Wednesday, December 16, 2015

CNN's Ashleigh Compared ISIS to JEWS

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                     

The very disturbing Ashleigh Banfield, CNN commentator, 48 years old, has had her own personal feelings, I've noticed,  to be against Israel that showed when she reported about Israel going into Gaza the last time.  Her emphasis and voice going up and down when talking about Israel caused me to be worried and to think she was against Israel all the way even more than her words, which came out in her questions to her co-host or person interviewed.  It's these little things one hears that causes people to turn the channel if that isn't how you interpret the facts on hand.

Now she has let her hair down and is out in the open.  "CNN host Ashleigh Banfield shockingly compares the "Jewish Terror" problem to Radical Islam, as if we are talking apples and apples—as if there is any such thing as Jewish terror in the U.S." 

 In fact, Jews in the USA have had to worry about terror against them which is the main fear in anti-Semitism.  Out of such attacks, we have had a small group form-somewhere, most likely New York City,  called the Jewish Defense League (JDL) , which has been the most inactive group probably in the USA.  At one time they may have been ready to take on attackers, like a group of Supermen or our fictional character, the Golom, actually the first Superman, but they have been inactive for a very long time.  "Founded by Rabbi Meir Kahane in New York City in 1968, the JDL's self-described purpose was to protect Jews from local manifestations of antisemitism."  When people have a group of defense  to protect their people from offense, how can you possibly think this is the same thing as being on the offense?  Doesn't American football teach anyone anything about being on the offense or the defense?  She's comparing apples with chickens!!!
"I'm telling you that there have been that many terrorist attacks by Jews and no one's suggesting that all Jews should be wiped out of this country for visiting. It's the same thing."
"No Ashleigh, it's not the same thing at all!"   Ron Cantor, reporter, goes on in his article to explain how this is completely wrong to say such a thing.  
Jews have been under more hate crimes of anti-Semitism in the USA than any other group, about 57%, while Muslims have experienced about 16%.  One cause could be people like Ashleigh Banfield who has a vast audience to get her views across.  As I'm typing right now, she is on CNN's news here in Portland at 7:35am talking about the situation in Syria and the Republican debate last night.
Ron Cantor wrote, "This is why CNN should suspend or at least censure Ashleigh Banfield for her anti-Semitic and false claims of a Jewish terror threat or that even what happened between 1980-1985 with a tiny fringe group could be compared at all to the threat America now faces with Radical Islamic terror. Since 1968 the nut-jobs in the JDL have killed a total of seven on American soil and none since 1985. Twice as many were murdered last week in San Bernardino. Add to that Fort Hood 13, Chattanooga 5, Boston 4, Marquette Park, IL 5, and of course 9/11 2,976." 
 I agree with him.  She hasn't been reporting the news for a long time without the emphasis of certain words to show she found Israel always in the wrong for some time, and that is not reporting.  Now she has let her hair down to show she has a dog in the fight and is not cheering for Israel but is highly biased.  
She has had a problem when reporting about Black news as well involving a hip hop film, Straight Outta Compton,  in that there was no violence-evidently as she had expected to happen from it, "There was an instantaneous outcry from many of Banfield’s fellow journalists and former co-workers who called her out for making a blatantly racist stereotype."  She can't seem to keep her personal feelings out of reporting news.  

Ashley was born and raised in Canada.  She became a US citizen on October 24, 2008.

Listen, Ashley, there was a time when Jews couldn't get into any country, and that was around 1939 to the 40's when they were escaping from Germany and other parts of Europe when Nazis wanted to kill them all.  In many countries they needed baptism certificates-a clever demand to keep Jews out.  Then there was a quota system.  The ship, St Louis,   was turned back which cost the lives of those on them. "On May 13, 1939, the German transatlantic liner St. Louis sailed from Hamburg, Germany, for Havana, Cuba. On the voyage were 937 passengers. Almost all were Jews fleeing from the Third Reich. Most were German citizens, some were from eastern Europe, and a few were officially "stateless." Even to enter, Jews needed verification that they would not cost the USA one red cent-having to have a backer to take on all financial responsibility. 

Was my Uncle, Werner Oster, ever lucky.  He left Boppard, Germany and boarded the George Washington on May 4th which docked in NY on the 12th.  He could have been the last Jew out of Germany, which was extremely difficult as it was to have the money and all the red tape completed.  He couldn't get his parents and 16 year old sister out as after he left, the door closed.  It was my American family who was his guarantee and employer.  

 You're no better than the people of those days, anti-Semitic, ready to throw Jews to the wolves.  Jews never did a thing in Germany to cause Hitler to want to kill them all except to be industrious people who were hard workers, and to have a different faith other than the predominent Catholic and Lutheran Gentile population.  They didn't have groups going crazy and shooting others or try to take over the country like ISIS is doing.  


  1. more media gut punching for israel. makes me so sad and hurt that lies are consumed and swallowed so readily. thanks for keeping the truth in front of people, nadene.
    sure don't-sure won't---get it from mainstream media.

  2. It made me mad, too. It's terrible when it comes from someone in her position.

  3. from Marilyn; I should certainly believe she will be raked on that or better educated or better BOTH!