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Rundown On Iran's Nuclear Power to Date

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Nuclear plants in Europe
The Clinton and Bush Administrations made Israel feel safe with their pledges of never allowing Iran to have a nuclear weapon.  It's been 13 years since then and the Obama Administration with their bringing on CHANGES have altered that promise to guarantee a nuclear-free 13 years and that's it.  I may have passed on by then to see the results but Malia Ann and Natasha Obama will be just 30 and 27 years old. What horrors will they have to live through?  The USA is also on their hit parade as well as Israel.  No one will be really safe.  

Iran now has the nuclear fuel needed to make a bomb that can be dropped from a transport plane.  Kerry's team has given in to just about every demand which keeps the Iranian weapons program whole, just like they want it to be.
John Kerry and Mohammad Zarif, Iranian diplomat, academic and current Minister of Foreign Affairs . Iran and the US explored ways to give impetus to nuclear talks when their chief diplomats met in Geneva. Dr Zarif and US secretary of state John Kerry  conferred ahead of another  round of negotiations between Iran and six world powers on settling their 12-year standoff over Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.  

Where was the acceptable deal?  It's non-existent.  There should be no R & D activity on advanced centrifuges; a decrease in the number of working centrifuges;   the Fordow plant closed up or destroyed;  the shipping of enriched uranium out of the country, the allowing of international inspections; the Natanz facility to limit enrichment of uranium at a level needed only for civilian purposes, destroying all but about 1/3 of installed centrifuges;  and having the Arak heavy-water reactor modified so it is incapable of producing plutonium for a bomb.  That's all they need!  
Marines in Town 

The USA is still a powerful country.  It could stop Iran's progress if it wanted to.  It has gone from changing its policy in mid-negotiations of not having any nuclear weapons production to talking about limitations and supervision on their plants.  Even Henry Kissinger was shocked at the turn of events.   The USA now accepts the idea of Iran going nuclear.  Perhaps their excuse is: why not join the rest of the world who have nuclear capabilities for power?  Why pick on Iran?  
Japanese nuclear power plant

The answer is that the other countries are using nuclear power for electricity, not bombs.   The USA and Russia have the most.  Then other countries have a few.  North Korea, South Korea, China, India, Japan, and Germany and Switzerland who are going to phase out of it, France, Canada, Sweden, etc.  The problems Japan recently had with their stations is causing others to think about using fossil fuel instead.  The problem is that left in the hands of an evil empire, it is too dangerous for others.  Iran exhibits evil intentions for this power.
 Military truck with a banner against the USA during an annual military parade which marks Iran's eight-year war with Iraq, 1980-88, in the capital Tehran, on September 22, 2013.

2015 Death to Israel 

They have made it known that no one can ever inspect their military sites.  Saturday was their annual Army Day Military Parade.  One truck had a large banner saying, "DEATH TO ISRAEL."  The people at the parade chanted, "DEATH TO ISRAEL, DEATH TO AMERICA! "  

"According to the World Nuclear Association, a nuclear power advocacy group, over 45 countries are giving "serious consideration" to introducing a nuclear power capability, with Iran, the United Arab EmiratesTurkeyVietnamBelarus, and Jordan at the forefront."  The fact that Iran is being allowed to have this power is causing the other Middle Eastern states to need it for their defense as well.  

The whole world isn't going nuclear.  "As of 2012, countries such as AustraliaAustriaDenmarkGreeceIreland,Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, LuxembourgMalta, and Portugal remain opposed to nuclear power."  

After Iran signed the draft for the nuclear deal and with the sound of "Okay, sanctions are now lifted, " they immediately ordered S-300 missiles, which are  offensive weapons from Russia  which is causing more militarization in Iran and tensions are increasing; that and all the hanging of prisoners going on. One must remember that this is not a free country.  

 Many Arabs see that the nuclear deal has caused Iran to be even more aggressive.  It certainly isn't making them peaceful.  Their capital, Tehran, realizes they have neutralized Western countries from butting into their plans.  They think they now have an open map and the borders are to be adjusted by them, just as IS thinks.  The 2 of them, Iran and IS, are now fighting against each other, as a matter of fact.

Netanyahu of Israel is very worried about this shipment.  Iran, through Hezbollah, has been  stepping up their aggression around the borders of Israel.  Nothing about their behavior has been addressed in the  nuclear deal overseen by Kerry.  What Israel sees is that Iran's missiles are bigger every year, and on them is inscribed, DEATH TO ISRAEL.    Israel has made it known that they have reiterated their right to target these missile batteries if found in the hands of terrorist organizations procured from Iran or Syria.  Putin just sits back and placates Netanyahu saying, oh no!  These missiles are for defensive purposes. for Iran and are no threat to Israel's security.  Ha!    Since when does a missile know about its use?  Is it a defensive or offensive weapon?  
Houthis fighting al-Qaeda  in the city during cease fire

Shia Iran has been accused of arming the Shia Houthi rebels in Yemen, which is 99% Muslim with both Sunni/Shi'a.  They sent out their own navy into the region now and will see that the USA has 7 ships there already with 2,200 Marines in them.  The Sunni Saudis have led a bombing campaign there which they are continuing.  "  The President, Abdrabbuh Mansosur Hadi, was forced out of the capital, Sanaa, in February.  His forces are still fighting the rebels, the Houthis.  Yemen is becoming a battleground for the Iranians and Saudis' war.  Saudi Arabia has a coalition with them of 5 Gulf Arab states, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco and Sudan.  
al Qaeda

It's all being complicated by  an opposition force of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula called the AQAP who is attacking both the president of Yemen and the Houthis.  This is all what Iran's aggression has caused.   Everyone is trying to steal away the power.  

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