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The BDS Virus: American Women Association Vote Blindly Against Israel in BDS

Nadene Goldfoot                                              
Israel is against Apartheid, which the BDS people keep on accusing them of practicing.  This only shows how ignorant these voters against Israel are.  Israel has Jews from every corner of the earth living here along with 1.7 million Muslims who also are in the Knesset and every other form of life in Israel-except the army.  If their conscience doesn't allow them, they don't have to serve.  Those that want to, do.  One of my favorite people in Israel is an IDF soldier who is a Masai warrior from Kenya, Africa.  He's also a lawyer and rabbi in civilian life.  
Again, reason and logic are being thrown aside for mass hysteria.  Harry S. Truman voted and backed the new state of Israel, but his voters today have thrown his ideals aside in mass favor of Palestinians.  The leaders in the USA of the National Women's Studies Association , NWSA, just voted for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions-BDS of economic, military and cultural entities and projects sponsored by the State of Israel.   Covering an array like this, they are against the state of Israel's existence.
Druze Arab
Christian Arab Female
IDF from Ethiopia
The leaders made sure no one would change their minds that they were leading them into by not telling the Jewish Caucus of their goals.  They then sponsored official sessions where speakers presented only one side in the BDS debate, most of which could not have been based on facts.  These included a 2014 list of accusations against Israel and gloating misinformation about the Palestinians, all one-sided.  No Israeli was ever asked to speak in support of their little state.  The attendees there only heard a litany of accusations against Israel.  They were then asked to stand "In support of freedom and justice for and in Palestine."
         Israel does not practice any form, shape or otherwise of apartheid.  Israel's democracy is the opposite of the South African past history, yet the uneducated anti-Semites keep throwing this false accusation in Israel's face, just like the Middle Ages of Europe claimed that Jews poisoned the wells or used blood in making matzos.  
Dr. Janet Freedman, Hadassah member and writer of my resource article, found that those she spoke with about the resolution of these NWSA women hadn't even read the resolution that they were to vote on.  This is also true of what happened in Portland, Oregon where the city council's unpaid volunteer committee did the same thing and got their committee to also pass a resolution to BDS 4 companies doing business in Israel.  Two voters were Jews who didn't even read the resolution, they confessed, and wanted another chance to re-vote, but no such thing ever happens in real life and it didn't here, either.  The mayor said he'd try to do something about this.  We haven't heard a thing yet.

The BDS movement, started by Palestinians, is not trying to bring Jews and Palestinians together to live in peace.  The BDS people do not want to be confused with facts and have been refusing to listen to any.  Supporters at this conference damned Israel and included language that Israel should not be allowed to even exist.  This is language straight out of Hamas' s charter that Fatah has also adopted.
Palestinians throwing rocks at Jews on Temple Mount, Jerusalem
Though it has been the Palestinians who have been terrorizing Israelis, all this is excused in their need to respond to the Israelis.  They demonize Israelis by complaining about the so called aggression, they cry. They must be addressing the Israeli IDF who have finally responded to thousands and thousands of rockets, mortars and missiles hurled down on their little space of a state by Gazans who refused to stop. They must think that Jews were aggressive when they try to stop Palestinians knifing passers-by in Jerusalem and elsewhere in attempts to murder them.
Within the caucus are Jewish women who feel it would be damaging to their careers to openly oppose the resolution, and they have not stood for Israel's right to exist.  This is a shunda gadol, a huge mistake.  This is the left winning over reason, logic and love for Israel and Judaism.  We sure don't have any Bar Kokhba's descendants here in this group!

Freedman feels that "the BDS movement directs our energy away from ways to find a peaceful solution that respects the humanity of both Israelis and Palestinians.  It oversimplifies to the point of gross inaccuracies." What it is is the Palestinian leadership finding a way to get backing  to drive Israel into the sea without them shooting a shot as they  economically fracture Israel's finances, for it is meant to isolate Israel completely.  It is led by Christian Protestants with leadership from  Palestinians against Israel.  Here we see anti-Semitism go overboard to do something against Jews who couldn't possibly be in the right.
The Left-following orders
  The leadership is led by gut reaction against Israel.  The steering committees of groups who vote don't even study the resolution presented much less read it.  People have become sheep and just do as they are asked.  That this group represented higher education is all the more reason of them doing a damning thing.  People of supposedly higher than normal IQ's are expected to use them, and in this case they have not.

They know nothing of the Palestinian history, who they are, what they have done to Israel, or what Israel has tried to do for them.  What were these women studying, anyway?  How to cook?  How to dress?  Certainly not anything in the Middle East.

BDS is a hate-filled movement, spreading hatred for Jews and Israel.  Israel will survive, just like they have survived the wars of 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973 along with all the Intefadas and riots and attacks by the Palestinians and their co-horts,  but the BDSers will be long remembered for their antagonism and anti-Semitism.  It will be recorded in history books and in the Book of Life.

 In 1967 from June 5th to the 11th,  the world admired Israel for a short while since they overcame all odds of an aggressive Middle East who again tried to crush them but failed.  The odds where breathtaking that Israel won.  The little state, single handed, won the war in 6 days!  Syria, Egypt,  Jordan, Iraq and even  the Soviet Union was against Israel.

What Israel has been up against was said by President Aref of Iraq on June 1, 1967 on Radio Baghdad:

Ahmed Shukairi, leader of the PLO-Palestine Liberation Organization was interviewed on June 4th on the fate of native-born Israelis.  He said, :THOSE WHO SURVIVE WILL REMAIN IN PALESTINE, BUT I ESTIMATE THAT NOT MANY OF THEM WILL SURVIVE.

They are still trying, aren't they?  And Americans have fallen right in.  Like Dr. Freedman said, "The voices of Jews and others whose positions are rooted in the right of Israel to exist as a state have been silenced."  Well, Janet, mine hasn't been silenced.  Victor Sharpe's voice hasn't been silenced.  There are many others, but certainly the Jewish voices of  NWSA have been silenced, unless they find they have a spine and start educating themselves about Israel.

Facts About Israel by Ministry for foreign affairs, Jerusalem


  1. how can they blindly vote against israel and not see this tragedy?

  2. They must be mentally blind, deaf and dumb.