Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hezbollah and Colonel Dan Goldfus of IDF

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                    

Hezbollah terrorists have been in southern Lebanon for some time now.  They have about 100,000 rockets pointed at Israel.  Inside Beirut are 5,000 long-range missiles capable of carrying large warheads of up to 1 ton and more, with precision guidance systems that could cover all of little Israel.
Colonel Dan Goldfus is the commander of the 769th Hiram Infantry Brigade who is warning that a conflict with Hezbollah will be quite different from the recent one Israel had with Hamas where 72 Israelis were killed  and over 2,000 Gazans of which at least 1,000 were terrorists.  He sees war with Hezbollah as turning out to be a very violent war taking place in southern Lebanon.
He feels that Hezbollah has had 3 years of battlefield experience and is much better at military capabilities and self-confidence as a result from fighting with President Bashar Assad's forces in Syria.
The UN's Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has been appraised about Hezbollah's weapon preparedness in attacking Israel back in 2012.  Goldfus will do his best to keep rockets from being launched into Israel. 

He and Israel are now concerned with the possibility of tunneling under the Israeli border before Hezbollah's attacks.  Dozens of Israeli residents  have reported hearing sounds under their homes since 2006 which is when Israel and Hezbollah fought in the 2nd Lebanon War.  Cross-border tunnels must be already there, Yossi Adoni said.  He's the deputy local council chief of the Ma'aleh Yosef Council.  This makes one more concern, commented Dan Goldfus.
In the Gaza fight, Israelis destroyed about 30 Hamas tunnels dug under the border.  11 IDF soldiers were killed by gunmen emerging from these tunnels right inside Israel.

 Hezbollah is backed by Iran.  Israel's IDF will be prepared to act more decisively and use considerable force to prevail over this enemy.  Hezbollah is not going to conquer the Galilee which is Israel's northern section.  This commander will not let Israel's citizens be harmed.


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