on-911-in-nj-we-saw-it/.  

Here's one from CNN itself titled "American Muslims celebrating."  It didn't mention thousands, just hundreds, though.  

New Jersey does have a large Muslim population for a little state.  They have at least 56 mosques.  This information comes from "Mosque Distribution in the United States.  They have about 200,000 Muslims which is 4.0% of the population. 

"There were calculated to be 2.595 million Muslim adherents across the United States in 2010. Islamic populations are 0.6% of the US population per Fareed Zakaria quoting Pew Research Center, 2010.   New Jersey has the second largest Muslim percentage with 0.9%. " 

"Calling itself the Global Muslim e Community, IslamiCity.com has compiled information about Muslims in the United States since 1995. Its online database tallies more than 2,300 mosques, Islamic schools, and organizations in the 50 states. Listed here by state is the number of  mosques in the IslamiCity.com database in December 2008. The statistic for the District of Columbia is from the Islamic Center of Washington, DC. The total is 1,018."

This tiny state made of 8,729 sq miles is the 46th  of 50 states,  The smallest is Rhode Island.   The Jewish population in New Jersey in 2014 was 516,450.  In 2013, the total population of New Jersey was 8,901,163.

 "Current projections estimate New Jersey will have a population of 9.2 million residents by 2020, although it's hard to guess how long the growth can continue."

All over the world, we saw reports of Muslim groups celebrating the 9/11 horror.  While we all cried, they cheered.  I was in Annapolis, Maryland and was in my daughter's kitchen when a friend telephoned and told us to turn our TV on.  We were in shock.  I think the whole USA was in shock, as well.  I was to fly back to Oregon in a few hours, and now my plans were halted. What I remember mostly is seeing the freeways, avenues and streets of Annapolis streaming with American flags flying from car windows like a parade.  Everyone suddenly had their car  mounted with them.  It was a beautiful sight in defense of an American attack.  

I don't know if Trump's memory is faulty or not.  We all saw this happen somehow, on TV somewhere, and we were furious at the sight.  3,000 people died that day.  It was the world disaster that happened to our country.   
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