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With Palestinians Today, Violence Is The Norm

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                  
Qaradawi, Religious Muslim Leader Egging On the Killing of Jews and Israelis
From Egypt but kicked out-Taken in by King of Qatar, Friend of the USA
He also has his sermons on TV every week.  Though in a wheel chair, he said he'd strangle a Jew if he got his hands on one.  Some religion of peace for him!  

Since October 2015, young Palestinians have been stabbing everyone near them, mostly with kitchen knives from their homes.  They're almost committing suicide by their actions for they have to be stopped, and in such a frenzy that they have worked themselves into, there's one main solution before they kill, to stop them by any means.
There have been about 120 such attacks and assaults against the Israeli population  which is about one a day on the average.  This had ended in the deaths of 20 Israelis who weren't rescued by a maniac wielding a knife at them out of the blue.  It's ended in 80 of these deadly Palestinians being stopped  permanently, usually shot by the security forces or even civilians that are armed today for their own protection.
Instead of making Islam a religion of Peace, they want all of  Jerusalem and try to keep Jews away from THEIR Mosque which is built over the Jews' 2nd Temple of 586 BCE-70 CE that was built over their 1st Temple built by King Solomon c961 BCE-586 BCE.
Jews caught moving their lips in prayer are caught by the Muslim police and punished.  Among people who respect each other, it would not be the insurmountable position Israel finds itself in today,
but Israel find the Palestinians in the role of their antagonists.   
Why is this happening?  What has been happening in their schools, for instance?  Or homes?   They have been constantly taught in school and on their TV stations and at home by their parents  to hate Israelis and that ALL of Israel belongs to them.  They are a brainwashed group since birth.  Martyrs in their culture are worshipped for killing Jews.  Parks are named for them.  Anything getting a name is named for such killers.  It isn't Superman  or Batman they idolize; it's Lex Luthor and the Joker!  Their idea of good is our idea of evil.
If knifing is distasteful to them and they are wealthy enough to have a car and drive, this is their choice of a weapon against Israelis.  There have been numerous attacks of driving into a crowd in the attempt to kill, and often they have. Here 11 were injured  including a baby in Jerusalem by this car ramming the crowd.  14 people had been waiting at this bus stop.  The driver was from East Jerusalem and had an axe in his car.
Jewish Victim of Stabbing
Anat Berko is a criminologist and an Israeli parliamentarian.  She's  written extensively about the motivation of suicide bombers in the Palestinian conflict for Israel has also had this type of a killer.  She calls today's phenomenon the "Martyr-Mania."  A survey was released by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah, today's Palestinian town 10 km north of Jerusalem, and they found that 2/3 of Palestinians SUPPORT the knife attacks.  What mother would think this smart for her son to attempt when more Palestinians wind up dead, not the Israeli being attacked?  A mother not using logic.  She's also been brainwashed to feel proud of a son who has given his life to the cause.

And just what is the cause?  It is the mistaken belief that Israel belongs to the Palestinians.   It didn't belong to them in the ancient days and it doesn't belong to them in today's world. Even by the middle of the 1800's there were very few Arabs living in Palestine.   I'll tell you why.
1. From 1010 BCE to 70 CE, the land was called Israel with the southern part called Judah later.  It was in Jewish hands from King David to the 2nd Temple burned down by the Romans during a long Roman Occupation.  That's over 1,000 years of ancient history.

2. Palestinians?  Jews and Arabs were referred to this name if they were living in Palestine, the name given by the Romans.  The Arabs entered the land following the Russian Jews who came in the 1880's and earlier escaping the pogroms and anti-Semitism they had been suffering under during these past 1,000 years being homeless.The Arabs were seeking jobs from the Jews who were creating a country again.
Grand Mufti-Sherif of Jerusalem
     3. From 1929 on, Arabs were being instigated to attack Jews by Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Sherif of Jerusalem against the advice of Emir Feisal, head Arab who became king of Iraq and was the highest Arab of the period and the best educated.  It was the ruling English holding the mandate for 30 years that kept out Jews and helps Arabs enter that went against the ruling of the League of Nations and did not keep to their job description.  They were to help the Jews create their Jewish Homeland. Therefore, the Arabs grew in population while the Jews, even during WWII, were kept away.  Only a trickle were able to enter.
1948- 5 minutes after becoming Israel
Attacked by regular armies 
4. The United Nations also voted for Israel's existence and accepted them into the world of Nations.  Everything was done legally.  Israel had 650,000  souls to start with which have grown quickly to 6 million Jews and 1.7 million Arabs.  A tiny tiny Democratic state; it can't hold anymore people.  As it is now, Jews have to be wary of being close to an Arab at this rate.

As a culture, the two people could not be more different.  To L'Chaim is a Jewish saying meaning "To Life!"  Arabs live in a world of loving death, a martyr's death which gives them 72  virgins in their netherworld. It is said that if a Jewish man or woman has to go to the doctor and doesn't like what he says, he'll go to another, for life is the goal.  We have to beat the odds and live.  The result is that we have excellent doctors who know their stuff.  When a Jew dies, he dies and waits for the Messiah to come and recall those deceased again.  As we die, we say the Shema if at all possible.  We go to join our fathers.  A premature death is looked upon as a great misfortune, and we hope to die in a good OLD age.  May we all live till age 120 like Moses.

 Yet, Jews and Muslims are not Christians, so are lumped together by people expecting them to live together peacefully because why?  That they each believed in ONE G'd?  That should be glue that is the common ingredient to keep the peace,  but each hears something different in their own teachings.  There are parts of the Koran that teach hatred for Jews, just as the Christian Bible has in the Gospels.  These negative parts seem to make far more impact on their people than any lesson in the Koran teaching peace or the Bible teaching love, at least as far as Jews are concerned.    Ever since Abraham gave Ishmael and Isaac life, the two branches have had their disagreements-really like any half-brothers might.  They were different and their descendants still differ.

Jews have NOT been occupiers of the Palestinians.  Look at Gaza.  They've been under the Hamas spell ever since their one bout with voting.  I still think it was a rigged vote unless the brain-washing was already in effect against Israel, and it probably was.  As for Judea and Samaria, they have been under Fatah's ruling from Abbas.  It's been a disaster as well.  They're been given tons of money by their friends and where has it gone?  Down tunnels that lead to kidnapping or killing Israelis.  It's a shame, too, because Israel had great plans for the Palestinians and were going to have a life like living in Utopia if they had been willing.

Israel is made up of people who have been successful under horrid conditions themselves, blessed with intelligence.  They've produced more than their share of outstanding people, and some of their energy was going into making a peaceful part of that world for both Palestinians and themselves.
 Theodor Herzsl (1860-1904) newspaper reporter had written a book about how to do this in 1895 called "THE JEWISH STATE."  He was the founder of Political Zionism.  He had understood that Jews were a people whose assimilation was impracticable and whose plight would deteriorate owing to its social and economic position.  The solution to him was the founding of a Jewish state. BY INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENT, and that's what happened in the end.  He had started the ball rolling by contacting important people:  Turkish leaders and Jewish leaders.  He even had secured the sympathy of the German kaiser William II.  The only way he could ever succeed in carrying it out was to get Jewish financiers.
King Feisal (1883-1933), a Hashemite of Syria first in 1920,
 then finally  of Iraq from August 23, 1921 to 1933.  
 The Balfour Declaration was the outgrowth with it's remark about IF the Arabs remain peaceful, but Husseini threw the monkey-wrench into the pot and stirred it up. Then the French cheated Feisal out of being a king of Syria  and he had to find another-Iraq.  He had come from Saudi Arabia.  "Faisal fostered unity between Sunni and Shiite Muslims to encourage common loyalty and promote pan-Arabism in the goal of creating an Arab state that would include Iraq, Syria and the rest of the Fertile Crescent. " This seems  like what ISIS is trying to do, doesn't it?  Feisal was trying to create a caliphate and that's exactly what is in the ISIS' mind.  
Really, the only people hurt today after Israel's 67 years of existence and G-d willing, thousands more in the future, are the Arabs who have cheated themselves out of happy productive life.  By refusing to accept peace with the Jews and thereby accepting their own state-they have been in constant turmoil.  They've given the Jews a terribly rough go of it, who have continued to live and prosper and to be creative.  Adversity is something the Jews sadly have become used to dealing with.
 Someday, when peace really comes to this world, they will be ready with their fig tree and a glass of wine to drink a L'Chaim to- TO LIFE!

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  1. The Aish HaTorah family is overwhelmed with shock and grief over the horrific murder of Rabbi Reuven Biermacher, a beloved rabbi of the Aish HaTorah Spanish program. Rabbi Beirmacher spent the morning teaching Torah to his students and on his way out of the Old City was stabbed multiple times by two Arab terrorists just outside Jaffa Gate.

    1. Dear Friends,
      Although we in Arad, Israel have been spared terrorist attacks during this current wave of attacks, our hearts go out to those who have lost children, spouses, mothers and fathers. I want to share the article below because for me it put a face on the cold facts of the recent news that two of the three stabbed by terrorists near the Jaffa Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem died from those attacks. Please do keep those who are grieving in your thoughts and prayers. Frank


  2. In October, 13-year-old Naor Ben-Ezra nearly joined the ranks of the 24 Israelis killed in terrorist attacks in recent months. Stabbed repeatedly by a terrorist his own age near his home in Jerusalem, Naor lost a critical amount of blood.

    But MDA paramedic David Dalfen arrived first at the scene, stanched Naor's bleeding, and was able to restore sufficient blood pressure to keep Naor alive until he was in surgery minutes later. After weeks in the hospital, Naor regained consciousness and last week celebrated his bar mitzvah at the Western Wall — accompanied by family, well-wishers, and, of course, David Dalfen, the lifesaving paramedic who helped make the celebration possible.

    Supporters of MDA also played a critical role, providing Dalfen with the equipment and training he needed to save Naor's life.