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CNN's Interview with Netanyahu With Diane Feinstein's and James Baker's Critque

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CNN's State of the Union programming this Sunday morning was an interview with Benjamin Netanyahu,  Prime Minister of Israel,  who is not happy with the deal the USA has temporarily made until June with Iran over their nuclear developments.

He explained that this allowed Iran to continue, and being a state that he cannot trust, knows that the USA cannot depend on their word to keep any promises in such a deal, especially since they keep calling for the destruction of Israel and the USA.
In looking at the big five countries involved in this deal along with Kerry of the USA, I see China, Russia, and the EU, all who are chomping on the bit to trade with Iran and can't wait to get some of their oil they sell at lower prices than the other oil-rich Sunni states.  They must all be elbowing Kerry to accept and this is a deal they cannot pass up.  They just can't wait to start trading and making money.

Netanyahu, on the other hand, says that this will allow Iran to continue.  They're celebrating madly in the streets.  The USA's plan of using sanctions was working.  Why on earth did they take them off the minute Iran sat down at the table?  They should have continued until they had the right deal that would be protecting all on earth from such an erratic, undependable and volatile country.  He wants the sanctions to be put back on until such a deal is obtained.
Dianne Feinstein was interviewed afterwards and doesn't agree with a thing Netanyahu said.  She feels that the sanctions were hurting the Iranians and we shouldn't do that to such nice people.  She doesn't understand that their regime is only going to alter their pathways when the whole country decides they must and revolt against the religious Ayatollahs who want to destroy Israel and the USA.  Now, the people have to pull back their horns and exist under such ruling.

I'm thinking of when I lived in Israel and saw what bargaining was all about in the open markets called the shuks where one goes back and forth with the seller on the prices.  You don't take their first offer.  You go back and forth for quite a while till you reach an agreement.  Children are brought up on this method by going to the market with their parents.  There's nothing like it in the West.  No wonder Iran was able to pull the wool over the eyes of the 5 plus 1.  It was an easy dealing for them.  They'd never get away with this with a group of Israelis.
Which brings me to another dealing that has been going on way too long, and that is the 2 state solution
between Israel and Palestine.   I see that James Baker, who was interviewed earlier by Fareed Zakaria, has


been used by presidents like he was Sir Lancelot's sword, Excalibur;  or  Darth Vadar's lightsaber. He's been like Haman was to king Ahashueros of Persia, an advisor, speaking only of a 2 state solution.     He's been for the 2 state solution between Israel and the Palestinians.  His vision, like others, has been of a myoptic vision, only seeing this as a solution and not looking at all the other pieces of the puzzle that affect it from being a good fit.  He also had a lot of bones to pick with Netanyahu, like when the Prime Minister had said that the US viewpoint about it is based on lies and distortions.  Baker banned Netanyahu from the State Department for saying this.  Baker didn't understand what he said, obviously.  This was so true.  Baker was believing everything he heard from the Palestinians who were not telling the truth;  in other words, lying and distorting the truth.   Even today, Baker does not understand the fact that at this time in history, now isn't the time for a 2 state solution.   The window for it no longer exists.  We will have to think outside the box.   He can't see that all the other problems in the Middle East are greater.  The world is crumbling but Baker is still sticking to his original premise that Israel has to give up more and more and  accept a 2 state solution, whereas the Palestinians are all for that as long as they gain Israel to have a one state solution.

 James, born April 28, 1930,  who will 85 years old at the end of this month, "served as the Chief of Staff in President Ronald Reagan's first administration and in the final year of the administration of President George H. W. Bush. Baker also served as Secretary of the Treasury from 1985 to 1988 in the second Reagan administration, and Secretary of State in the George H. W. Bush administration.  Ah, but the lack of a basic foundation of Middle East History in our country's advisers is driving me up the wall.  With such a background, our presidents thought they knew it all!  This Texan lawyer did graduate from Princton in days much different than today from " The University of Texas at Austin and was a member of Phi Delta Theta. Yes, he's very close to the Bush family.

Update: 11:33 am- Netanyahu has gone on record with the world giving the alternative of the continual use of sanctions to prevent Iran from developing nuclear facilities and capabilities.  It is the Muslim practice to warn another of attack first before doing so.  Iran is following procedure to the letter.  The world has been now warned through Netanyahu.  Any event of a nuclear war in the world and everyone has only themselves to blame.  

PS:  What the deal doesn't do is stop them from making ICBM missiles which can reach the USA.
It doesn't stop them from threatening Israel or carrrying out their hatred.
It's causing to bring about an arms race with the Sunni states who are also threatened by Iran.

It has legitimized their work on nuclear weapons.  This deal shuts down nothing.  It's historically a bad deal.  Iran is getting a free path to making an A bomb.  The lives of Israelis are on the line.  In 2012 when Netnayhau spoke at the UN and showed a chart of how near Iranians were in creating a weapon, he had pointed out it could happen in 2013.  Sanctions have kept that from happening but now they've been lifted.  This is very bad.  

What needs to be done is to stand firm in getting a good deal.
Keep in place the sanctions until a good deal is reached.  

Resource: CNN 3/5/15 Fareed Zakaria and State of Union

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