Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Iran To Have The Atomic Bomb 20 Times Faster Than Deal States

 Nadene Goldfoot                                                                    
Former Iran President Ahmadinejad riding a missile

True to Netanyahu's warning about Kerry's deal with Iran, the foreign minister of Iran told members of parliament yesterday that Iran will begin using their latest IR-8 centrifuges as soon as is nuclear deal with the world powers goes into effect.                            

Current IR-2 centrifuges in Iran in Natanz Enrichment Facility
It's IR-8 centrifuges enrich uranium 20 times faster than the IR-1 centrifuges it currently uses.   Iran's semi-official Fars New Agency reported this little  fact.  What they plan on doing is to " inject gas into IR-8 centrifuges. " 

The world powers, so eager to start trading with Iran, has hailed the framewwork agreement with Iran as a great move.  This move in fact will accelerate Iran's progress to the bomb!

Iran knew they could manufacture a bomb 20 times faster than the time frame Kerry presented to himself and the Western world powers.  They have had this card up their sleeve all along.  One can say they pulled the wool over Kerry's eyes for sure.

We do have a card up our sleeve, however.  Our Congress has to accept this deal, and right now it doesn't look like they will.  A bad deal is worse than no deal at all, and as it stands, this is a very bad deal.

The French have taken notes as well at the meeting with Kerry.  Their fact sheet differs a little from the USA's.  They differ on sanctions relief and inspectors' access to the power plants.  Obama of the USA thinks the deal is historic, but Netanyahu of Israel has warned it is very bad and paves Iran's path to the bomb.  Iran's fact sheet differs sharply from both France and the USA's.  Of course, they are all relying on translating languages of French and English to Farsi.    June 30th is a deadline to have reached an agreement or not.  USA's Ben Rhodes, "Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications and Speechwriting, ." said the way the USA sees it now will stand on June 30th despite the errors Israel has found.  As it stands today, Obama sees Iran having a bomb in 13 years, but does he know about speeding up the process 20 times more?

Israel has found 6 discrepancies  already between the US and Iranian documents.
Zarif on left, Head of Iranian Atomic Energy

"Earlier Tuesday, Israel Radio reported that Javad Zarif, Iran's Foreign Minister,  told the 
lawmakers that Iran was capable of producing an atomic bomb at any given moment, but 

will refrain from doing so due to  religious Islamic injunctions against such a move."

  Their religious motivation is that they must warn their enemy first before doing so.

 They have already warned Israel.  The cartoon above is from Iran.  

Resource:  Times of Israel


  1. handed to them on a silver platter looks to me. obama was a plant to help reach this goal. america and israel are supposed to go down in the new world order and using the muslim hate for both-death to little satan and great satan is doing the dirty work for the powers that be. the way i see it in any case. looks like they are doing a good job of taking america down. God will defend israel. will be costly but israel will be saved. i type these words with a real burden in my heart at the severity of what is coming.

  2. I agree. Everything he has done turns out doing just this, starting with the Cairo speech and being on the Muslim Brotherhood's side right after he was elected. The Muslim Brotherhood's charter is right on internet and says plainly that they are all about destroying Israel and killing Jews. The people he associated with before being elected; friends, minister in Chicago, were not for America, either. They were highly critical and even worse.


    fast track to ezekiel 38-39 and more real everyday. i think isaiah 17:1 is on the front burner with the heat turned up. ps 83 in the making as well. every day now is something.

  4. Oh my gosh! With 300 missiles sold to them now, I have to think, what's the rush? Why the expense? They can make their own in a few months. Well, Israel's ready for anything, but the rest of the world isn't, I bet. I"m speechless! This shows current events and religion connected, something most people coil away from. Well, there are parts of Damascus that are a heap of rubble. My friend said his new home that he had built before 2012, with all it's American amenities, was completely destroyed. It's a huge city and so he is in a nice apartment. I saw it when we skyped. Damascus is still the capital. When this prophecy of Isaiah was utterred, the tribes of Reuben and Gad had already been exiled from their land. Isaiah warns Aram (Syria) that it would be exiled by Sennacherib, just as he had exiled the Jewish city of Aroer and then the rest of the 10 tribes. I'd like to get my friend out of Syria, but there's no way. With a Syrian passport, they can only fly to another Islamic country. Now I wonder if flights are taking place. No one has been working in Damascus, at least not building anything. I wonder how they are all existing financially.

  5. i pray that he gets out of there nadene. the whole thing will become a ruinous heap. yes parts of it have seen destruction but the prophecy is taking about it (that continuing city of the ages) will be no more. yes, current events and religion are most definitely connected. and very hard things are coming to our shores too. 2015 is seeing many very ugly things manifest as the floodgates have been opened. i believe terrible economic news is coming to america in time for the jewish fall feasts this year. if i am wrong call me out on it. it is sad to think of what is happening and nadene one can hope they are wrong but i don't think so.

  6. I have these same fears. I checked on one website about the economic problem, and the guy claimed to have been with CIA and they never heard of him according to Wikipedia, for what that's worth. I lost money back in 2008 and that was out of the blue, my almost heart attack when it happened. These are very unstable times, making finances and banks very unstable, I suppose. Did you read that China is opening a world bank and even England is transferring money to that instead of the World bank? China is building a lot of roads and the money is supposed to be going into that. As for my friend, I just hope he'll be all right. He has a pretty good 6th sense about trouble-at least up to now. He got out once. Don't know if he's up to it again. It's like us leaving our home quickly and going to another country trying to get jobs, etc.

  7. i hope your friend gets out of there pronto!
    that fellow is not who am listening to about the coming economic meltdown but i know who you mean. the bubble is going to burst because this is all unsustainable. i am prepped somewhat doing the best with what i have at the moment. i will trust the Lord to make our way through this as i have in other trials i have lived to tell about. but i do not think it is a short time thing. i think it is a lasting thing that will bust us way back in the financial realm. i think i read that israel has signed on with the banking from china if i read that right. so it looks to me somewhat like rats jumping from a sinking ship here and i think will help the globalists drown (finish) the american economy. they will have a new system in place though. :( control control control. sovereignty is all but done and part of the past. israel's sovereignty will take a hit too------but God will restore her and place her as head of the nations though! that is a promise from the Word of God. i am "banking" on HIM.