Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Fatah-Hamas Off and On Love Affair

Nadene Goldfoot                                                             

                                             Fatah terrorists

Chairman Mahmoud Abbas from Ramallah was in Cairo for 3 days and said he is close to ending the latest unity government with Hamas. He wants Hamas to accept the idea of having a single government in leadership.  They need to have one law and one weapon and then they will have a partnership.   This isn't the first time.  Hamas wishes he'd keep his feelings about them to himself and not mention it publicly.
There are now 27 under-secretaries of ministries who are running the Gaza Strip.  The unity government can't do anything.  Hamas has yet to relinquish any authority over the region.  The government of "Palestine" is a so-called unity government and actually includes Hamas, but its ministers are technically unaffiliated technocrats and are actually listed as Hamas terrorists.
                                                          Hamas terrorists

Abbas said that his partnership with Hamas depends on arms being under the control of the Palestinian state.  Hamas insisted on controlling the armed forces of the PA with some 3,000 fighters.  It was to be led by Hamas military wing Izz a-Din al Qassam chief Mohammed Deif, who may have been killed in Israel's operation.
Hamas's Khaled Meshaal told Abbas that he's the resistance leader and there will be no cease-fire without his agreement.  One side cannot unilaterally declare war.  Abbas is exasperated with Hamas.  Of course they shouldn't have been surprised when Israel was furious about the kidnapping and murder of the 3 teens and rocket fire at civilians.
                                                              Fatah terrorist

Abbas is also disgusted with Israel and the USA.  Hamas's Hussam Badran, spokesman, said there has been a rise in the number of arrests of Hamas members in Judea-Samaria now for no reason.  Hamas of course told their members not to cooperate with Fatah investigations in Judea and Samaria.
                                               Hamas caused terrorism

Abbas agrees with Israel's figures in that about 850 Hamas members and their family members were killed this summer in Israel's Operation Protective Edge.  In another source he is quoted as saying that only 50 were from Hamas and the rest were from Fatah, his group.  He's also said that it was Hamas who killed 120 young Fatah members and had issued house arrests on them.
                                                  Mahmoud Abbas, Fatah

This past spring, Abbas broke ties with Israel and reneged on every international agreement he had ever made.  Fatah-linked terrorist groups were ecstatic as were Gaza fighters.  They did not give Fatah an entry to the region, however.  Abbas has yet to walk into Gaza safely, without any guards.  So this is their unity government.  Abbas is 79 years old.
                                                  Hamas marching to target
                                 Apartments in Jerusalem

If these two terrorist groups cannot agree to anything and are still fighting over who the controlling power is, how does the USA expect Israel to consider them as reliable neighbors?  It's impossible!  The concept of a divided Palestine made up of Judea-Samaria and Gaza is also ridiculous.  Throw the whole concept out of the window and ship these two entities, Fatah and Hamas out the window with them.  Have them go back to Syria and Iraq where they originally came from.  They're now short of people due to their warfare.  Abbas isn't the only one who is disgusted!


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