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Khamenei Gets Secret Letter From Obama on Nuclear Power's Centrifuges

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My gosh!  Do politicians and diplomats  really do things like this?  President Obama himself secretly wrote a letter to Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran's Supreme Leader, and urged him to reach a deal on its nuclear program by November 24's deadline.  He didn't want him to tell Israel about it, though.  It was a secret, of course.

Oh, Susan Rice just said the letter was about communication, not cooperation.  This was just announced on CNN as I was writing.  She spoke.  This doesn't salve my anger, though
Obama wants Khamenei to join the US coalition against IS.  Cooperation on IS depends on the agreement on the nuclear program which Israel has warned of aims to build nuclear weapons to use against Israel.  The US did not inform Israel about this letter, or Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.  The USA move is disregarding the security concerns  and the potential nuclear arms race it could start.

Obama has moved closer to Iran even though they provide for Hamas and Hezbollah terrorism.  There have been secret channels of communications to Iran by senior Sh'ite sources in Iraq.

Last month, John Kerry first says they wouldn't cooperate with Iran on IS and now he says he would.  Tehran's last word on the subject was that it would consider it in return for a good deal in the nuclear talks.

Wendy Sherman is the top US negotiator and said on October 23rd that the pieces of a deal were in place and that they needed was Iran to wrap it up by the deadline.   Supposedly a deal includes a tough inspection regime, disabling a plutonium reactor at the Arak nuclear facility and a sharp reduction in Iran's enrichment capability.

The sticking point, making it painstaking and difficult in negotiation for her, has been the capability condition.  This is the red line laid down over the summer by Khamenei  who said that Iran would not dismantle any of its more than 19,000 centrifuges.  More than 9,000 of them are operational.  The USA wants that reduced to 4,500.  They think this number is good enough to keep Iran from reaching weapons breakout ability.

The question is all about if Iran will stick with that maximalist position.  Mark Dubowitz, former skeptic, said "there could be creative work arounds in which both sides could claim victory on the centrifuges issue."
Since Netanyahu gave his famous speech at the UN about the red line where most of the people in the audience walked out including some of our USA representatives,, about enrichment capacity.  Yuval Steinitz of Israel isn't calling for an end to enrichment in trying to get a deal from breakout capacity.  I imagine the USA has leaned on him.  Steinitz, on October 19th's article in NY Times, insisted that any deal should provide "CLARITY"  on the quantity and quality of  their remaining operational centrifuges and THE FINAL DESTINY  of its remaining centrifuges and their infrastructure.    Israel's hard line on enrichment made sense, Dubowitz said.

Therefore, I'm not happy over Obama sending a letter to Khomenei and telling him not to tell Netanyahu about it.  That is dirty to treat Israel, a close friend, that way.  Iran can be said to be Israel's greatest enemy.  This is very dirty business.  How can Netanyahu ever trust Obama on such a delicate issue as their life blood in depending on Iran not to be able to blow up Israel as soon as the inspector's backs are turned?

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