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USA's University Elite First On the Bandwagon Against Jews: Traitors to Education

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                         

                            Rockets aimed into Israel from Gaza 2001-2014
More than 15,200 rockets, mortars and missiles have fallen into Israel from 2001 to 2014. On  July 7, 2014 Israel finally defended themselves with Operation Defensive Edge and went into Gaza to take out the rocket launchers when all of Israel was being attacked, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  The terrorists had stepped over the red line.

Students and the world over have turned against the very victims of the Nazi Holocaust, the Jews,  in the act of reliving the days of the Nazis all over again.
                              The new Iron Dome, invented to stop incoming rockets into Israel

Because Israel had the audacity after years of trying to stop being attacked by the Palestinian Arabs living in Gaza  from shelling Israel with rockets, mortars and missiles by actually marching into Gaza  to take out the missile launchers, they are being painted with the paintbrush of being the Nazis.
            3 Jewish students murdered after accepting a ride after school by Hamas terrorists

What do I learn from this?  Jews cannot protect themselves or stand up for their rights yet without outrage from the world.  There's so much anti-Semitism against us that the people, no matter what country they live in, cannot make nor want to make rational conclusions about Jews. Jews are damned for protecting themselves.  
Tunnels to enter Israel deceitfully for terrorist acts.  Also used for receiving weapons.
One of the loudest has been Francis A. Boyle, law professor at the U. of Illinois.  He made a speech in November 2000 where he made the accusation that Israel was racist with apartheid-like behavior and said that they were practicing an ongoing genocide against Palestinians just like the Nazis.  He called Israel people committing a crime against humanity exactly like Hitler did to the Jewish people.  He's also one of the main promoters of the global Boycott, Divest and Sanctions Movement, known as BDS.  Truth:   Israel is the opposite of being apartheid.  
                                           Syrian missiles aimed at Israel.  Lovely neighbors we have.

There have been 4 men who are my nemesis and have been for a long time.  Noam Chomsky was the first I bumped into in November of 2003.  I saw he was a professor of language, and I was teaching English to Hebrew speakers.  I thought we had something in common and wrote to him after seeing he had written a few books against Israel's right to exist. I had  lived in Israel from 1980 to the end of 1985 teaching English to junior high Israelis.   He was panning Israel something fierce.  We had a debate through email for quite a spell, two Jews, one defending and one knocking Israel coldly.  I started my  deep research of Israel then defending Israel against his comments.  No matter what I brought up as proof, he would discount it.  I still have those emails.  In his mind, he ignores the facts that Palestinians have murdered Jews and only pointed out when Israel had retaliated, holding that against them.  He thinks all Arabs want to live only in peace and discounts their acts of religious fury.
                         Iran plotting to destroy Israel with an A bomb from their uranium.

When I brought up the Arab influence in our news media, he said, "The idea that Arabs are controlling reporters goes beyond outlandish, I'm afraid.  On the contrary, anti-Arab racism is rampant in the US, and reporters and columnists who try to be even slightly sympathetic to their point of view are subjected to hysterical abuse and extreme pressures.    Israeli propaganda (or "hasbara," as they call it) has been overwhelmingly influential, ever since the US turned to strong support for Israel after its smashing victory in 1967.  Again, investigate and find out for yourself."  I certainly did, and had proof he was nothing but a liar.  

                          Grand Mufti of Jerusalem with Hitler plotting against Jews 

"Chomsky never hesitates to point to the perfidy (treacherous, deceiving by trust, faithless or disloyal) of Israel, and its barbarous assault on their Arab neighbors who, in his socialist fantasies, wish for nothing more than to live in peace."  This is about   a Jew, a Russian bred Jew coming from a very socialist irreligious background shaped by the country his family had lived in.  Facts are just the opposite.  Palestinians have been offered their own state since 1947, but refused it for various reasons.  In actuality, they just want to take all of Israel.  They've turned down the many offers since then.  Now they want Jerusalem as part of their state as well.

"He draws parallels between Israelis and Nazis so many times in his writings that he used the epithet of nazi against Israel in every sentence just about.  "The rogue state of "Israel has tried killing, beating, gassing, mass arrests, deportation, destruction of houses, curfews and other forms of harsh collective punishment."  Chomsky only listens to the words of his friends, the Arabs and damns the Jews. He probably justifies the slaughter of the 4 rabbis in Jerusalem this week. Rabbi Goldberg, born in England,  was a friend of mine.   There is no justification by him or anyone else.

Hmm, maybe this is why Fox News is the only TV news program that I can get a fair shake about Israel.  On CNN, it's usually only through the people interviewed, like the recent interview of  the well known lawyer, Alan Dershowitz. I watch CNN for this reason.  The interviewer of Dershowitz dripped with oily anti-Israel feelings shown in her voice  and sympathy for the Palestinian killers in this interview in my opinion. She, as well as most, did not understand Israel's decision to destroy the houses of terrorists.  The whole Palaestinian culture is urging such acts, even Abbas.  Something has to happen to show it is not acceptable.  You've heard of hitting "them" in the *&^$#%.  Well, a house is exactly that; where it hurts the most. They know the rules.  It's no surprise.   No, Chomsky has been turning out books like they are rolls of toilet tissues against Israel.  He's probably the one who has influenced another of  my nemesis, Finkelstein, who was so nauseating that Israel banned him from their land.

I can expect such verbosity from Columbia University's Dept. of Middle Eastern and Asian Languages and Culture who has Joseph Massad teaching, an associate professor of modern Arab politics.  He regularly blasts off with his loathing of Israel in fringe anti-Semitic publications like Counterpunch and The Electronic Intifada, or in the Arab press.  He never misses a chance to denigrate the Jewish state as a racist colonial enterprise, a moral stain on the world without ANY SEMBLANCE OF LEGITIMACY.

In 2009, William I. Robinson, sociology professor at the U of California in Santa Barbara sent out emails to 80 students in his Sociology of Globalization course telling them that Israelis are the new Nazis.  It showed grisly photographs comparing Israel treatment of Palestinians and the Nazis attacking Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto.  He sent the email without supplying any context for it.  It had no relevance or connection with the course he was teaching.  This really angers me for more than one reason; brain washing students into hating Jews.  I happen to have had a  mother by the maiden name of Robinson  who had converted to Judaism.

 The name, William Robinson,  is common in Robinson genealogy and very well could be an ancestor of mine.  He has besmirched the name.  We already have the Robinson's Arch in Jerusalem, named for an archaeologist that might be from my tree.  Now I hang my head in shame and hope this one isn't on my tree or my friends who have been helping me. So many Robinsons of the 1800's were ministers, religious people.                                                                          
 That the Robinsons, the first being John Robinson, Reverend or Pastor, who sent the Pilgrims over to America on the Mayflower for religious freedom, and Jews, after passing through all the expectations and hoops after 2,000 years of waiting, are finally in their own land once again through the okay of the League of Nations from countless meetings, including meeting and getting the approval of Emir Feisal, the highest and most influential and intelligent Arab in the land at that time, and William Robinson, a product most likely of Pilgrims, is doing a dirty trick  like this makes me sick.

From all this, I have learned that our enemies speak with a forked sick tongue, lying through their teeth so much that they should all fall out eventually.  They say lies with such feeling and emphasis that everyone believes them.  Isn't this how Hitler spoke back in the 30's?  Was he ever telling the truth?

All we can do is stick to our religious principals of right and wrong and truly live by them.  Our neighbors and pseudo friends will lie about us and turn against us by voting with the pack, but we at least know truth.  Somehow, in the end, the truth will come out and our conscious will always be free.  When we do find a friend who is on our side, defending our right to live in Israel, we will love and cherish them.

 Resource: Thinking Article by Richard L. Cravatts, PhD, President Scholars for Peace in the Middle East: The Return of the Malevolent Jew:  the Academic Nazification of Israel

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