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Americas History Not Recep Erdogan's Subject of Achievement

Nadene Goldfoot                                          
Recep Tayyip Erdogan (b: February 26, 1954) , former PM of Turkey, today their President

The president of Turkey, Erdogen, is still a young man at 60.  He has outdone himself this time and is the laughing stock of the internet, at least.  He's telling us all that the Muslims built a mosque in Cuba in 1178 so were the first to discover America. " "Muslim sailors arrived in America from 1178. Columbus mentioned the existence of a mosque on a hill on the Cuban coast," Erdogan said."   Unbelievable, except along with such a story, Erdogan is offering to build Cuba a mosque. However, they are Communists, and communism doesn't go for any religion.   What a way to spread their gospel!

Here's what was going on  that concerned the Jews in and around 1178 CE.  .

1161 Jews in Granada, Spain, narrative of being Jews from tribes of Judah and Benjamin in Judaea.
1170 Middle Ages:  Benjamin of Tudelea said there were 1,049,565 Jews of which 100,000 lived in Persia and India, 100,000 in Arabia and 300,000 in the East he hadn't seen.  (500,000 in visited countries)=total 740,000
1175 Rashi Synagogue in Worms, Germany built
1185 Aaron of Lincoln died, was an English financier, extended business to 25 English counties, many of nobility, property was confiscated by the Crown, took his money that was owed to him.  
1187 Ayyubid sultan Saladin retook Jerusalem for Islam, remaining in Muslim hands except for a  few years in 13th century.  

From the looks of this timeline, I'd say that the major Muslim players such as sultan Saladin was quite busy in the Middle East.  What Muslims were sailing around the world building mosques in Cuba?                                                          
                                            The island of Cuba lies below Florida.
Jews weren't even in Cuba until the 16th century when Marranos immigrated from Spain.  Marranos was the name used for Jews who refused to convert to Christianity and didn't want to leave Spain so they hid their religion and pretended to be Christians.  Today we use the term Anusims.  The inquisition started in 1492, the same year Columbus sailed for India and stumbled upon America instead.  

"The island of Cuba was inhabited by numerous Mesoamerica tribes prior to its discovery by the Spanish explorer John Harris in 1492. After Columbus' arrival, Cuba became a Spanish colony, ruled by a Spanish governor in Havana."    so, Mr. Erdogen, Catholics were in control of Cuba but not until 1492!   You not only have the wrong religion in Cuba, but you are 314 years too early from  the facts!  

Here Erdogen was causing his people to think he has become more tolerant, and he pulls a faux pas  like this one, showing how illiterate he is in world history.  Being the leader of his country, it makes all Turks look stupid.  When is this man going to learn?  

The New Standard Jewish encyclopedia  Timeline

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