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Lying in the United Nations Epidemic Proportions

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                                    

                 The Palestine Government:  Fatah and Hamas Terrorists in Suits

Lies have been told so much in the UN and are being believed about Israel.  The Muslim representatives are backing the Palestinians, one of theirs, instead of standing up and backing true facts.  As with IS today, there are Muslim states who disagree with IS goals, but they have not done so in the case of accepting Jews in their midst.  As long as Palestinians do not want them in the Middle East, their governments  all support this attitude.  This is unacceptable.  It's racist.  

In 1990 there were 1.1 billion Muslims in the world
In 2010 there were 1.6 + billion Muslims in the world or 23.4% of world population
In 2011 there were 1.57 billion Muslims in a world of 8 billion people.  Muslims made up 26.4% of the population.
In 2013 there were 1.6 billion Muslims in the world or 23% of the growing population.
In 2013 there were 2.04 billion Muslims in the world

The Middle East-North Africa region has 341 million people of which 93% are Muslims and that's where Israel's 6 million Jews live.  That's a  ratio of 6:341.  Abraham's Ishmael certainly was able to be more prolific than Isaac had been.  Isaac's line has had to deal with anti-Semitism for 2,000 years and such things as a Nazi caused Holocaust that cut down their population by 6 million deaths.  .

In 2014 there are 2.08 billion Muslims in the world
By 2030 there will be 2.2 billion Muslims in the world.  That is, if they can stop fighting each other in their own religious battles between Sunni and Shi'a and Alawite against Sunni or Salafi against Sunni.
                    Arafat, PLO's leader, Speaking at UN before November 11, 2004 when he died.
                               A younger Arafat Speaking at UN
                    Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah Speaking At UN on  September 29, 2014

It appears that the UN is following the lead of the wishes of the Muslims at the UN and ignoring the facts from the Jews who are a mere 0.02% of the world population.  The fact remains that the Jews are telling the truth and the Palestinians are lying in order to achieve their goals of destroying Israel instead of living peacefully with them. It's been that way since 1948.
                                                       Ban Ki-moon, head UN Official

1. The UN allowed Palestinians to use UN schools and facilities as storage and launch sites for Hamas terrorist rockets during Operation Defensive Edge of this last summer's war in Gaza. After rockets were found in the UN schools, UN officials RETURNED them to Hamas.

   Hamas had been firing these rockets onto Israeli cities, reaching Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as well as southern Israel.

2. Palestinians, especially Hamas in Gaza, refuse to recognize Israel's existence.  They do not think they have a right to exist under any borders.

3.  Hamas has a manifest, a charter which says this.  Has UN ever read it?  Do they understand what it is saying?

2. Israel left Gaza.  THERE IS NO OCCUPATION BY ISRAEL IN GAZA.  Israel pulled out all the Jewish people from Gaza for the sake of having peace.

3. Violence has happened this past summer because:
      A. Hamas rockets hitting Israel in cities.  Aggression and attacks from Hamas terrorists.
      B. Rocket attacks broke neutrality of the UN when they used their spaces and their schools.  UN IS NO LONGER NEUTRAL ON THE ISSUE BETWEEN ISRAEL AND PALESTINE

4. Judea and Samaria area with Palestinian Authority's Abbas has made unilateral moves at the UN.  They aren't helping peace but make the situation worse.  

5. Abbas's Fatah (PLO) united with Hamas terrorists in government, following Hamas charter of destroying Israel.  By doing this they are not aiming for peace; only to wipe out Israel.  

It's a case where the UN has accepted that MIGHT makes RIGHT.  Anything Israel does is criticized and turned upside down in fact.  

When Netanyahu of Israel spoke at the UN in September, our Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State of the USA,   walked out immediately to keep a luncheon date, it was said..  Muslims walked out and were not there to listen before he even started to speak.  It happens that he is an excellent speaker with important facts to relate about the Muslim country of Iran and their use of uranium, Israel's biggest problem.  This is not respectful.  Israel has been a friend of the USA, and friends set an example and stay and listen to the head of Israel, not walk out.  It's fuel for the UN to also be disrespectful to Israel by not listening to the truth about their situation with the Palestinians.  Well, when has truth ever mattered in politics, huh?  
                                           Hamas Terrorists of a Future Palestine

Resource:  Abbas at UN speaking
The Jewish Press, Friday, October 17, 2014 Netanyahu chides UN chief Over Hamas Rockets At UN Schools (JNS).

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