Thursday, April 2, 2015

Robert Malley, Hamas Defender, New Right Hand Man For Obama: Mideast Coordinator

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                
Robert Malley, b: 1963

The Obama Administration continues to hold a grudge against Israel with their latest tactic.  His National Security Advisor is Susan Rice.  She just chose Robert Malley to succeed Philip Gordon as Special Assistant to the President and White House,  Coordinator for the Middle East, North Africa, and the Gulf region. Gordon held the position since March 11, 2013.  
Photo of Prime Minister of Latvia,Valdis Dombrovskis (left) and U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Dr. Philip H. Gordon (right) who has been replaced.

 " Malley  is currently a senior director at the National Security Council. "
Hamas Terrorists Brainwashing child
Robert Malley just happens to be very critical of Israel and is a Hamas defender.  This is what we get for the new Mideast Coordinator.  He's already been one of the players in forming the USA policy on Iran, Iraq, Syria, and the Gulf.  Rice is so looking forward to working with him.  I believe it was Rice who walked out on Netanyahu's speech at the UN for a more pressing luncheon date.  

“Malley worked for Obama in his first run for president as a foreign policy adviser. He was later fired for meeting with the Palestinian group Hamas, which the U.S. State Department classifies as a terrorist organization. “He was one of literally hundreds of informal, outside advisers,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton told ABC News. Hamas is also closely tied with the Muslim Brotherhood."  According to other commentators, it was really Obama who had Rice select him.  

Like many of us always say to each other, "But is he good for the Jews?"  His mother was Barbara Silverstein.  His father was a Jewish Syrian.   Sounds like a nice beginning, but his father was the late Simon Malley who was in the Egyptian Communist Party. "Simon was born to a Syrian -Jewish family who lived in Egypt and was born in Cairo on May 25, 1923. He died at the age of 83 on September 7, 2006. He was "bitterly" anti-Israel and also a confidante of PLO leader Yasser Arafat.  He was a critic of western imperialism and a supporter of many leftist revolutionary liberation movements, especially the cause for Palestinians.  Soviet money funded him and he backed the 19179 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.  This is quite a belligerent background  for one's father if one is going to work with Israel.  " In New York City, he met his wife, Barbara, an American, when she worked for the United Nations delegation of the National Liberation Front (NLF), the Algerian independence group. Malley took up the cause of the NLF and was important in publicizing its cause" as he was a journalist.  

Here's a case where the parents have helped to form the attitude of the son.  Robert is a smart guy, evidently since he attended Yale and was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford in 1984.  He holds a PhD in political philosophy.  He has a JD from Harvard Law School where he might have met Barack Obama who was also there at the same time.  But he knows nothing about Israel and is on the Palestinian side.  Already he is highly prejudice.  It's like facing the UN; not a chance of having any fairness for Israel.  

Malley has blamed Israel and Ehud Barak as the cause of the Camp David failure and the Palestinians love that.  He wrote a piece in 2001, "Camp David:  The Tragedy of Errors."  This is when Barak was giving away most of Israel to the Palestinians, an unprecedented offer but was met by Arafat's NO.  Ehud Barak had made an offer of giving the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians, of which Israel gained in the 1967 War that they had won.  Also, he was giving them 95% of Judea and Samaria an parts (east) of Jerusalem.  The Temple Mount would remain under Israeli sovereignty, but the Palestinians would keep the custodianship which Jordan now held.  

 Robert Malley put the blame , if one can logically find blame when one is giving away so much of their little country, on Ehud saying he had taken an unnecessary hard line approach in negotiating with Arafat.  He said that Arafat believed that Barak was intent on 
1. either forcing him to swallow an unconscionable deal or
2. mobilizing the world to isolate and weaken the Palestinians if they refused to yield.

Really.  Truth is that Arafat had no intention of making a deal.  They didn't want to manage their own state.  They just wanted to destroy Israel.  This had been the deal of all deals by a very leftist prime minister.  

Now this is the clincher.  Guess who is on J Street's advisory council and has been for a number of years.  You got it.  Robert Malley.  

Oh yes, Malley said aback in 2007 that Assad of Syria could change his policies on collaborating with Iran and terrorist groups if the Bush administration ended its hostile policy with them.  Duh, 

He was sure good on figuring out the Palestinians, wasn't he?  Hamas took over, a very wild and feisty terrorist group that grew out of the PLO.  He said, "The more Hamas exercises government responsibility, the less it is likely to revert to violence."  They are still violent.   Later he said that "it was a mistake to think of groups like Hamas and Hizbullah as in terms of their terrorist violence dimension."  He sees them as s"social political movements, probably the most rooted movements in their respective societies.  Hamas has deep loyalty.  It has a charity organization, a social branch--it's not something you could  defeat militarily either.....There's so much misinformation about them.  I speak to them and my colleagues speak to them.  Now we may disagree with them, but they have their own rationale."  Too bad after all that studying that he can't see what's wrong with their rationale.  I suppose that the co-pilot for the German airline had his own rationale for crashing with 150 people on board, too, didn't he?

It seems that there are others who feel the Muslim Brotherhood is the way to go besides Malley, who evidently joined with Obama in wanting to curry favors with them.  One such person is "Mohamed Elibiary, a senior member of the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council.  

Our first inkling of this was right after Obama was elected as president and then went to Cairo for his famous Cairo speech.  It was then that he insisted the Muslim Brotherhood, who was outlawed in Egypt, was to attend and sit in the very front rows.  

 "The Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council, who supports some kind of American partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood," think that " a Caliphate,” or fundamental Muslim state, was inevitable in the future and compared it to the European Union,”  Look who they are siding with:  A Caliphate.  That's just what IS is creating, isn't it.  

Unfortunately we have some very irreligious Jews who have become self-haters.  He just joined the group.  

I am very concerned  about our security.  No wonder Obama was happy on CNN today talking about the deal made with Iran about their nuclear power.  He wanted it to come to a completion by today, good or bad.  I know Israel is not happy with it.  Obama could not have found a more biased person to fill Gordon's shoes.  

Research:  Jewish Press, front page, p. 3.  Israel critic and Hamas defender named as Obama's new Mideast Coordinator by Patrick Goodenough.


  1. wrote a comment on the other one and came to read this one here and find myself in absolute agreement so once again a very good article nadene. these are blind fools leading other blind fools if they think that they are "managing" the middle east to the good of all-that somehow peace can come through their efforts. it is a pit of vipers that they are dealing with, which in my book makes them vipers too. all doing the devil's bidding as i said in the other comment. everything is on the fast track to horrible from here on out. yes i am negative about these issues.......because you cannot play with fire and not get burned. this is becoming an inferno. i am thankful that i trust God. He is sovereign over all this too.

  2. Thank you, Andre. We sure are in agreement. The next one is where I list all the horrid things Hamas has done and still does. Never have we ever had a government like this one. I know it's leading up to accepting Palestine as a state.