Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Europe's Anti-Semitism Heading Towards 1939

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                

If you're Jewish and plan on taking a vacation in Europe, my advice is not to wear anything that can mark you as Jewish.  Anti-Semitism is running rampant there these days.
"There have been calls for Jews to be gassed in Germany." As a result, "Merkel, speaking Saturday on  

her weekly podcast on the Internet, urged the public to attend a national rally Sept. 14 at 

Berlin's Brandenburg Gate under the banner of “Stand up! Say no to anti-Semitism.”  Things 

must be pretty bad to have come to appeal to the public in a national rally.  Evidently Germany 

has not kept its promise to teach about anti-Semitism.  "Bundestag should fulfill its promise of 

three years ago to support programs designed to teach about the Holocaust and the dangers 

of unbridled hate."                                                    

                                               Crusaders attacking Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem

In Brussels, 4 people were murdered outside the Jewish Museum on the same weekend that openly anti-Semitic parties made frightening gains in European Parliament elections.

More than 100 congregants were held for hours in a central Paris synagogue by an angry mob.

6 out of 10 French Jews questioned say they fear attacks.  Most avoid wearing or carrying anything that might identify them as being Jewish.

20% plus of European Jews have been the target of an anti-Semitic incident this past year.  1 out of 3 are considering immigrating because of anti-Semitism.

Who are the anti-Semites of today?  They have been mostly "  left-wing activists frequently led by those purportedly promoting human rights" and extremist Muslim activists.  Belgium seems to be the worst of the offenders promoting hatred with the Belgium teachers.  " The reality is that frenzied hatred of Israel has today become an endemic component of political discourse in Brussels, the official capital of Europe and headquarters of NATO.

Jews have tried to stay in the land of their birth today but with anti-Semitism becoming virulent, French Jews are flocking to Israel, the place being used to cause anti-Semitism this time around.  This is what Israel was created for; a refuge for Jews being attacked by anti-Semitism.  

The EU should look again at the UN and their role in promoting anti-Semitism with the way they are so judgmental against Israel and look at who the voters are against this tiny country and why.  Israel is up against attacks from Sunni Muslims and Shi'a Muslim and Salafist Muslims; you name it, just for existing and asking to not be attacked. 

Israel is an example of modernity combined with the oldest religion on earth, and for this has run into their neighbors' aggressiveness to wipe them out because they are neither Arabs nor Muslims.  It is a Jewish country with 6 million Jews but has within 1.7 million Arabs, so they are not practicing apartheid like Saudi Arabia or the future Palestine.  To Arabs, they are an enigma they do not want to tolerate. 

Remember, it was anti-Semitism in the 1880's that drove Russian Jews to Palestine to seek the life of their fathers.  That started the ball rolling with the Zionists to be born and activated.   

Resource:  American Jewish Committee, New York.
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