Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hillary's Desire to Create Palestine

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                        

Hillary Clinton has announced her presidential opinions and is now running for president.  "Clinton is an ardent supporter of a two-state solution as the ultimate resolution to the ongoing conflict  for the past 66 years between Israel and the Palestinians. She has stated that it is a “personal commitment of mine” to create an independent Palestinian state. 
Arafat, PLO Chairman, Fatah leader till death
Hillary, if you can do that, you are a wizard.  Many people have tried and tried since 1947.  That's when the Arabs rejected the UN partition plan, which would have created a Palestinian state.  It was Arafat who said NO.  For the past 67 years, there are always been something that keeps them from complying and wiling to create their own state.  Jews lost Judea and Samaria, in other words, Judea with their capital, Jerusalem, in 70 CE to the Romans.  So they've had to wait almost 2,000 years to regain their homeland again.  

These Palestinians came from all the surrounding nations looking for work with the Jews who were building  in the 1880s.  It's not like there was ever a nation of Palestine.  There was the land of Palestine, or as the Romans called it, Palaestina that had been taken over by the Ottoman Empire who had it for the past 400 years.  It's just that things were so bad in their own country that they came and found work and stayed and now there are many Palestinians who have been used by the leaders of the neighborhood who don't want Jews there.  Hillary, do you play chess?  It's like a big chess game, and the Palestinians have been expendable pawns of the leaders.  

I have the 1992 copy of Myths and Facts. The FIRST INTIFADA lasted from 1987 to 1992, something the PLO initiated. They attack because they say they want their state but when it comes down to the brass tacks, they refuse the offer.   The Intifada became violent and 27 Israelis were killed and more than 1,400 civilians and 1,700 IDF soldiers were injured.  Almost half (1,000) of the Palestinian casualties were caused by other Palestinians in the Intrafada or internal fighting among the many Palestinian factions.  The Persian Gulf War took place in 1991.  Hussein had attempted to draw Israel into the war and fired 39 Scud missiles into Israel.  Israel did not retaliate because they didn't want to disrupt the US led coalition.  

 At that time, President George Herbert Walker Bush (1989-1993) opposed the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.  The position of the USA had been that a Palestinian state was not the answer.  In all likelihood, such a state would become a radical nation dominated by the PLO or Islamic extremists such as Hamas.  Such prophetic words.  Look at what happened in Gaza.  The PLO had become Fatah terrorists and then a political faction and were kicked out of Gaza by Hamas terrorists who took that section over.  

He used Iraq as an example feeling that the strong support for Iraq shown by residents of the territories during the Gulf War was but one recent example of the sort of radicalism that would likely envelop such a country.

He saw danger in that a Palestinian state could serve as a forward base in a future war for Arab nations that have refused to make peace with Israel.  After all, other terrorist groups had sprouted from Hamas, such as the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Hezbollah (Party of God) and al Qaeda have developed from other radicals.  

Left in Israeli hands, Judea and Samaria (West Bank) , which are the original nation of Israel  and its southern end that became Judah, represent a tremendous defensive asset whose possession by Israel deters Arab forces from even considering attack along an "Eastern Front."  This comes from a report by the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies notes.  Who could come from the east?  Such a nation as Iran who is promising  to destroy Israel.

In 1992, an Arab coalition attacking from east of the Jordan would face very difficult fighting conditions because it would be fighting uphill from the lowest point on the face of the earth:  The Dead Sea and the Rift Valley runs below it.  The mountain ranges in Judea and Samaria constitute ISRAEL'S MAIN LINE OF DEFENSE AGAINST ARAB ARMIES FROM THE EAST.  
Fajr 5 missiles with 50 mile range (75 km)  from Iran: " Iran has reportedly deployed an arsenal of high-powered artillery rockets and missiles to Iraq in an effort to help that country’s military and Shiite militias in an ongoing campaign against ISIS."

Now Russia is supplying Iran with 300 missiles that can go farther than shown above.  As John Kerry is dealing with Iran and their developing  nuclear capabilities, they will be able to add this to the missiles headed for Israel.  I suppose the mountains in the east could slow down an invading army, but not missiles, necessarily.  "Iran thinks that Russia will deliver the missile system this year, Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, told the Interfax news agency in Moscow on Tuesday." It's the S-300 surface to Air missiles.  

Netanyahu is not interested in a Palestine right now.  It's like a dead issue in Israel.  Who wants to have insurgent terrorists led by Hamas terrorists and suicide bombers be neighbors and have access to the lives of your population? Isn't it enough that they are digging tunnels to reach Israel and kidnap people or kill them?   When both Fatah and Hamas decide to accept Israel as a qualified state in their midst; when they change their doctrine of destroying Israel and killing Jews, and when they love their children more than they hate Israelis, then there will be something to build  on.  Otherwise, I wouldn't make it my talking point to run for president.  These are the same points that Netanyahu has for Iran that have not been reached.  

You all gasped and sputtered when Netanyahu mentioned not working on a Palestine right now.  He's concerned about Iran.  You should be, too.  You gasp and yell a lot when Israel is talking about building or even in the process and land won by them from the 1967 Six Day War that according to their international lawyers is theirs to use.  As long as the Arabs cannot come to any agreement or acceptance of Israel, they have my permission to go right ahead and build on their own land. It was theirs anyway in the first promises from Great Britain, the nation that held the 30 year mandate.  Tough luck for the Palestinians.  If they wanted a nation so bad, they're going to have to accept Israel as their neighbor.  Egypt and Jordan seem to have accepted them.  What's the reasoning for their holdout?  
Having a nation of terrorists next door is something unacceptable to peace-loving people. They have to change.   Do you remember the massacre at Munich during the Summer Olympics?  That's when  eleven Israeli Olympic team members  were taken hostage and eventually killed, along with a German police officer, by the Palestinian group Black September.  They had been gunned down in cold blood and killed.  
Osrat Iosef, from Israel, holds a picture of the eleven Israelis who were killed in the terrorist attack during the Olympic Games in Munich on Sept. 5, 1972, while she visits a commemoration for the victims in Munich, on Sunday, Aug. 11, 2002. Osrat Iosef is the daughter of killed athlete Romano Iosef. Thirty years after 11 Israeli athletes and coaches were killed by Palestinian terrorists at the Olympic Games in Munich, Israel's entire contingent at the European track and field championships are staying at the same housing complex where their countrymen were taken hostage. (AP Photo/Jan Pitman) - 

  Ali Hassan Salameh was the main architect of the massacre in 1972 and was only in his 30s.  He was educated in Germany and learned his military training  in Cairo and Moscow.  He was the secretary chief of Fatah.  Mossad finally got him. 

Many terrorists were involved in this massacre, one of thousands that Israel has endured.  How about Kamal Nasser, an intellectual, who was the public-relations chief for Al Fatah, member of the PLO Executive Committee, and by 1972 was the official spokesman for the PLO.  Unlike others in his group, he made no secret of his connections with terrorism.  He was also one of the terrorists of the Munich massacre.  He was a member of Jordan's parliament in 1956 as a Palestinian Christian.  

Dr. Basil al-Kubaisi was a purchaser of weapons for Dr.George  Habash's Popular Front, founded in 1967.  He was a law professor and a terrorist, involved in the Munich massacre of the11 Jewish Israeli athletes.  His group refused to recognize Israel.    They were involved in plane hijackings, shootings, bombings and suicide attacks.  

People see the word, terrorists, but really don't understand the reality that Israelis do about what it means.  This is what the Palestinians must change before they can ever be welcomed neighbors.  What I see is a generation that can exist without being active terrorists who want to live peacefully and accept Israel's existence.  Israel will know when this time will be, and so will the Palestinians. Perhaps Israelis are thinking of some alternative other than Statehood right now that will lead to peace. 

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  1. it was pictures of the holocaust when i was only 13 that left me with a certain scar in my heart and what turned my head israel's way for the first time. i have not and never will forget the picture in my mind of munich. i was 19 at the time. then as i read the bible i began to see israel's place in the world and when i have since read of leaders in israel, meier and begin and others who were always extending an olive branch and receiving some form of slapdown and or terror for their efforts, i knew.........not only is there no such thing as a palestinian state but no one would ever succeed to establish this fake entity because God will not allow it. so try hillary like others who have tried and failed ;) . there is coming one who will get a world consensus to do this--he is waiting in the wings--and has an appointment to bring great evil to israel----to jerusalem and her temple mount---but though he succeed in a short measure for a short time------------------------------------it will be the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY Who will bring the evil plans to ruin and He Himself will reign from jerusalem. though it tarry.....wait for it. i await this with a deep fear and yet a even deeper rejoicing at the same time. God has said HE will reign, so it will be done. jerusalem will have none to rule her but her rightful King. He is coming and coming soon.
    my whole heart holds dear whatever the Lord holds dear-His chosen people israel. jerusalem is the apple of His Eye. He will cut down and destroy those who oppose and harm His people.......and it will be short work-finished for all time.

  2. Except For When She Was NY Senator, Hillary Clinton Has ALWAYS Been Anti-Israel.
    Note: since Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy less than 24 hours ago, I received a few emails asking me to re-post the June 2014 article explaining Ms. Clinton's long anti-Israel history. The below is a revised version of that article, adding examples from Hillary's book "Hard Choices."

    If one looks at Hillary Clinton's public history one finds a lifetime of anti-Israel positions. But wait, some might say Hillary was a big supporter of Israel when she was in the U.S. Senate. Indeed she was, but with the possible exception of the time from her first campaign New York’s Senate seat in 2000 to her resignation from the Senate to become Secretary of State in January 2009-- except for the time she needed New York’s Jewish voting bloc, Hillary Clinton has never been pro-Israel. (partial portion from his article).

    Posted by Jeff Dunetz at Monday, April 13, 2015

  3. never was or ever will be a supporter of israel. she is again-on the wrong side of the Bible and of history.

  4. She only pretended she was during her time as Senator in New York to get the Jewish vote. Since then has shown her true colors; admired Arafat!

  5. Yes, I wasn't quite 14 yet when Israel was created. I've always felt my connection and need to help. I watch the movie today, Cast a Giant Shadow with Kirk Douglas, Frank Sinatra, John Wayne, etc, and cry all the way through it. It gives you an idea of what it was like to get the state created. It's on amazon.com, too.

  6. i saw that movie not long ago. a good way to see at least somewhat what was at stake and what toll it took in personal lives to accomplish. i love the israel of God and i pray for the peace of jerusalem.

  7. Me too. Great that you saw this movie.